Sunday, March 29, 07:06:16 AM

How in the World did Charlie's Angels go from from Farrah Fawcett one of the most beautiful women who ever lived to a nothing looking girl with a Bart Simpson haircut. Charlie's Nightmare would be a more accurate title.

Friday, March 13, 03:04:47 PM

Enjoyed the Movie, underrated, fun entertaining movie.

Wednesday, February 26, 02:35:51 PM

Hollywood is now just white celebrities telling their white audiences how bad white people are, especially the men. Terrible.

Friday, January 10, 03:03:21 PM

Hollywood used to know how tom make good movies. Then quality gave way to greed and the industry delivered stupid spectacle. Now Hollywood is trying to socially engineer the world. This is despicable. Don't be enslaved by imbeciles.

Tuesday, January 7, 11:25:07 PM

CHARLIE'S WHAT ??, wouldn't call them angels. Angels are beautiful , strong and defenders of God's word . not this social garbage

Tuesday, December 31, 02:45:39 PM

Awful. A Bart Simpson looking Transgender is what is an Angel now. Wow !!! We walked out before the end.

Sunday, December 29, 04:38:37 AM

This is so far removed from the Original Series. The Women in the Original, Farrah and Jaclyn were Absolutely Gorgeous, they were Classy, Elegant, Smart, Sexy, and Not Man-Haters. Even Kate was Pleasant and had her own Charm. This Movie has nothing of this, and what's with all the Bosley's ??? We walked out before the end, it was painful to watch, and we are women.

Thursday, December 26, 08:20:36 PM

I could have stayed home and watched better stuff on TV

Thursday, December 26, 08:19:23 PM

YA, this is what we want - unattractive , untalented and poorly written movies . Hollywood save your money or we will save ours !!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 12:00:39 PM

Nothing in common wth Original Series. We walked out

Friday, December 13, 03:40:18 AM

Watched this movie and was shocked how bad it was. Definitely would not recommend.

Wednesday, December 11, 05:45:50 PM

Would not recommend this movie

Wednesday, December 11, 07:30:27 AM

What a disappointment this movie was. It should not be called CA

Tuesday, December 10, 11:21:59 AM

Total let down, no redeeming features.

Monday, December 9, 05:14:19 PM

DISSAPOINTED , the movie never reached the level of silly fun that the other versions had. the cast looks bored and there's no real team.

Sunday, December 8, 09:49:18 PM

poor remake, I regret watching this

Sunday, December 8, 01:36:56 PM

So much anger in a bad film

Sunday, December 8, 11:02:12 AM

Did not enjoy this film.

Sunday, December 8, 09:15:18 AM

Bad and disappointing

Sunday, December 8, 07:20:44 AM

Painfully Bad, we walked out before the end

Saturday, December 7, 10:44:59 PM


Saturday, December 7, 10:15:44 PM

rotten tomatoes got this one right , with the critics giving it a 52

Saturday, December 7, 10:11:51 PM

two maybe two and half at most , does not follow what the angels are all about

Saturday, December 7, 08:18:08 AM

Boring and unoriginal

Thursday, December 5, 05:18:11 PM

Difficult to watch, too many Bosleys. Homely Angels

Thursday, December 5, 08:31:03 AM

Absolutely destroyed this franchise.

Wednesday, December 4, 01:59:27 AM

Went to see it again as I said I would but, from a different perspective. Found it much funnier with sometimes subtle humor that I missed the first time. Skip the bias, skip the comparison to original angels, (this is a different tag team), & go with - going to see a fun movie attitude. Don't take it too serious. Naomi Scott, had the funniest parts. I have to wonder if even the professional reviewers, the ones who perceive themselves as having great intellect, really understood what this movie was about. I might even go see it again. rh

Tuesday, December 3, 06:57:13 PM

Entertaining, funny and action packed. Great movie, would watch it again!

Tuesday, December 3, 04:58:28 PM

this is just dribble and hate combined with not so violent violence. not for teens , unlike the original show , cheesy and teen worthy

Tuesday, December 3, 04:43:31 PM

if you won't follow the storyline of the past call the movie something else. you raised the expectations only to let us down

Tuesday, December 3, 02:36:06 PM

Failed movie

Tuesday, December 3, 02:41:17 AM

The mistake was not casting The Rock as Bosley.

Tuesday, December 3, 02:35:30 AM


Monday, December 2, 04:47:32 PM

Come-on , the reason so many people hammered-to-death how bad this movie is, is because they took it too serious as a girl-action, heroins save the world flick. When Elena (Naomi Scott) enters the action as an Angel wanna-be , & in her first fight seen strikes her opponent with her hand & then immediately with draws her arm & says; "OUCH" ! , you know this is not serious. The reviews are so bad (professional too.) , I have to go see it again. Approach this more as a spoof, & you will probably enjoy it more . Some complained the movie made men look stupid . Well sometimes we are stupid. It was all part of the "hidden agenda" of the feminists, (which wasn't so hidden) & humor of the movie. Ya gotta love-it. rh

Monday, December 2, 08:03:16 AM

Terrible reboot of a once great tv series. Does Hollywood no longer cast beautiful women.

Sunday, December 1, 03:35:11 PM

OK, disagree 100% with the vitriolic reaction of most critics and apparently most viewers of the film. Being female, was ecstatic there were some very important statements that (also apparently) went unappreciated by the m-asses. In this high tech world, saw the absence of guns, shoot-em-up 'western' mentalities (whether a modern day cop story, the mafia or gangster films - is STILL the same mentality) but GADGETS instead doing all the work for us (loved the blue dots applied to the neck that were faster working than Spock's nerve pinch) that put the enemy out of commission WITHOUT KILLING THEM, allowing them to do evil "another day" but accomplish the mission fast. And no unbelievable physical stunts like jumping off a cliff to land on the back of a lower flying plane passing by. I liked everything about the angels that apparently (yet again) most 'chicks' dissed. Most of all, I liked the message (apparently missed) that finally WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD ARE UNITING TO FIGHT EVIL IN THEIR OWN WAYS (NOT THOSE OF MEN), as 'Charlies's angels go international - which allows for A LOT of sequels to be filmed ALL OVER THE WORLD with exotic women with different manners to one-up spoiled American females who think "attitude and clothes" make or break the woman. Little girls were never taught by society to NETWORK like little boys in sports for many decades; altho' that is changing; to NETWORK brings success in life, while little American girls are STILL BEING GIVEN dolly-wets-its and pink toy ovens. This film had a LOT OF GREAT MESSAGES to say about the evolution of women in general that were overlooked by normally American sophistication but these shallow ditch-dredging criticisms of an entertaining film goes beyond the pale to (even) criticizing their makeup. As for the male viewers, their comments reveal how desperately a film that "tests" our sensibilities (OF NOT WANTING TO KILL IF AVOIDABLE) is too h

Sunday, December 1, 07:27:11 AM

A terrible reboot, left before the end

Saturday, November 30, 01:27:04 PM

Utter garbage, no wonder Banks is blaming misogynist for hating this film. it would be painful and a career killer if she admitted she made a pile of dung

Friday, November 29, 12:36:53 AM

bad writing / story .... poor action scenes

Thursday, November 28, 01:37:17 AM

could have been better , writing was poor