Sunday, January 7, 12:31:33 PM

worth to watch!

Monday, December 11, 12:48:54 PM

Absolutely superb! Inspirational, heartfelt, and educational! Best movie I have seen in a long time!!

Sunday, October 29, 10:06:29 PM

An amazing movie, well done!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 12:10:34 PM

Based on true accounts that could have been depicted in a maudlin or feel sorry for me story, this film goes to the heart and depicts a wife's determination to bring life to her paralyzed husband. Unable to move any limbs with a breathing tube in his trachea our hero watches his son grow to manhood while enjoying the company of many devoted friends. More importantly, he became an advocate for all those stricken with polio that they not be treated as prisoners but be allowed to live in a world of non-handicapped people with wheelchairs and conveyances suited to their limitations. The most joyous scene in the movie takes place in Spain while driving through the hills. The scene is as miraculous as our hero's life. The credits notes that the film was produced by our hero's son as a loving tribute to his father. Talk about profiles in courage, this film has it all.

Tuesday, October 24, 07:53:38 PM

A very touching performance based on a true story. Everyone should see this movie and learn what true love is all about.

Friday, October 20, 11:12:04 PM

Great performance