Sunday, August 18, 08:45:24 PM

A fine exposee of our justice system at its best & worst, & a young man growing with love & wisdom along the way...Must see!

Sunday, August 18, 08:40:02 PM

A story that should be must go foreward from your hardships...& Brian Banks did just that, gaining strength along the way from people who loved & believed in him. Great inspiring story so well acted & uniqely told.

Saturday, August 17, 11:56:58 PM

5/5, a great movie. I loved every minutes of it. I cried through out the entire movie. I would watch it again. it's so sad to see the injustice in the legal system. All because certain people cannot afford a well represented lawyer to defend them. thanks for the CIP, who helped Brian, who decided not to give up on himself and convinced the CIP, that he was innocent. So SAD, SAD, SAD, SAD,SAD...………..

Wednesday, August 14, 05:06:54 AM

A moving & extraordinary story of the battle a wrongly convicted person faces against the legal system of injustice to prove their innocence & the great team of the "California Innocence Project" who fought for him. Great script, dialog & performances by all. A movie not being promoted a lot, but is very engrossing. (There was even a moment, some in the audience was talking out loud at the screen at the frustration of the situation).

Saturday, August 10, 09:58:37 PM

Very inspiring story about the struggles Brian faced to fight for his freedom. I even had a few tears at the end. Well worth seeing!!

Saturday, August 10, 02:17:39 PM

Great story. One of the best movies I have seen.

Friday, August 9, 08:47:12 PM

a good example of never ever give up