Tuesday, March 28, 12:46:32 PM

Some funny parts definitely didn't fall asleep if you enjoy watching Woody harrelson you'll enjoy. I would recommend above age for language sensitivity. I'm glad they're putting more spot light on kids with disabilities LOVE that. So I'd say yeah go watch it.

Tuesday, March 28, 08:23:48 AM

Second time around! Funny and heartwarming with great acting love these kids. Enjoyed the message and story. Yes 18 and over recommended.

Sunday, March 26, 11:18:31 PM

Great movie

Sunday, March 26, 04:36:46 PM

Hilariously funny but genuine to a fault. Supporting cast of Special Olympics teammates are authentic and extremely talented.

Monday, March 20, 10:43:09 AM

Great movie for those aged 18 and over only.

Sunday, March 19, 12:28:26 PM

It was funny and had a great message! I would go see it again one of the best I have seen in a while.

Wednesday, March 15, 04:38:02 PM

From cheers to the big screen, Woody is a blast. He actually is a very good natural actor. I wanted this role man..the movie is wonderful...

Wednesday, March 15, 01:47:00 PM

Feel good movie. Would watch it again

Wednesday, March 15, 12:03:02 PM

Do they get ice cream in this one?

Wednesday, March 15, 12:20:41 AM

I laughed out loud a lot, but I could have done without the hook up sexual activity and frequent innuendos. It definitely did not need it. I would love to see a cleaned up version of this. I would go see it again and bring others if so. The acting was great, as was the main message.

Tuesday, March 14, 04:10:36 AM

I liked all of it.

Saturday, March 11, 06:57:34 PM

Funny, serious with message on people skills, drinking & driving. A positive and very funny movie. Recommend it!