Thursday, July 2, 05:36:05 PM

Trash 🤣

Friday, April 10, 02:33:06 PM

Very Poor. Save your money.

Tuesday, February 18, 05:08:29 PM

if you love your local high school musicals and costumes then you will like this

Tuesday, February 18, 05:06:45 PM

horny cats me-owing around .... stupid plot , this movie is just a lot of flash and fluff riding behind the soundtrack

Sunday, February 16, 04:14:12 PM

who ever thought this was a good idea,, will never work in this town again,,

Thursday, February 6, 09:54:03 PM

me - yuk, left it was that bat bad

Friday, January 31, 02:26:11 PM

Disliked it, costumes are great choreographie was good. Myself n my granddaughter left within the first 1/2 hr. It was hard to follow the story has it was all musical.

Tuesday, January 21, 08:41:30 PM

I loved it! Best version I've seen.

Wednesday, January 15, 04:55:24 PM


Sunday, January 12, 10:48:12 AM

We went and all of the friends in our group enjoyed Cats immensely. Some had seen the play and some hadn't, but all found it beautiful and entertaining. Quality dance and acting performances with a whimsical plot for the imagination. A very fun time together! We all recommend it!

Saturday, January 11, 12:31:26 PM

I liked it all

Saturday, January 11, 05:49:16 AM

I wanna see it again.

Friday, January 10, 07:33:51 AM

Just horrible.

Thursday, January 9, 02:38:26 PM

The copy I saw had incredible acting.

Thursday, January 9, 02:06:25 PM

Amazing and entertaining movie. People need to read the story of Cats.

Thursday, January 9, 12:07:45 PM

young children might like the visual and musical aspect only because they don't understand the sexual goings on in the movie not that I would want to expose my children to this . real trash hidden in plain view.

Wednesday, January 8, 10:54:34 AM

I read the 5 star reviews and am wondering what movie these people watched. the one I watched had bad acting and little dialog . the singing was Ok . the rest of the movie was horny cats doing some kind of trendy performance art. Really not for children , tasteless at best

Wednesday, January 8, 09:48:17 AM

Still the best movie out there.

Tuesday, January 7, 11:09:13 PM

kind of boring , not at all like the musical ,

Tuesday, January 7, 06:13:26 PM

The plot was so pertinent to the choices we as a society are presented with daily. Ultimately, we see that redemption and forgiveness are always possible. The cast did an excellent job: Dame Judi, Idris, Jennifer, Taylor . . . Everyone was fantastic! I can’t understand where the bad press came from. Anyone and everyone that is “woke”, loved this movie.

Tuesday, January 7, 02:43:19 PM

Voices! Music! Dancing!! Staging! Costumes! Choreography... You name it!! So where did the bad hype come from???

Tuesday, January 7, 02:17:43 PM

Surreal fun with great performances.

Tuesday, January 7, 01:34:32 PM

Bizarre and jagged. I'll gladly pay double what I paid for admission to whoever lets the dogs out.

Tuesday, January 7, 06:21:18 AM

A phenomenal achievement! When Taylor Swift sang "Memory" she brought the house down!

Tuesday, January 7, 01:02:51 AM

Kinda boring. Jennifer Hudson sings beautifully but makes no effort to move like a feline. The best part was trying to identify the actors, but couldn’t figure out which was played by Taylor Swift

Monday, January 6, 10:52:23 PM

What's not to love? Beautiful music ,great special effects, pure entertainment. Wonderful dancing, fantastic costumes.

Sunday, January 5, 09:23:33 PM

Loved it - Jennifer Hudson was fantastic - she made me cry when she sang Memories- lots of comical moments too. Highly recommend.

Sunday, January 5, 07:59:29 PM

Not great, but very entertaining. Fantastic cast.

Sunday, January 5, 07:23:02 PM

Ballet by Francisca Hayward was amazing and the Memories song was awesome.

Sunday, January 5, 05:03:39 PM

wonderful costuming, dancing, makeup......all made for a fabulous show. Better than the play in that you could see everything up close. The actors portrayed the "cat" movements so well. A delight for all!

Sunday, January 5, 03:17:59 PM

This is better that the play

Sunday, January 5, 03:16:10 PM

just like the play

Sunday, January 5, 10:07:40 AM

the whole thing

Friday, January 3, 09:27:30 PM

shoetimes version is much better

Friday, January 3, 08:14:54 PM

The movie was very good and creative. LOVE IT!!!

Friday, January 3, 08:11:23 PM

I have seen the Broadway production and appreciate this movie is that ....a movie. That said, it was delightful. I saw the show with my daughter and granddaughter and we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The singing was great, dancing incredible and costumes creatively real. There was humour, there was sadness....Each main cat has its own story just as real cats do....and each cat was loveable. Movie did not have to rely on technology alone to be great.

Friday, January 3, 06:54:12 PM

There hasn't been a movie musical this cheery and fun since Rhinestone.

Friday, January 3, 06:31:36 PM

Critics don't have imagination or they really hate cats. The singing was beautiful, costumes creative and adorable, great acting. I loved the movie as much as I had the play.

Friday, January 3, 01:07:42 PM

Bizarre production of a group of cats who are in a cult or something and they're supposed to be stray cats even most of them are far fat to be strays and they pick one of them to be jellied up or something. It was incomprehensible and the songs were lame.

Thursday, January 2, 07:32:07 PM

Many would find this movie tiring but I loved the music and acting. It was different!