Monday, March 11, 11:16:29 PM

Overall a great movie! The plot could have had more to it, but it was still great! Good humour. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS!!!!!!! The cat is not normal.

Monday, March 11, 10:22:13 PM

Superhero movies are the modern westerns of today. These are never meant to be Shakespeare. As a Marvel movie this is top notch and entertaining. As a feminist mythology, it works. The main character exhibits the same noble qualities of a Captain America or a Superman and joins Wonder Woman as a modern action movie for women. I liked this movie very much.

Monday, March 11, 09:33:51 PM

mediocre at best, they really beat you over the head with the girl power stuff, i get it, men are bad. the song choices are ridiculous and take you out of the movie. brie is wooden and flat, not the right role for her. the action is poorly shot and the cgi is baaaaad in places. i have no clue how anyone could seriously rate this a 5/5. look up the term mary sue for what this character is, she is never in danger, and the movie suffers. bad writing, bad acting, bad action scenes, just bad. even nick fury, who is a badass in every other movie, is pushed to the role of hapless sidekick because of this movie's agenda. if this wasn't tied into avengers endgame this movie would've bombed. save your money.

Monday, March 11, 09:24:28 PM

Really enjoyed it! Thought it was funny, interesting and a good story.

Monday, March 11, 09:21:39 PM

7 out of 10 wanted to get that out of the way , it just OK not totally terrible not totally great......the flaws in the captain marvel movie.....all over the place, wrong music in fighting movie scene, the CGI part with kat was stupid and not believable, and the dumb reason why nick fury lost his eye, getting away from the real story from the comics how she got her powers to bring out the feminist motivated agenda

Monday, March 11, 09:12:44 PM

Loved it!!

Monday, March 11, 09:12:27 PM

Girl power!!!!!!

Monday, March 11, 07:06:08 PM

Excellent movie. Worth seeing. Humor action is there and casting is well done. Looking forward to next step im Captain Marvell journey.

Monday, March 11, 06:56:27 PM

Nothing different from other computer generated action movie, not worth of hi rating.

Monday, March 11, 06:32:34 PM

Yeah there was plot

Monday, March 11, 05:15:39 PM

No real plot and politically motivated! Boring!

Monday, March 11, 03:43:31 PM

The plot The was flawless

Monday, March 11, 03:42:52 PM

People giving it one star are ridiculous

Monday, March 11, 03:42:30 PM

I think Nick furys back story on how he lost his eye was amazing

Monday, March 11, 03:41:34 PM

Brie Larson the new marvel hero

Monday, March 11, 03:40:57 PM

People giving this a 5/5 is just ridiculous. Marvel has produced a few disappointing movies and this is definitely one of them. I was really looking forward to this movie, but after watching it I found had many flaws and plot holes. The storyline is weak and the writing is very poor. I've never has a problem with Brie in other movies but I feel she fell flat in this role and her facial expressions bothered me at times. I've never really cared for superheroes that are almighty and powerful like Superman, so I didn't really care seeing her powers in the last 30 mins. Also, the backstory of how Nick Fury loses his eye is absurd and I can't believe thats the story fans know now. It did have some decent humor like most Marvel movies do and it was cool to hear some older music, but overall I just didn't dig it. Endgame should be solid though.

Monday, March 11, 03:30:44 PM

Great acting casting and plot

Monday, March 11, 03:30:15 PM

Strongrest of all the marvel movies

Monday, March 11, 02:55:37 PM

I find this movie was transcending

Monday, March 11, 02:54:39 PM

Take notes dc

Monday, March 11, 11:44:53 AM

Meh. I was looking forward to it, but felt it was flat. I LOVE Sam Jackson, he'd the man and Ben Mendelsohn was great. I felt Brie was a wooden post most of the time. I thought she was supposed to have her emotions get the better of her, but she was stone cold blah most of the time. He chemistry with Sam and especially the woman who plays her best friend was boring. I felt they tried too hard to try to throw in obligatory plot twists and what villian????? Even the good guys and the bad guys didn't even know what they were. There's no harm in actually having a real threat, this was before Thanos, so it's not like you'd take his thunder. And stop trying to be like Guardians. I get it, it did have a nice 90's feel to it, but fighting to No Doubt's "I'm Just a Girl" was a bit much or playing Nirvana but then having to mention the song, ruined it for me. Middle of the road for this one. BUT, I will say when she finally was able to use her powers it was like watching a female Superman who was able to let loose a bit and tear though everyone and everything.

