Sunday, March 31, 02:07:23 PM

Lots of action and good acting in this movie can’t wait for next movie in Marvel Universe to come out

Sunday, March 31, 02:04:58 PM

Good movie

Sunday, March 31, 02:04:00 PM

Pretty good movie glad to see strong female lead

Sunday, March 31, 02:02:25 PM

Kids really liked this movie

Sunday, March 31, 01:58:45 PM

Excellent movie glad Stan Lee made an appearance

Sunday, March 31, 01:52:50 PM

Excellent movie

Sunday, March 31, 12:03:37 PM

More about agenda than Marvel. Did we not already have several strong women in the Marvel Universe without making a movie that focused specifically on blaming men. Looks like the timing was just set so she can save all of the rest of the heros in Avengers. Tired of paying to be preached at!

Sunday, March 31, 11:39:46 AM

Kind of disappointing.

Sunday, March 31, 11:38:52 AM

Boring film.

Sunday, March 31, 08:51:56 AM

Lots of Action love this movie great tribute to the late Great Stan Lee

Sunday, March 31, 08:50:15 AM

Love the background this movie gives to history of Marvel Brie is great as Captain Marvel

Sunday, March 31, 08:29:39 AM

Another Great Marvel Movie

Sunday, March 31, 08:25:13 AM

Would see it again

Sunday, March 31, 08:24:19 AM

Love this movie lots of action

Sunday, March 31, 08:22:22 AM

Excellent acting and action in this show have seen it twice can’t wait for dvd

Sunday, March 31, 08:19:38 AM

My grandchildren loved this movie can’t stop talking about it can’t wait till it comes out on dvd

Sunday, March 31, 08:14:26 AM

The movie wasn’t that bad it has made 1 billion plus in 3 weeks

Sunday, March 31, 08:12:33 AM

For those people that gave one star did you even go to the show or just give it a low rating because you have a low IQ

Saturday, March 30, 10:49:34 PM

The'actors in this movie were awful

Saturday, March 30, 10:27:16 PM

How did Captain Marvel turn into a woman? Ridiculous decision by the makers of this movie to make a woman from a man and expect children to not question that move.

Saturday, March 30, 08:49:46 PM

Captain marvel is a man, he was created by a man in his image. This politically correct movies are almost dead, and for very good reason. To all comic collectors, stop buying new comics and buy older ones. Third wave feminism is cancer to comic books aswell as men, and I detest this political fakery. Putting sues brother aside as the human torch and put a black guy in their just because he's black. We do not see marvel movies, due to the racist bigotry, and not the quality of the original books. If I could give this a negative score I would it's that pathetic. As long as your not a white man then it's ok to be a bigot.... Stop buy the new comics, because they are not going to be worth anything.

Saturday, March 30, 07:59:57 PM

Excellent movie five stars for sure

Saturday, March 30, 07:59:02 PM

What a good movie can’t wait till it comes out on dvd will definitely buy it

Saturday, March 30, 07:57:15 PM

This movie had a lot of action and funny situations

Saturday, March 30, 07:48:59 PM

I liked this movie it explained a lot of the backstory to the series of movies

Saturday, March 30, 07:45:33 PM

Lots of Action would see it again

Saturday, March 30, 07:44:11 PM

One of the BEST Marvel movies Lots of Action

Saturday, March 30, 04:20:33 PM

Big fan of the earlier Marvel movies, but the last batch has been terrible, and this one is definitely one of the worst. Cut Brie loose, Cut Evans, loose, and move Sam Jackson out to pasture.

Saturday, March 30, 02:58:53 PM

I agree, I kept dozing off during this movie, it was so boring. Not the usual MCU movie because of it. Won’t be seeing the next Avengers movie if Brie L is going to be in it and the story line revolves around her character. I will know where to go if I want a good snooze.

Saturday, March 30, 03:55:36 AM

Movie was so slow moving that I kept dozing off. Only good parts were the Stan Lee tribute, the scenes between Fury and the cat and the 2 bonus scenes during the credits. Very disappointing for a Marvel movie. Lead actress is very dull. Won't be adding it to my collection of Marvel movies.😞

Friday, March 29, 09:49:04 PM

I liked all of it it was so good I’m such a marvel fan like captain America and iron man and Thor and black window

Friday, March 29, 08:03:49 PM

It was ok, I am not a big a Marvel comic fan, actually don't get all the hype around these movies either, nothing new or over the top exciting in it, and frankly, all this political correct girl power is over the top.

Friday, March 29, 04:37:59 PM

My entire family enjoyed this movie and even went back to watch it again.

Friday, March 29, 04:18:13 PM

LOVED it! Powerful characters and storyline was excellent!

Friday, March 29, 02:28:46 PM

Waited out time. Very disappointed.

Friday, March 29, 02:08:31 PM

Great Movie! Loved the characters! Storyline was actually original and had flashbacks that kept you wondering what's really going on. Everything is explained towards the end. Anybody saying anything negative is probably someone who hates the idea of having a woman as the lead actor.

Thursday, March 28, 09:10:05 PM

After a little over an hour we left. Extremely borinf movie. Unbelievably badly mnade movie.

Thursday, March 28, 06:34:10 PM

Disney is always doing this to great franchises. Witch Mountain, The Boogedy Man, and Condorman were all turned into SJW propaganda.

Thursday, March 28, 02:19:36 AM

The acting was great, the special effects were awesome. Very entertaining. Saw it once, going again with my 17 year old niece and my sister in law. Can't wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray. a must see movie, do not listen to the critics, judge for yourself.

Wednesday, March 27, 10:00:47 PM

We thought Captain Marvel was a lot of Fun to see! (We are 2 millinials and 1 baby boomer - male and female)