Saturday, February 23, 07:37:49 PM

Wow. This movie was truely the best movie I’ve seen so far in my life. People argue that it makes you queasy and that this is not a movie to watch with anyone around, and I have to agree because it’s true. But that is what makes the viewer connect to the movie. It draws you in and leaves you wanting more. If you’re going to watch this movie, do it on your own. If not, than don’t complain that it was a weird movie. Please, to whoever is reading this, watch it. It has truely changed me.

Sunday, October 7, 11:44:43 PM

Probably the best movie of 2017. As a film its nearly perfect. Definitely not for everyone though.

Friday, March 16, 09:49:07 PM

As a romantic at heart, this movie brought back memories I had years ago. I have been on both sides of this relationship. I have seen this movie 30 times and just cannot get enough of it. I love this movie.

Thursday, March 15, 11:16:27 PM

This move is tops on the creepy movie charts. An adult in his 30s grooms a 17 year old for sex. The family is dysfunctional so it''s supposed to make everything okay. Messed up. Don't waste your time.

Wednesday, March 7, 11:36:33 PM

Excellent film, beautifully acted - I can see why it won the ACADEMY AWARD for Best Screenplay and why it was nominated for 5 Academy Awards plus other Awards as well. Some ignorant people will probably not like it and say "we left, we have kids" and I'm thinking, it's not a "kid" movie, why would you bring your Kids to it? Do you not ever read Reviews or understand the basic subject matter? It's an interesting and well produced movie -

Friday, February 23, 07:25:13 AM

Magically adapted straight from the pages of the book,loved this movie and it's actors.

Tuesday, February 20, 05:40:30 PM

Beautiful movie, grabs your attention from the start to finish! Painfully drawn out at times (for good reason) and not salacious at all. Every scene well-planned out, tugs at the heart. Characters very well realized, well played, very real. Anyone with a heart can relate. Interesting that everyone either loves it or hates it! Nothing between. The haters obviously have no soul, no heart, and no life. Why do they exist? They are of no consequence in this world. There are better people who make this world alive, and a wonderful place to be. It's the haters that ruin it for us all. This movie offers some hope that real people do exist and that love still survives. Very memorable.

Monday, February 19, 11:06:50 AM

Glad this movie came out. Just proof how many sickos are in our society. There are way more pedos than you think. Don't is sitting next to you in the theater.

Saturday, February 17, 01:38:38 AM

Both lead Actors did amazing jobs in the movie. It was such a tear jerker especially at end of movie where most people in the audience stayed until the credits rolled out. Very touching and moving." Seriously, I can feel every pain. My heart burns with Elio. I never feel like that before with a movie. I never thought a movie could demonstrate a true love this way. I'm 30 and this movie make me feel reflect about what is important to live. Unhappily, I cant say that is my favorite movie, but sure inside me is the best world ever. ! As for other reviewers , obviously (homophobic) or small minded, they are creating their own stories, fabrication or lies - like going to a bookstore is such a lame excuse, whats next going to a church ? next time please be creative... be a good writer. This is about reviewing the Film and not BULLYING . But I Let people who don't get the beauty of this movie drown in their bitterness. Whether you like it or not, this movie is now and forever . A CLASSIC AND AN ICON. Thank you to the Management of Tinseltown Theater for this beautiful Movie Poster. Such a great collection.

Thursday, February 15, 11:23:53 PM

A lovely touching story. Very sad. I loved the music.

