Monday, November 3, 01:14:10 PM

Very good movie to watch.

Wednesday, February 5, 02:46:12 AM

Classic Bill Murray summer camp comedy and still one of my all-time favourites.

Tuesday, August 2, 11:07:44 PM

Good movie, but not the best. Was definitely a family movie.

Thursday, November 18, 09:15:02 AM

Clever, funny, different.

Sunday, February 28, 09:47:16 AM


Friday, January 22, 05:01:15 PM

this movie is both hailarious and awesome and wow this movie was way better than g-force in so many ways because i think kids would enjoy this movie more than g-force and you will see how its better than g-force and there both good movies

Wednesday, December 30, 10:30:07 AM

i loved this movie it was amazing and the characters personallitys were well made from the director

Tuesday, December 29, 08:13:51 PM

i loved this movie it made me fell like a kid again or something like that and the monkey and some of the main characters were hailarious

Tuesday, December 29, 11:21:26 AM

i love this movie especially when brent turns into chicken brent

Tuesday, December 29, 11:11:49 AM

i thought this movie was hailarious infact the people who made this movie should be proud for the amount of votes this movie recieved

Monday, December 28, 05:14:10 PM

i think this movie was amazing from begining to end and this movie was hailarious

Monday, December 28, 04:14:21 PM

this movie was hailarious throughout and it may not be the best movie but it certainly was in my top 3 list for one of the best comedy movies for this year

Monday, November 30, 04:42:44 PM


Sunday, November 29, 09:33:04 AM

I saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs and I have to say i was pleased with it and it was very funny.

Friday, November 27, 01:04:17 PM

terrific, wonderful, awesome! one of the best movies i've seen all year. i liked it as much as my granddaughter.

Wednesday, November 11, 06:50:55 PM

this is an awsome movie

Saturday, October 31, 02:33:26 PM

it was the most funny movi i have seen

Wednesday, October 28, 08:50:24 PM

good movie

Friday, October 23, 08:51:08 PM


Tuesday, October 20, 02:34:58 PM

very well done! I have not read the book but this movie was great. My kids are 9 and 4 and loved it.

Tuesday, October 20, 01:01:46 PM

Most original animated film since Monsters Inc. Laughed out all the way through! Five stars!

Sunday, October 18, 06:35:49 PM

it is so funny me and my freinds laughed through most of it.

Sunday, October 18, 12:36:41 AM

Laughed and laughed! I haven't laughed this hard at a kids movie. The kids loved it too. Can't wait for the DVD.

Tuesday, October 13, 04:03:11 PM

The previews don't do this one justice. Excellent movie ... even for us adults. Original with lots of laughs.

Monday, October 12, 03:24:28 PM

I dont like to not like a movie just to not like it. This movie would have been great for a little kid, all of the "funny" references that were geared towards adults have been done SO many times before. Definitely an original idea and encourages the use of ones imagination, which is much needed for children these days.

Sunday, October 11, 03:08:28 PM

omg i love it

Monday, October 5, 03:57:51 AM

A great film for the family.

Saturday, October 3, 05:45:28 PM

wicked asome and funny

Wednesday, September 30, 11:58:54 PM

I didn't really want to see this movie before when I saw the trailer, but after I read the comments that people saying it is so funny, I decided I'll go see it. Our home family loved it, we laughed from beginning to end.

Sunday, September 27, 08:47:02 PM

i loved this movie so much it was so funny and cool!

Saturday, September 26, 09:52:38 PM

Awesome, hilarious movie! Fun for all ages. Great family movie! The movie gives you an appetite and so much more. We laughed and laughed! A must see.

Wednesday, September 23, 12:07:43 PM

I enjoyed it. The plot was interesting enough, the sub-plot about how the weather girl coped was interesting. The animation was smart and funny. 4 stars.

Tuesday, September 22, 08:01:47 AM

It was a pleasant experience!

Sunday, September 20, 05:27:27 PM

Very great movie. Girlfriend and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday, September 20, 05:25:39 PM

LOVED it! It was entertaining from beginning to end. I thought it was much better than mosters vs aliens, and Up. GO WATCH IT!!

Saturday, September 19, 05:46:25 PM

So I went into the movie expecting a pleasant time but nothing overly crazy boy was I wrong. What an excellent movie, excellent plot, excellent animation and extremely funny! my buddy and I couldn't stop laughing. I recommend this to adults just as much as to children.

Saturday, September 19, 05:40:04 PM

Ridiculously funny.

Saturday, September 19, 01:20:48 AM

good movie. creative and lots of laughs.

Saturday, September 19, 12:34:26 AM

For those that liked "The Hangover", you just MUST gotta go see this, because it is probably the second best thing after that movie! 5 Stars for Bill Hader's extraordinary performances!

Saturday, September 19, 12:18:03 AM

An extremely fun and entertaining movie even for adults. Not one boring part!