Wednesday, March 20, 06:36:41 PM

Just saw this movie on the weekend and I thought it was one of the best marvel movies to date would go see it again.

Wednesday, March 20, 06:01:17 PM

Worst most boring super hero movie ever made.

Wednesday, March 20, 02:30:05 PM

This was non stop action and a fantastic show to watch I would definitely recommend and watch it again.

Wednesday, March 20, 08:34:04 AM

This movie is sensational for various reasons. Yes, in one way it really is just a super hero movie. But too it is much more. I read other reviews here and wonder whether they saw the movie in a bad or zoned out mood or whether they simply saw another movie. I saw the film, Captain Marvel, last night despite reading the negative reviews here because the on-line professional reviews for the movie were quite good for an action comic film. Plus sales for the movie were through the roof and I know that one of the best movie critiques is discoverable by reviewing how movie goers have voted with their wallets. In such regard alone the movie is a hit deserves at least 4 stars. While submitting the proviso that it is indeed simply an action comic movie with the main focus of entertaining its audience, one must add that it delivers in several other categories as I will explain. The movie offers timely injections of humour for all ages to appreciate and an enjoyable nostalgic depiction of the 1990's. Beyond entertainment it is a film with some important and timely things to say, including that in this time when racial tensions are high, that justice, goodness and love for others is blind to such differences. It also is a girl and woman power movie. It raises up women and shows that gender need not impede determination and that focused determination is a source of great power to excercise to achieve good. It has moments that tug on heart strings and plenty of moments of kick butt action. The special effects are also good enough to satisfy even those accustomed to spectacular effects. Overall the movie is great entertainment, and a such an enjoyable way to lift your spirits and raise your confidence in your determination and inner strength. It makes you aspire to believe we are better than racial discord and gender inequality. It reminds us that there is intrinsic benefit in caring for others even when they are not like us. It reinforces belief that girls an

Tuesday, March 19, 08:55:40 PM

Strong female lead and supporting female cast. Smart characters. Good action. Good soundtrack. Fun to see a young agent Fury and agent Coulson.

Tuesday, March 19, 08:17:47 PM

Blade Runner 2049 looked action packed stellar next to this. Thanos will fall asleep when she shows up and that's the end game.

Tuesday, March 19, 05:59:06 PM

It was very entertaining. It was action packed and had an interesting storyline I didn't see coming.

Tuesday, March 19, 05:27:09 PM

I've been watching the Marvel movies for a long time and this one does not live up to the standard of Marvel Studios. Missing something. I usually love these movies and can't wait to see them over and over again. I truly like Brie Larson, but her performance leaves you wanting something I'm not sure of. Perhaps she will show her greatness in the Avengers Movie Endgame.

Tuesday, March 19, 05:22:53 PM

This movie was so bad. I fell asleep and I usually don't fall asleep at all in the movies. I try to give this movie its chance and ignore all the bad reviews, But damn this time I could not agree more to how bad this movie was.

Tuesday, March 19, 03:26:12 PM

This would be for very devoted comic book fans only. I agree with some of the commentators here that Captain Marvel as an all powerful superhero does lead to a very disappointing last half of the movie. There are no real characters and no drama or suspense in this movie. The special effects are mundane by today's standards

Tuesday, March 19, 11:39:11 AM

Why does this site allow people to vote more then once? That's how you stop these 5/5 and 1/5 star spammers. @ moderators - its just a thought. As far as this movie is concern its a bad movie 4/10. Terrible writing (all indie writers), directing, editing, numerous plot holes, poor acting on Larsons part. This movie failed on multiple levels. Even the creator (Roy Thomas) of Carol Danvers didn't like this movie.?

Tuesday, March 19, 09:24:22 AM

best of the year

Tuesday, March 19, 12:40:42 AM

more 1s haha you trolls are a joke

Tuesday, March 19, 12:37:20 AM

All in all I couldn’t wait till it ended ...wasn’t good at all

Monday, March 18, 05:40:49 PM

People giving this a 5/5 is just ridiculous. Marvel has produced a few disappointing movies and this is definitely one of them. I was really looking forward to this movie, but after watching it I found had many flaws and plot holes. The storyline is weak and the writing is very poor. I've never has a problem with Brie in other movies but I feel she fell flat in this role and her facial expressions bothered me at times. I've never really cared for superheroes that are almighty and powerful like Superman, so I didn't really care seeing her powers in the last 30 mins. Also, the backstory of how Nick Fury loses his eye is absurd and I can't believe thats the story fans know now. It did have some decent humor like most Marvel movies do and it was cool to hear some older music, but overall I just didn't dig it. Endgame should be solid though.

Monday, March 18, 05:40:16 PM

Wonder Woman was great, this is up there with Green Lantern.