Thursday, February 15, 10:59:03 PM

I am stunned by the last review, I doubt if they watch the film instead Judging it,. I guess their minds is fixated only on one thing. And after the 3rd time watching it I can honestly conclude that the movie doesn't insult your intelligence. No one dies. No one condescends. No one gets beat up for being gay. No disapproving parents. Just an unfolding of human connection and nuanced, great acting performances. PLUS beautiful songs! = Best Picture nominee at the Oscar Academy. Elio and Oliver have replied that this was a beautiful, consensual love and most of the criticism is from people that have not seen the film. Sad that they can influence others without ever seeing it for themselves. t’s quite clear it is consensual! Elio pursued Oliver, and indeed Oliver made sure Elio was secure enough to take it to the next level. This is our beautiful, sad, love story, and I for one am not going to let narrow minded bigots take it from me! That was the hardest and most painful moment in my life. So when I watched this scene seeing Elio crying, I was brought back to that fated day again. No other film affects me the way CMBYN have. Everyone have their own painful heartbrak and love story. Which is why this movie is the best because it based on simple basic human thing called love. This movie deserve a lifetime Oscar.! And Yes, I watched this film 3 times and when this song started .. i cried. So beautiful. so real, i lived in it. Call Me by Your Name” is about consensual desire, discovery and a completely un-power-related relationship. 5 stars ! Highly Recommended !

Wednesday, February 14, 01:43:28 PM

My husband and I love foreign films, and off the beaten path gems, but this movie has it's head screwed on entirely backwards. Why would anyone celebrate a movie about a predator and his grooming of a young man? Sick. We left, and decided to go to a bookstore instead.

Tuesday, February 13, 07:03:57 PM

Not for the faint of heart, or those looking for a feel good movie. It's a winner for certain people, but for most it leaves you queasy.

Sunday, February 11, 04:37:12 PM


Sunday, February 11, 10:20:23 AM

This is a movie that could have been wonderful and it is set in a beautiful Italian country villa. The character of Oliver is flat, dull, unbelievable. The young lover is handsome, and well played but the story is dull, and the audience is not invested. Like Moonlight, just because it is a coming of age story involving homosexuality, does not make it a good movie. Big disappointment.

Saturday, February 10, 07:31:39 PM

This is a beautiful movie talks about first love. All the actors are amazing and you feel like you are part of the movie. Monologue at the end of the movie will bring you tears because you want all your parents to be like that. It was robbed at Golden Globes and I hope wins the Oscars! Truly deserving. A must watch in theatres!! I have seen it twice and itching to watch again.

Saturday, February 10, 09:00:03 AM

Beautiful movie -- incredible acting, cinematography, direction, soundtrack. The "reviewers" on this site who gave it one star and immediately used "pedohile" and/or "predator" haven't actually watched it (I was especially amused by the ones who couldn't spell the words correctly). The characters are 17 years old and 24 years old (you can tell which "reviewers" haven't seen it by what ages they assign the characters). Speaking from experience, a 24-year old grad student (I teach them) isn't much more mature than a 17 year old high school student. They have purposefully postponed adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it. I wouldn't expect the one-star reviewers to understand this since they clearly never attended college. This is a smart movie produced for smart people. Period.

Thursday, February 8, 08:53:08 PM

I swathe movie 3 times and thought it was one of the best movies I have seen since Brokeback Mountain. People are commenting on here about the age difference 17 and 30. It was in Italy and age of consent is 14 not that I think 14 is mature enough but my 1st relationship I was 17 and the guy was this movie not predator or or pedophile because the 17 year old was after the 30 year old and started the advances. would this have been a problem if a 17 year old girl went with a 30 year old guy?I look at it as a love story between two mature people in Italy. Great acting and great movie. People are so judgemental.

Wednesday, February 7, 09:39:38 PM

Loved it! Loved the story above all! Loved Timothée’s acting!

Tuesday, February 6, 08:49:48 AM

The best movie of 2017.

Monday, February 5, 07:24:49 PM

Left early. Couldn't stand the creepiness of it. I have kids and this is about a predator.

Monday, February 5, 04:30:52 PM

Celebrating sexual predatrs and pedophiles! Sickening!

Monday, February 5, 09:47:07 AM

Very sensitively done. Similar to tons of summer love flicks, except this one was about two boys hanging out together! Biggest difference was that the father approved of it, and the mother never knew of it.Leaves it in limbo for the boy to decide.Actually, there is also a female love interest which is frowned upon.

