Monday, May 23, 05:29:58 PM

I thought winter solder was good, but his trumps it!!.. great story and amazing cast, awesome!

Monday, May 23, 11:40:59 AM

Captain Bland should not dominate screen time, especially when Robert Downey, Jr. and Scarlett Johansson are on hand.

Sunday, May 22, 02:52:32 PM

MARVEL does it right! Great movie! Great Action! A plus for every super hero fan!

Sunday, May 22, 02:48:03 PM

Marvel has done it again!

Sunday, May 22, 02:31:30 PM

Lots of action and its was funny

Saturday, May 21, 08:33:32 AM

After the disappointing Dawn of Justice, Civil War shows how a story is told. You believe the characters and their motivations and feel the weight of their decisions.

Thursday, May 19, 09:31:01 PM

Amazing & so much fun!!!

Thursday, May 19, 11:24:01 AM

cannot wait for the next one.

Wednesday, May 18, 03:24:16 PM

what is the next?

Tuesday, May 17, 11:52:52 PM

A good movie but to be honest it's the first time that a DC movie was better then Marval the only thing really better about dawn of justice is the more harder of a punch then this one

Tuesday, May 17, 07:58:59 PM

It turned out better than expected. Hubby and I both liked it.

Sunday, May 15, 05:04:56 PM

Best Marvel movie since Guardians. I don't agree with the PG rating due to the use of language and some violent / disturbing scenes, but the movie is phenomenal. Well thought out storyline, action sequences, etc. Even though it's primarily an action movie, there's still depth to the characters, something that most action writers often forget.

Friday, May 13, 03:51:13 PM

Best comic book action on screen by Marvel thus far. Great story too...

Friday, May 13, 01:43:06 PM

great story, amazing action, new superheroes and simply the BEST MARVEL so far!

Thursday, May 12, 06:08:55 PM

Hey comic lovers and movie lovers. This is a great movie that will satisfy both. Lots of characters yet felt fulfilled with each ones amount of screen time. Good job Marvel and hello real Spidey.

Thursday, May 12, 08:58:36 AM

Good acting, good action, great story. Could not ask for more. Another win for Marvel!

Wednesday, May 11, 09:33:33 PM

such a good movie! Puts Batman v Superman to shame.

Wednesday, May 11, 02:23:12 PM

if u complain about this movie its because your not a fan of marvel. And if your not a fan of marvel stay away

Tuesday, May 10, 09:01:45 PM

Fantastic, action packed, funny wrath it!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 01:29:28 AM

Almost as good as BATMAN V. SUPERMAN.

Monday, May 9, 04:09:50 PM

It was fantastic it could not have been done better. There was a fantastic cast and directors and I can't wait for the next one.

Saturday, May 7, 09:55:38 PM

Decent action, some fun characters, stupid story line

Saturday, May 7, 06:29:16 PM

The movie was just ok. They made ironman look too weak. Batman vs Superman was 10 times better

Saturday, May 7, 01:53:12 PM

really good movie from the marvel team

Saturday, May 7, 02:04:25 AM

Great blend of action and story. The way the new characters are introduced is awesome. I can't wait to see what the MCU does with Spidey now. There are 2 end credit scenes stay till the end.

Saturday, May 7, 01:39:03 AM

I believe batman vs superman better. Good watch. Ant man and spidey made the movie.

Friday, May 6, 08:14:38 PM

These movies are just money grabbers. Yes, there is a lot of action, yes they jam in all the comic characters, but it is all a money grab, leaving you with assurance that another will follow. If you've seen one avengers movie, you've seen them all. This just includes all the characters. Much of the time it was confusing.

Friday, May 6, 08:07:12 PM

Worth the wait and now can't wait for the next one! Thoroughly enjoyed this movie

Friday, May 6, 04:43:56 PM

I don't usually like superhero movies, but this one was really good.

Friday, May 6, 11:33:18 AM

Great Movie, Loved Spiderman and Antman

Sunday, May 1, 12:47:02 AM

great movie

Tuesday, April 5, 07:29:11 PM

The problem with any Captain America movie is the blandness of the central character.

Tuesday, April 5, 06:36:54 PM

This movie wasn't the best marvel movie but it got put in great shape.There was pretty good acting in it. This is better than winter soldier but not as good as Avengers.

Tuesday, April 5, 06:32:07 PM

All I wanna say is that it's the BEST MOVIE YOU CAN WATCH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 06:29:25 PM

This movie was great!The characters were amazing and Tom Holland was the best spiderman. This is a movie recommended for everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 06:24:39 PM

Captain America civil war is an outstanding movie.I think the Russo brothers did a great job.Its packed with action and GREAT acting.Its just like winter soldier except 10 times better!

Thursday, March 24, 08:57:28 PM

looking forward to something that has been painstakingly put together. Not at the sheer volume of characters from the graphic novel series, but from the hearts of both sides

Friday, March 11, 12:56:01 AM

Captain Bland returns...