Monday, March 18, 05:34:48 PM

Garbage in, garbage out.

Monday, March 18, 02:51:38 PM

great plot, writing, action

Monday, March 18, 02:50:04 PM

GO BRIE GO, if you hate this movie you are sexist

Monday, March 18, 02:49:49 PM

ignore the one star reviews. it's the same person over and over

Monday, March 18, 02:49:32 PM

greatest movie ever

Monday, March 18, 02:49:25 PM

emotionless? yes that's why i go to a super hero movie for the"emotions'. Thor screams of emotions LOL get real people

Monday, March 18, 12:45:37 PM

Why are people pushing this ridiculous narrative that if you have anything negative to say about a female lead movie you’re somehow sexist? Enough already! This was a terrible movie period! Terrible writing, directing, Brie Larson was emotionless 95% of the movie, plot holes throughout, a complete disregard to the source material and the MCU movies that came before it. This movie was bad and doesn’t deserve any praise. If you haven’t seen the movie I encourage you to see it for yourself. You come to your own conclusion. And if you disliked it post your reviews on here. Don’t let this 5 star reviewers silence your opinions by labelling you as a sexist which is completely ridiculous. This isn’t the first female lead action/super hero movie. Wonder Woman, Under World, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Aliens, Terminator, Salt, Red Sparrow, Hunger Games, Kill Bill, Peppermint, Atomic Blonde, Lucy, Hanna, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc. When a movie is bad I’m going to call it out every time. And I don’t care what gender or race the lead actor/actress is. A bad movie is a bad movie no sugar coating it. I gave it 2 stars and that's being generous

Monday, March 18, 06:26:04 AM

Loved the movie, goose was a interesting addition.

Monday, March 18, 04:18:17 AM

The movie was fine you people are s***

Monday, March 18, 12:36:10 AM

40% at 1 star.....anyone putting 1 or 2 stars is trolling and only lying to yourself. fun good movie, not a stand alone for sure cause lots has to do with telling more about what happened in MC Universe Good but not great

Sunday, March 17, 08:23:04 PM

Saw this movie today with my family. Everyone loved it. Something smells funny with the 1 star ratings. Are these boys who are not mature enough to handle seeing a female super hero? Maybe thats it. The movie was fantastic. Great plot that ties in with the other avenger movies, great fight scenes, great special effects, great sound track, great/positve message for girls/women. Don't let the bad reviews keep you away. This movie is very entertaining

Sunday, March 17, 08:06:54 PM

Writing is poor. Acting is passable. Pacing seemed off and the overall movie is lacking in any kind of joy. Main actress must have graduated from the Kristen Stewart school of acting because she is expressionless through most of the movie.

Sunday, March 17, 07:22:03 PM

I don't know what people expect, this is a fantasy, action, superhero film and they don't get much better then this! Go and just have fun with it, you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, March 17, 06:46:26 PM

What a waste of money and time!

Sunday, March 17, 05:43:25 PM

Worst suoer hero movie We have ever seen.

Sunday, March 17, 02:54:13 PM

Way better than black panther

Sunday, March 17, 12:18:30 PM

Great movie. This should be the first movie to watch if new to the MCU.

Saturday, March 16, 08:32:41 PM

Not a bad movie, but missed being great by too much silly action and over-the-top Computer Generated Graphics... especially towards the end. 2 1/2 to 3 Stars

Saturday, March 16, 07:24:23 PM

Hoped for better. Didn’t deliver. Disappointed. Slow moving, very little chemistry. I did like the Skrulls especially Talos. They did a good job connecting this to the MCU. I think Captain Marvel will work better as part of an ensemble, like the Hulk. No more solo efforts.

Saturday, March 16, 06:21:09 PM

Boring, slow, not that entertaining, skip it.

Saturday, March 16, 04:33:44 PM

They hired James Gunn back. I guess the decline will continue.

Saturday, March 16, 10:15:31 AM

Lots of plot and action. It is wonderful to see the relentless spirit of Carol Danvers!

Saturday, March 16, 05:38:15 AM

Fantastic film with some very important messages! Don't believe all the negative comments - I took my dad with me to go see the film, who isn't the biggest fan of Marvel films, and even he enjoyed it and said it was definitely worth the price of admission. The soundtrack is amazing, the humour was fantastic, the 3D was worth the extra couple of bucks, and all in all Captain Marvel has easily cemented itself firmly in my top 5 MCU films.

Friday, March 15, 09:50:13 PM

I saw Captain Marvel in 3D today. I enjoyed it quite a bit; I do not understand some of the complaints about Brie Larson - I thought she was fine in the role. I would put it on a par with some of the better Marvel movies, say an 8 out of 10.