Saturday, June 1, 08:23:15 AM

THIS ONE IS WORTH WATCHING FOR THE ENDING ALONE! knew nothing, was expecting the usual Neeson rescue tantrums... but found a very amusing black comedy instead.... Not for action without a script fans...

Wednesday, May 15, 01:58:42 PM

Acceptable remake of the much better original film. Just missing the off-beat film noir humor of the original...which is typical of the badly educated liberal directors of Hollywood now. They're just pale imitations of yesteryear and foreign directors/producers now; desperately wondering why most of their movies don't make big bucks unless it's animated pap for the rapidly declining IQ level of the masses.

Tuesday, April 9, 06:51:54 PM

This movie was bad and Neeson was slept walking through the whole movie.The script was poorly written, There was no excitement to be had through out the whole movie. What a waste of my money and time.

Saturday, April 6, 09:54:12 PM

I expected another "Taken", but it is completely different. I didn't expect the humor...but it made the movie light. Yes, there is violence, blood, and some face pounding. If you're looking for an action flick filled with anger and hostility, skip it. But if you'd like a laugh or two in a vengence movie...(something totally unexpected)...go on in.

Saturday, April 6, 09:54:11 PM

I expected another "Taken", but it is completely different. I didn't expect the humor...but it made the movie light. Yes, there is violence, blood, and some face pounding. If you're looking for an action flick filled with anger and hostility, skip it. But if you'd like a laugh or two in a vengence movie...(something totally unexpected)...go on in.

Thursday, March 28, 05:50:08 PM

All I can say about this movie is that it wasn't as bad as "Catwoman".

Saturday, March 23, 04:50:09 PM

dud....dud....dud....the fact that I didn't leave .boggles me....spent 20 bucks.....I like to see a flix thru

Saturday, March 16, 08:55:05 PM

This was entertaining. Acting was a bit off and the storyline needed a LOT more development. It dragged a bit at the mid point. But it wa good entertainment for a date night. Not as bad as some would leave you to believe... certainly not 5 stars as the paid poster would have you believe

Tuesday, March 12, 06:31:24 AM

This is a one time flick movie .... you watch it and forget about it...I like how there is always one or two people that have no taste in movie and think every movie is the best movie ever delusional pathetic they are.

Monday, March 11, 12:31:02 PM

I cannot give even one star for this monstrosity! This is a bad film. Do not give up your hard earned cash for this tripe. Even Laura Dern left this film without giving Liam a reason why. The bad guy is a doofus. The sub plots are ridiculous. The action is lame. The setting? Well, that was the best thing about the film. If you wanted Taken, there is none of that tension. If you want a movie with a half assed attempt at the Coen Bros dark humour, look no further. There is an awful line in this film about hostages and the Stockholm syndrome. I kinda felt the same way. I wanted to leave but I still wanted to watch this train wreck of a movie. I warned you!

Thursday, March 7, 01:45:51 PM

Worst made movie I have seen in a long time

Wednesday, March 6, 06:19:50 PM

Great story, comedy and action. Awesome movie

Wednesday, March 6, 12:42:18 AM

This movie wasn't even black humour, just poorly timed humour, right to the last scene. the acting was blah, the cast was good but sadly their was no story line, no plot, no build up, no dialogue, you didn't care about anybody, but maybe the kid (who just disappears in a giant snowplough at the end) just senseless murders and some bizarre cross drug trafficking between whites and Native Americans.. WT#? Liam, get a real job!

Tuesday, March 5, 08:33:02 PM

Good just real good

Tuesday, March 5, 12:04:04 PM

Very good action movie with some humor mixed in.

Monday, March 4, 01:04:45 PM

This was an action movie????? Fell asleep twice. Not worth the price of admission

Monday, March 4, 11:11:25 AM

Waste of time!

Sunday, March 3, 04:59:14 PM

Not a serious drama. Disappointed. Desensitized violence. Loved Liam's Taken movies but this movie wasn't worth watching.

Saturday, March 2, 10:20:40 PM

Awful movie very disappointed

Thursday, February 28, 09:57:54 PM

Terrible made movie

Thursday, February 28, 05:09:21 PM

Liam was the obvious choice for this movie. He does revenge so well. It was different in that he was not a highly trained agent but an extremely pissed off father who tried to avenge his son while clearing his reputation. Excellent story, scenic shots and humour. You will be entertained.

Wednesday, February 27, 08:24:46 PM

Dark comedy , funny at times but not silly, not offensive .

Wednesday, February 27, 01:05:20 PM

We all could have actually walked out - My boyfriend fell asleep, which was the most entertaining portion of the night.

Monday, February 25, 05:41:18 AM

Time to hang it up, Liam. You and Shimalya haven`t made a good movie in decades. Maybe get a time share together. This is another dog of movie.

Sunday, February 24, 12:32:22 PM

Excellent movie. If you liked the Taken series, you will love this. A decent man gets tested and his vengeance will be exoerienced

Saturday, February 23, 10:28:08 PM

Turned into a comedy..funny but I prefer Liam as the hero, the good guy..he was killing left & right!

Saturday, February 23, 06:13:09 PM

I loved the movie because it is @ction

Saturday, February 23, 04:33:17 PM

Perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen!

Saturday, February 23, 03:27:15 PM

HA HA..I suck.......u ever see a movie that just is total garbage...can't believe I paid to watch this garbage............The hot dog wasn't bad.......really. Think some of the actor's are hurting for cash shoving this sh*t at us

Friday, February 22, 07:18:56 PM

Worst movie of this type I have ever seen. Neeson had better hurry and make Taken 3 before this ridiculously made movie ends his career.

Friday, February 22, 04:05:11 PM

It's one funny movie... hilarious! After you realize what it was trying to convey... laughter all the way. :-)

Friday, February 22, 12:39:00 PM

Liam Neeson did a terrible job with this movie. Nothing compared to Taken.

Friday, February 22, 07:48:00 AM

The movie is well made . The story though like all Liam Nelson’s movie was revenge.I loved the movie and I like to watch it again.

Thursday, February 21, 08:20:37 PM

I liked this movie very much and thought it build up to a really good ending. Sorry some people had a cow about certain scenes.

Thursday, February 21, 07:15:48 PM

ZERO rating

Thursday, February 21, 04:44:24 PM

Horrible movie. Save your money!!

Thursday, February 21, 11:24:24 AM

Liam Neeson did a great job. There were so many plots going on you really had to pay attention all the time. I liked the dark humor side of the movie and the last scene was hilarious.

Wednesday, February 20, 09:53:08 PM

Worst movie he ever made. This was a really stupid terrible made movie. Nothing like his Taken movies which were great.. I was shocked that there was gay men making out what the hell was that!? There was no on the edge of seat exciting parts at all. The movie looked like something a kid put together.. When the gay scene started We almost walked out for the first time in my life. We only stayed in awe just to see how much more stupid this movie could get and yes it got even worst. Please don't waste your money to see gay scenes.

Wednesday, February 20, 03:31:22 PM

I am a BIG fan of Liam Neeson. This movie just lacked something. Never go going IMO. Beautiful scenery. One of his worst performances to date.

Wednesday, February 20, 12:38:45 PM

Luv'd this movie! Beautiful scenery, humor, action, and revenge on the drug dealers all in one great film. I saw this movie twice and both times people were laughing and gasping at appropriate times. Good to see the drug dealers taken out rather than glorified. A brother died for a brother, so the brother could do good - not something in movies today. Highly recommend.