Saturday, September 25, 12:18:18 PM

I fell asleep - was that boring

Monday, September 20, 02:38:32 PM

As a horror fan, I must say that I was very disappointed by the remake or sequel. The story made no sense, because now we have multiple Candymen, including the original, and the best one: Tony Todd. There was nothing scary in this movie. In fact, the new Candyman was upstaged by 'White" evil cops. It is so ridiculous when the cops were portrayed as more evil and scary than the Candyman! The new Candyman did not have the charisma of Tony Todd's rendition. How about concentrating on telling a scary story with good actors and less on the whole SJW/woke stuff?

Thursday, September 16, 06:33:27 PM

This is the first one I have watched, I loved the movie. Kept you on the edge of your seat. It is excellent, like to see it again!

Tuesday, September 14, 02:20:50 AM

Ha! The original is no classic and this one somehow manages to be worse! Give this one the hook and watch something good instead.

Friday, September 10, 10:55:58 PM

Glad I watched the original before I saw this one. This movie was brilliant, amazing and the cinematography blew me away.. Bravo for the message it gave and Bravo for the bravery in showing that you can take a classic movie and add to it with flavor and class…

Thursday, September 9, 01:38:21 PM

what a let-down - poor script, poor acting, not scary at all IN FACT a horrible movie -worst one I've seen in 2021.

Wednesday, September 1, 11:11:11 PM

best story line

Wednesday, September 1, 09:43:19 AM

Too much damn living room talk and not enough killing, weird af so half the time I was confused as to what’s going on, just No!!!! Try again

Sunday, August 29, 03:54:15 AM

Wildly innaccurate and surprisingly violent biopic of Sammy Davis Jr. It was his eye, not his hand!

Friday, August 27, 05:36:24 PM

Great cinematography

Friday, August 27, 11:26:22 AM

Can't believe how horrible this was - save your money

Thursday, August 26, 01:30:39 AM

With Jordan Peele on board the whole Candyman situation will be whitey's fault.