Saturday, March 31, 05:26:05 PM

It sucks, like almost every movie with kick-ass-wannabe "empowered" women as leading characters. D. Barrymore is ugly (for an actress) and the oversexualization of supposedly empowered women is stupid. Either make a movie with female characters who are treated with dignity and not turned into plain sex objects, or rather make a movie with male character(s). I, as a woman, prefer to watch hot guys over slutty women.

Thursday, September 14, 04:00:44 AM

It may be even worst than the first (if such a thing is possible) Drew Barrymore makes TERRIBLE films.

Sunday, August 20, 09:47:03 PM

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore..... Need I say more

Monday, April 10, 03:44:36 PM

i think charlie angles2 was a goood movie

Saturday, February 4, 05:17:50 PM

it was very very nice bt nt my stile

Thursday, January 5, 11:18:18 AM

i think it is amazing and it is 1 of my favorite movie i alwayz like to seeee it and the first part 2! they are my favorite! kwwl movie and it rocks alot!

Saturday, September 17, 10:06:18 PM

i think this movie rocked.they proved that girls can kick but hard.they rules.woooooooooo

Monday, July 11, 12:00:48 PM

it was perrfect i even have the movie and my favorite actress is cameron diaz so i do have all her movies ok bye i love charlies angels full thorttle........bye

Wednesday, March 2, 09:43:22 AM

It was a great movie. I know that the stunts were way over the top and could never happen--but that is what makes it fun. Honestly, try escaping reality for once (to the people who thought it sucked). The Angels are great, I love their divers personalities. Lot`s of eye candy for both the guys and the girls--Justin Theroux how sexy can you get?? I never tire of watching this movie. I bet I`ve seen it at least 13-15 times. The music is perfection, and the cars are sweet. The comedy is light, but makes you chuckle a few times. Bernie Mac is a way better Bosley than Billy Murray was. The opening scene with the helicopter stunts was a killer--a g

Monday, February 14, 04:32:56 PM

I LOVED Seamus o`Grady. You don`t see evil characters like that anymore.O Yeah not any hot evil guys anymore.

Saturday, July 10, 11:19:36 PM

it was like the greatest movie ever ! i have allready watched it 3 times today ! and i watched it twice yesterday with my little sister

Sunday, June 13, 03:01:02 AM

i thoguht it was awesome, i would reccomend it to most people! especially if you loved the first one!

Tuesday, April 20, 04:06:28 PM

the movie sucked... do not spend time watching it

Monday, February 23, 04:04:40 PM

The only reason i watched the whole movie was beacause of Justin Theroux(Seamus O`Grady.) Even though the movie sucked..he made it all worth while.

Wednesday, January 28, 07:03:07 PM

I thought this movie was great.....but i think they added too much matrix effect into all the stunts...though i did like their martial arts skills....I maybe looking forward to a 3rd one....

Monday, January 5, 10:18:42 PM

I thought it was great, i watch it whenever i can

Monday, December 29, 07:11:10 PM

This is the best movie EVER!!

Friday, December 12, 08:10:20 AM

I am watching it 24/7!

Tuesday, December 9, 08:16:16 PM

I watch it whenever I can! Make a third one!!

Sunday, November 16, 09:54:17 PM

I thought charlie`s angels was so cool it was why better then the first one. It had every thing hotties,hotties, it was funny and good music. Hope ya make a other one. Luved it!!

Friday, November 14, 03:16:13 PM


Monday, November 10, 09:45:37 PM


Monday, November 10, 07:08:57 PM

I watched it 6 times because it was sooo good! i loved it and justin theroux is sooooooooooooo hot!! ;)

Sunday, November 2, 06:58:59 PM

I watched the movie 13 times, that is how good i think it is. Although i really wish there was more pictures of Justin Therouz`s charicter on the internet.

Sunday, October 26, 11:33:05 AM

it was really funny and justin theroux was really hott!

Tuesday, October 21, 04:05:18 PM

i thought it was the best movie in history and also it has the best stunts i have ever seen.

Sunday, August 31, 06:47:05 PM

what was the story again? not sure there was one...otherwise, Cameron Diaz shone, and I wasn`t too impressed with the other "Angel"`s performances. Not sure I`d ever want to see a movie with Demi Moore in it again after this one; her ego seems to ooze out of her. Some great cameos, and Diaz was really free in her portrayal, but without a good story, how good can a movie be?

Thursday, August 28, 02:35:13 PM

It was just hilarious!

Sunday, August 10, 04:23:38 PM

it was an AWSOMEEEE movie

Tuesday, August 5, 03:52:11 PM

It wasnt that great I believe. It didn`t satisfy my movie craving.

Friday, August 1, 02:29:14 PM

It had some really corny jokes and matrix knock off moves, but I actually really enjoyed seeing it with a couple of my girlfriends, it was a great ladies night out show.

Friday, August 1, 09:05:03 AM


Friday, August 1, 08:59:32 AM

the movie was great better than the first one.

Tuesday, July 29, 04:56:52 PM

this movie was too cheezy...I mean, it is supposed to be cheezy, but this was WAY too cheezy...I thought the first one was better...

Tuesday, July 29, 01:13:54 PM

Full THRottle has no plot! All it showed was the three girls dancing. BOsley didnt have a lot of lines and the scenes jump form one naother with no order! WHAT KIND OF MOVIE IS THIS?!?!?!

Monday, July 28, 01:52:09 PM

I thought that Charlies Angels Full Throttle was the best movie i have ever seen for the longest time! Their was so much action going on. And the cast was great! Ive spent alot of money on this movie so far ive seen it three times in the theatre i cant wait till it comes out! I want to go see it again! this movie is the best!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 10:21:10 AM

all i saw was three girls dancing and changing their clothes.. what`s the purpose of this movie anyway??

Tuesday, July 22, 06:30:20 PM

I found it a little far fetched. I enjoyed it but I would not rush out to see it again....

Monday, July 21, 11:17:06 PM

The first one was better, but with this one..the action was unrealistic. Some funny parts, but you usually see the second movie as a flop. Hope they don`t come out with a third!

Saturday, July 19, 08:45:29 PM

Great actions but a little too exaggerated