Saturday, February 3, 11:04:34 PM

Actually did not plan to see this, was in the wrong movie theatre with a friend and did not realize it until it was 20 min. in. We decided to see it just because she had heard it had good reviews. Big mistake, we did not know the story and was soon very uncomfortable watching it even though we stayed for the whole showing.. Not my type of movie at all....

Friday, February 2, 09:07:46 AM

A pedophile in his 30s takes advantage of a young, impressionable boy. It was sickening to watch him slowly groom that boy, like a spider weaving a web. In the light of all the sexual abuse in Hollywood and elsewhere, why is this movie a hit? It made me think of Kevin Spacey.

Thursday, February 1, 03:11:00 PM

Not much here. Creepy? yep. Great story? Nope. Hype? definitely. Substance? No. Essentially, if you're titillated by odd romances, enjoy, but if you hold to some moral code. Avoid. This movie, lacks depth, realism, and leaves you feeling ill. But that's just me.

Tuesday, January 30, 02:51:40 PM

I don't understand the hype about this movie. Yes, the scenery is pretty but not spectacular. Yes, the acting was good. Yes, I did like the father's reaction / revelation at the end however it was drawn out and just your basic coming of age story albeit with an older man. Long, drawn out, boring waste of my time.

Monday, January 29, 11:35:34 PM

Terrific movie. Outstanding acting. Really loved it. Am going to buy the video when it's released.

Monday, January 29, 11:29:17 PM

I was really impressed with this movie... I can see why Timothee was nominated for best actor and the movie for best picture. I want to see it again.

Monday, January 29, 07:14:17 PM

Absolutely loved it... Got me right in the gut. Am going back to see it again??????

Monday, January 29, 03:24:33 PM

Ewwwwwwww. Nuff said. Older man, young boy romance. What's wrong with this picture?

Sunday, January 28, 07:19:08 PM

WONDERFUL film and great acting. Will definitely have to see it again!

Saturday, January 27, 12:30:09 PM

If you miss a world with morals, character, and integrity, don't see this movie. Messed up people leading messed up lives and thinking more confusion is the answers to their problems. Celebrating a romance between a boy and a man is quite frankly beyond the pale. But I'm sure many will rationalize this away.

Saturday, January 27, 09:31:07 AM

Call Me By Your Name is an intelligent, brilliantly acted and beautiful cinematic experience. It is a bittersweet love story that challenges the audience's capacity for understanding and empathy. Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are charismatic. It is the best picture of the year.

Friday, January 26, 11:07:59 PM

Fantastic cinematography and acting. Wonderfully developed storyline. The age difference between the lovers is not nearly as great as what is routinely given a pass by the public for non-LGBTQ movies and stories but might make some squeamish.

Tuesday, January 23, 06:57:10 PM

Resented the explicit tie to Judaism Indictment of permissive laissez faire parenting failing to protect their son from sexual predator—- because Daddy had unresolved issues. Where did all the mores go.

Saturday, January 20, 01:19:58 AM

10000000000000 stars queenie.

Friday, January 19, 08:16:52 PM

For those who remember Merchant Ivory, this film will make you swoon. I wanted the film to never end. The best movie of the year, by far. Timothee Chalamet is brilliant -- a star is born! Big-screen worthy if landscapes rather than explosions are your idea of awesome.

Thursday, January 18, 08:39:22 PM

Hard to believe that anyone would not appreciate or not like this film unless they have no soul. This is not just movie to sit and watch, it is a life experience that encompasses first time love, pain, happiness and yes even boredom that life sometimes throws at you. Long in parts but I soaked it all in and it was intentional to be slow in parts, isn't living that way sometimes? . Superb acting and a beautiful film.

Friday, January 12, 10:31:32 AM

wasn't too enthralled by the plot. loved the acting, but the pacing left something to be desired. also wasn't fond of the framing of a romance between a high schooler and a grown man as something to be celebrated. honestly, I was expecting something akin to Lolita but instead I got what the narrator of Lolita envisioned the story to be. :/