Saturday, June 3, 01:13:52 PM

Very cliche. Seems like another hollywood movie trying to extract money out of non discerning patrons.

Thursday, June 1, 01:37:48 PM

Pretty cheesy acting. I enjoyed the first one more. This one was a little painful to watch at times, kind of a made-for-tv quality movie.

Sunday, May 28, 09:31:25 PM

Liked Seniors can relate to the women in this movie. Life doesn't stop when you're saging. It gets better.

Friday, May 26, 04:41:54 PM

Great cast wasted on garbage

Wednesday, May 24, 06:43:59 AM

This movie would have best been shown in the 1950's when the world understood American greed but might have overlooked it. In view of the state of world affairs in 2023, this movie showed greed at its best. I went to see a movie to see the older women strut their stuff but this was somewhat obscene. Did I miss the gold toilets??

Sunday, May 21, 09:32:01 AM

The plot was ridiculous. However, the scenery of Italy was beautiful

Friday, May 19, 04:03:52 PM

This movie made me laugh out loud and the story was solid. It was a pleasure to see all those veteran actors on screen together. I enjoyed seeing female friendship and loving, supportive men portrayed. This movie didn’t need to be deep or Oscar-worthy - it set out to celebrate friendship and make us laugh. Mission accomplished!

Tuesday, May 16, 05:24:04 PM

Funny, but just O.K. a good performance from Diane Keaton. Movie Portrays women and seniors as airheads. Never get tired of Jane Fonda and classic comedy!

Tuesday, May 16, 05:14:17 PM

Book Club 2 is a fun watch only because the gal pals are so charming. It misses because the script writers tried way too hard for 300 gag lines. The 4-5 that hit the mark would have been hysterical had they been allowed to stand on their own.

Monday, May 15, 02:43:25 PM

funny movie, entertaining, all the ladies did a great job

Thursday, May 11, 10:28:20 AM

Mary Steenburgen was good in this. She's a lot younger than the others, though. Diane Keaton also never disappoints, although she seems to play herself, even down to the clothing and hats.

Thursday, May 11, 10:19:31 AM

I was sooo bored in spots, I was wondering when it would be over and I checked my watch, less than an hour had passed. Because 80 for Brady was so fun, I assumed this would be similar. Nope. Four randy old ladies go on a trip, flirt with guys, drink a lot, I mean, a lot! And talk, talk, talk talk talk about stuff nobody else cares about. This could have been cut down into a half hour sitcom, because there were a lot of laughs, especially in the first part, and then it just turned totally corny and phony.

Saturday, May 6, 11:15:24 AM

Saw the first one, now on to the second one. Its my Birthday May 7th, what a beautiful day it will be to watch the movie. Great acting from all. no down side except off screen maybe wouldn't admire them in real life.