Monday, March 11, 11:14:05 AM

I think that it is a great background movie.

Sunday, March 10, 05:06:36 PM

As someone who actually saw the movie, versus the 1 star reviews that likely didn't, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday, March 10, 01:35:24 PM

This is a made for TV movie at best. I liked the character twist at the end. All the hype that came with this movie wasn’t worth it. Brie was projecting her character in press briefings when it should have stayed on the movie screen. She did a disservice to this movie but actors only do and say what they are directed to do and say. Bad Disney, bad Disney.

Sunday, March 10, 09:18:26 AM

Oh wow, first of all, I’m a traditionalist, and captain Marvel is a man, so, this gender switch from the 80’s never set well. 2nd of all, GAWDshe was AWFUL, 0 personality, very boring character no emotion Honestly, I was hoping iron man would off her.pretty bad movie

Sunday, March 10, 05:34:19 AM


Saturday, March 9, 10:04:43 PM

Terribly made movie. Very disapointed. Only the last 30 minutes had any action. No where near as good as Wonder Woman. I hope Marvel sees they made a huge mistake with this movie. Just glad they decided not to have her in the End Game. She'would have ruined thatf movie.

Saturday, March 9, 09:09:11 PM

Amazing movie, felt very powerful and I felt myself really connecting to several moments of Carol Danvers' life. Sad to see reviews of people upset over the fact that Brie hoped for a more diverse audience, and I honestly don't think this movie deserves the negative reviews just because of that statement. I think they did a great job showcasing Captain Marvel's abilities, and I'm even more hyped for Endgame now! Don't miss this movie!

Saturday, March 9, 08:38:45 PM

Boring character. No reason to see this. I wish i could have those 2 hours back.

Saturday, March 9, 06:26:42 PM

I wish I could give it 0 stars. It was a waste of time. Stan Lee must be rolling over in his grave. I wish I had just gone to see Alitalia again.

Saturday, March 9, 05:15:11 PM

This was dreadfully awful. Bad writing, plot holes, source material thrown out the window, lifeless acting on Brie's part, gringy sjw scenes scattered throughout. If this is what the majority of audiences want they can have it. I give it 4 out 10 which is being generous.

Saturday, March 9, 04:52:58 PM

Overpowered character with no actual character traits or arc, except maybe snark. Ret con Avengers history. Terrible origin of Nick Fury's lost eye. Insulting. Captain Feminism is here, oh and men are bad.

Saturday, March 9, 04:51:34 PM

This movie is AWESOME!!!! Dont listen to those other guys that said it stinks it's a must see marvel blockbuster!!

Saturday, March 9, 02:07:53 PM

Terrible. Did not enjoy it.

Saturday, March 9, 12:07:24 PM

1 star

Saturday, March 9, 11:45:34 AM

dejavue means nothing new I did not like it.

Saturday, March 9, 11:30:16 AM

This movie is for kids who have a vivid imagination. They'll make it good just because. It's also for adults that haven't matured. In other words if you're a normal adult this will probably be a boring/nasty experience. It's all make believe, flying people with laser coming from their eyes!!

Saturday, March 9, 11:15:58 AM

This movie was so bad. Honestly, I go to the movies weekly and I had to excuse myself to go to the washroom to sit on the seats outside for a break. Even my husband is a Marvel fan and he said it was ok but that's it. I think the other 7 people at the show thought the same. Some were sleeping. Too expensive to go to the movies the watch a bomb.

Saturday, March 9, 10:34:23 AM

Liked it. It was really good probably cause I saw it with my cousin though.

Saturday, March 9, 10:11:20 AM

terrible story line