Monday, November 27, 01:23:58 AM

A great movie. We loved the story.

Sunday, November 26, 07:41:53 PM

The day of the death is celebrate in some countries where they remember the dead loves one with candles. I did not find the movie scary or boring.

Sunday, November 26, 07:15:46 PM

What an incredible movie! Día de Muertos (Day f the Death) is a Mexican tradition that might become a world tradition after this movie! Family movie at its best!

Sunday, November 26, 06:54:02 PM

Coco was the loving name of the daughter who had a relative in the dead world. Beautiful movie.

Sunday, November 26, 06:50:49 PM

We bought the tickets to see this movie since we liked the trailer. We did not get disappointed with this movie. We think was an amazing story.

Sunday, November 26, 06:48:40 PM

This movie was full of imagination and funny parts. The check point was totally humorous.

Sunday, November 26, 06:47:01 PM

The movie was fantastic. What a wonderful sweet story and adventure. The one person who walked out missed the main idea of this story. Silly.

Sunday, November 26, 03:57:39 PM

Movie walk out

Sunday, November 26, 10:51:16 AM

I loved how they portrayed the dead coming in and out from the dead world to the alive world.

Sunday, November 26, 10:49:48 AM

The spirit animals idea was cute. Normally some people think animals do not have souls. I was not expecting this idea in the movie. Colorful scenes and good music in the movie. No like the boring Frozen movie that played first before this movie.

Sunday, November 26, 10:45:52 AM

I found funny the family all mad because the music. The Mariachi in the Park was amusing.

Sunday, November 26, 10:43:25 AM

A tradition turned into a movie. The candles is a long tradition ceremony no only in Mexico but also in some areas of South America except given food to the dead.

Sunday, November 26, 10:40:45 AM

Touching story where the love of girl and his father goes beyond the dead.

Sunday, November 26, 07:26:49 AM

So boring , did not like it at all, won’t recommend it for kids below 10 years old . No clear message from the movie , story and scenario so weak .

Sunday, November 26, 12:56:33 AM

The sweet story where greedy can still follow to the after life and make to pay you back.

Saturday, November 25, 10:50:32 PM


Saturday, November 25, 08:53:41 PM

Great movie for all generations

Saturday, November 25, 09:54:53 AM

Great movie. Nothing boring in this movie.

Friday, November 24, 09:50:46 PM


Friday, November 24, 08:55:50 PM

Great family movie!! Audience applauded so much, they were stuck in their seats before slowly exiting near end of ALL credits! People of all ages, including toddler little ones, luved it. Beautiful movie. Humor, touching story - obvious creators did lots of research and much attention to detail.

Friday, November 24, 07:19:28 PM

This is a wonderful movie.

Friday, November 24, 04:58:51 PM

Amazing movie! my teens and me loved it. We were touched with story and the strong messages about family and tradition.

Friday, November 24, 01:41:05 PM

My family really loved this movie. My kids are 11, 8 & 4. I wasn’t expecting this movie to be that good but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t too scary for the little one.

Friday, November 24, 09:23:22 AM

The best film from Pixar so far!!!!

Friday, November 24, 01:30:52 AM

Amazing movie!

Friday, November 24, 12:34:44 AM

A sweet story. We loved it.

Thursday, November 23, 10:51:25 PM


Thursday, November 23, 09:51:14 PM

Mexican's traditions, beautiful family movie

Thursday, November 23, 05:36:57 PM

We love the movie.

Thursday, November 23, 02:33:07 AM

The movie was beautiful. The spirit animals were amazing.

Wednesday, November 22, 10:13:39 PM


Wednesday, November 22, 01:42:18 PM

We loved this movie. Sweet story.

Tuesday, November 21, 10:21:09 PM

This was an excellent movie! Engaging and witty with a great plot. The visuals were great too!

Tuesday, November 21, 07:00:48 PM

Pixar did a good job with this movie. Excelente music and colorful scenes.

Tuesday, November 21, 06:58:12 PM

Beautiful movie. Very touching story.

Tuesday, November 21, 05:08:39 PM

Overall just an amazing movie. Pixar never fails to amaze

Sunday, November 19, 01:35:01 PM

This movie was released before in Mexico. Coco was the name of my cat that went missing. :( I can’t wait to go to see this movie. Is going to make me sad but I think this is a beautiful story.

Sunday, November 19, 05:58:57 AM


Friday, November 17, 05:46:59 PM

Pixar plus Mexico equals great movie!

Saturday, November 4, 02:28:51 PM

We Love it! Beautiful Movie😍