Friday, March 29, 04:37:59 PM

My entire family enjoyed this movie and even went back to watch it again.

Friday, March 29, 04:18:13 PM

LOVED it! Powerful characters and storyline was excellent!

Friday, March 29, 02:28:46 PM

Waited out time. Very disappointed.

Friday, March 29, 02:08:31 PM

Great Movie! Loved the characters! Storyline was actually original and had flashbacks that kept you wondering what's really going on. Everything is explained towards the end. Anybody saying anything negative is probably someone who hates the idea of having a woman as the lead actor.

Thursday, March 28, 09:10:05 PM

After a little over an hour we left. Extremely borinf movie. Unbelievably badly mnade movie.

Thursday, March 28, 06:34:10 PM

Disney is always doing this to great franchises. Witch Mountain, The Boogedy Man, and Condorman were all turned into SJW propaganda.

Thursday, March 28, 02:19:36 AM

The acting was great, the special effects were awesome. Very entertaining. Saw it once, going again with my 17 year old niece and my sister in law. Can't wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray. a must see movie, do not listen to the critics, judge for yourself.

Wednesday, March 27, 10:00:47 PM

We thought Captain Marvel was a lot of Fun to see! (We are 2 millinials and 1 baby boomer - male and female)

Wednesday, March 27, 06:30:09 PM

Awfully boring movie. Terrible acting. I hope this is her last superhero movie. I sure wont go see anymore if she is in them. .

Wednesday, March 27, 04:22:27 PM

Not my cup of tea. I'm more of a traditionalist. Plus not great acting.

Wednesday, March 27, 03:31:19 PM

Anytime Disney buys a franchise like Marvel or Star Wars they kill it deader than dead with their leftist propaganda. They can't help it, they'll spread the cancerous virus of Lefties anywhere they can!! I'm done with anything they buy.

Wednesday, March 27, 02:07:31 PM

The lead actress is obnoxious and the story is plain vanilla. Marvel is starting to look like a Netflix series. 20 somethings, relationships dominating the story and each movie looks a lot like the last one. I'm done with marvel movies. Since Disney acquired them, they've gone far left wing, and quite frankly, no longer represent the original material.

Wednesday, March 27, 01:10:43 PM

I really thought this movie was good, I think kids will really like, it would be better to watch this with family.

Wednesday, March 27, 09:49:35 AM

very good movie.

Monday, March 25, 07:14:08 PM

I took my daughter's brother's uncle's sister. Captain Marvel is a girl. Only one of the bad guys in this movie is a girl. The characters are diverse in species and planetary origin.

Monday, March 25, 02:29:04 PM

Why are people so hard on this movie? It’s fun, action packed, and entertaining. It’s great! Anyone who goes to see a superhero movie and expects to see some deeply moving, profound, thought provoking storyline is missing the point. Superhero movies are supposed to entertain. To take you away from reality and bring you back to your childhood imagination where anything is possible and good guys win. Chill out and have fun people! I’ll probably go see it a second time.

Monday, March 25, 02:20:24 AM

loved it

Sunday, March 24, 08:31:15 PM

the Movie is great. there are a lot of poor reviews. there are a lot of sexist cavemen not ready for a female super hero lead. there are a lot of people with no attention span. don't listen to negative people. see this movie

Sunday, March 24, 06:17:33 PM

saw it twice. I liked it even better the second time. I don't know what all the complaining is about. While it is feminist in nature, it's not in-your-face preachy. Nothing bad in the movie about white men. Even Deadpool 2 was more racist against white men. This is a good movie if you can put aside your bias.

Sunday, March 24, 02:09:12 PM

Took my daughter to see, of course she loved because there is a female super hero lead character. Kinda like black panther, good special effects. good lead character, terrible writing. Maybe the next movie where she comes back to Earth to save the Avengers will be better.

Sunday, March 24, 02:03:24 PM

Lead character was awesome, special effects great, problem was the writing and story line was incredibly incoherent.

Sunday, March 24, 11:05:55 AM

Took my nephew to see this movie and he summed it up nicely: it was ok, but kind of boring in parts. Carol has no story arc, no hero's journey. Which means you aren't able to really get behind her. Also, too much propaganda for me. Entertain me first Marvel; that is job number one. Not looking to you to push immigration and female empowerment with a subpar story full of plot holes.

Sunday, March 24, 10:32:15 AM

Awesome movie seen it 2 times and enjoyed it :) and going to see it again and I took my 14yr old daughter to see it and she loved it :) and lots of bad reviews on here I just laugh and I don't listen to bad reviews I go and see the movie and see what it is Like. P.s captain marvel awesome and go see it:)

Saturday, March 23, 08:53:09 PM

I love MCU!!!! This was soooo good. Damn, she kicks a$$. Can't wait to see what happens next month.

Saturday, March 23, 08:07:55 PM

It was awesome.

Saturday, March 23, 05:51:57 PM

This is the worst one yet. Should be showing at the 99 cent theater.

Saturday, March 23, 02:47:32 PM

I loved it! I don't know why people say they didn't! I went with like 10 people and we all loved it! You have to have seen a few avengers movies before but it's exiting and I can barely put words into how much I loved it! My favorite movie

Saturday, March 23, 02:08:49 PM

There are no words. Very disappointing

Saturday, March 23, 01:53:43 PM

Lack of character arc for Carol Danvers (lead character), plot holes, poor character development and lack of fleshing out relationships, so you don't really care what happens to the people in the film... feels rushed. Great effects, though.

Saturday, March 23, 01:03:15 PM

This is a Marvel movie, so of course it's going to be enjoyable and fun to watch! Sure it has its issues, but the pacing and action scenes make up for it!

Saturday, March 23, 03:29:08 AM

Well....having just seen the movie after two weeks i can safely say disregard all 1 and 5 star reviews. I thought the movie was decent and despite some Brie Larson white guy comments, she won me over by the end. She showed a lot more personality than I was expecting. Would recommend to any marvel fan.

Friday, March 22, 11:58:28 PM

Enjoyed the character development and how the plot was woven into the existing Marvel movies. I'm glad to see the franchise finally bring leading women to the big screen. I especially liked the dynamic between Carol (Captain Marvel) and Maria, which really embodied that great and powerful women support and back each other up. Looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel return in future movies!

Friday, March 22, 08:08:44 PM

Everything was amazing

Friday, March 22, 07:45:32 PM

Never a dull moment - back story was cleverly told. Other Marvel movies woven into the movie well. Enough to make you want to go back and watch Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers again to refresh your memory on some things.

Friday, March 22, 07:29:29 PM

This is not Wonder Woman, the only thing good about it were the hints during the movie. At one point wife fell asleep. Very slow at best, plot is ok , glad I can use military ID so didn’t pay full price

Friday, March 22, 07:17:36 PM

The movie was slow at best and captain mavel has no weaknesses which make it a joke. The best part about the movie was the last part after the credits

Friday, March 22, 06:54:12 PM

Great Movie want to see it again

Friday, March 22, 04:58:18 PM

Sorry made movie

Friday, March 22, 09:46:45 AM

Besides the fact that the movie is injected with more SJW/feminist movement crap which is already beyond sickening at this point, the movie is bland and boring beyond measure. by far the worst in all the series of marvel movies.Not a good plot, characters are bland and boring, was honestly falling asleep and hoping the movie would pick up but dont hold your breath. Carol Danver's is not a template for strong women, but just another arrogant man hater. save your money for endgame.

Friday, March 22, 03:32:24 AM

Not awesome