Thursday, November 30, 04:55:30 PM

Well Batman McQueen... another 'Rocky V' type story. Watched at 2x the speed just to get through it. The ending was a nice twist however.

Saturday, November 11, 08:54:09 PM


Sunday, October 8, 10:22:39 PM

As good as the original movie.

Wednesday, September 6, 09:23:08 PM

Went with a 5 & 6 year old, we all enjoyed it, worth the afternoon out :) just as good as the 1st :)

Sunday, September 3, 03:33:52 PM

As good great movie as good as the first one way better than the second one

Friday, September 1, 02:35:22 PM

Curse of the sequels; same characters trying to be put into a similar story line??? Just get so boring and, to retire a good male hero character is what this world doesn't need. We need more good, wholesome male rolls that stand up and show it's not bad to be a guy. To retire a good male character is something we really don't need. My younger child (6) reluctantly went to this; having no other child friendly options, saying: "Not another one." I think the Cars franchise is officially dead for my household. Really not a fan of any Disney ventures anymore.

Wednesday, August 30, 08:02:36 PM

(My comment below) Also, I really liked the cute crab part xD.

Wednesday, August 30, 08:00:41 PM

This movie is so awesome! It brings back some memories of Cars 1.

Friday, August 25, 10:34:18 PM

This movie was amazing!

Wednesday, August 16, 11:06:21 AM

One of my favorite movies of the year.

Friday, July 28, 09:17:35 PM

all great movies, as for you whiners this is meant for your kids and women whining bout kid running around Again this was a kids movie you were watching it so let the kids enjoy their time take your menapausel remarks are not needed

Wednesday, July 26, 10:36:37 PM

Amazing movie. I loved favourite movie. It reminded me of cars 1.

Saturday, July 15, 07:22:58 PM

Thank You Cars 3 for cleansing our palette of Cars 2! Great movie! Back to its roots.

Friday, June 30, 12:15:21 PM

it was fun

Wednesday, June 28, 05:59:39 PM

Took grandsons to enjoy movie which we all enjoyed. There needs to be a policy enforced about children. We had a young girl maybe 3-4 years old run around a circle past us 30-40 times. Not only that but also talked or whined if she wasn't running. Every person in the theater should receive a refund or free movie ticket that was distracted. There should be supervision by the theater if parents have no common sense.

Tuesday, June 27, 04:48:19 PM

people have forgotten how to be a kid again and discover the magic!

Friday, June 23, 07:33:02 PM

Very nice me and my 13 yr old

Friday, June 23, 04:25:26 PM

I'm 31 and I love all the Cars movies! Awesome and funny! These negative people don't know anything!

Friday, June 23, 07:29:37 AM

The first CARS film was Pixar's first lousy movie, but they made sequels because they were following the money. Surprise surprise, this one sucks too. Pixar's sad downward slide continues.

Thursday, June 22, 04:59:36 PM

Snooze fest.

Thursday, June 22, 02:27:24 PM

Fun's about fun I think...some people take life too serious.

Tuesday, June 20, 12:14:01 PM

Doesn't Disney have enough female heroes? Do they have to retire one of the few males?

Tuesday, June 20, 12:12:24 PM

If you are looking for a movie that teaches your son to be a quitter-this is your film.

Tuesday, June 20, 01:30:52 AM

More exciting than FAST 8!

Monday, June 19, 10:29:45 PM

Awesome movie...Need more movies like this with a heartfelt story line. It is a MUST see !

Monday, June 19, 05:46:49 AM

Lots of fun

Sunday, June 18, 11:40:58 AM

It was boring and I slept through half of the movie...zzzz

Saturday, June 17, 10:40:26 PM

Wonderful sets animation and shading

Saturday, June 17, 09:57:25 PM

Great movie for the whole family!

Saturday, June 17, 10:14:14 AM

Loved it

Saturday, June 17, 08:44:13 AM

Rawked !!!!! Lennon Luved it !!

Friday, June 16, 09:51:16 AM

Even better than the last one!

Friday, June 16, 06:43:32 AM

Fun Movie...

Thursday, June 15, 09:38:15 PM