Sunday, February 17, 09:55:23 PM

This movie was not good. I expected a better movie since Liam was in it .

Sunday, February 17, 09:28:41 PM

Great action and beautiful scenery.

Sunday, February 17, 07:12:43 PM

Very good movie. Liam Neeson is excellent as always and it was great to see so many Canadian aboriginal actors, including Tom Jackson.

Saturday, February 16, 10:26:02 PM

Rated one star only for the spectacular scenery. Total trash. Always enjoyed Liam Neeson films, but even he could not save this disaster.

Saturday, February 16, 04:39:52 PM

Terrible movie. Plot was skin deep and the acting was poor. Waste of money. Doesn't even deserve a star really. I gave it a pity star ! Neesons very worst movie. I usually like most of his movies.

Saturday, February 16, 04:01:57 PM

Loved it! Saw it with a friend and then took hubby to see it again that night. Everyone else in the theater laughed and seemed to like the movie as well. Liked that it had very little cursing, no sex scenes and bits of humor thrown in was a great change. Bloody in parts but the bad guy getting what is due him and the humor made up for it. Glad the bad guy wasn't made to be a hero. Very much enjoyed the show. Hubby and friend enjoyed it as well. Would see it again.

Saturday, February 16, 02:29:52 PM

The movie was entertaining, however, it was very violent but with no sexual scenes-good and no profanity-good. There was humour and surprisingly many showed up to watch this movie on a Friday.

Saturday, February 16, 10:43:36 AM

So sick of Hollywood glorifying badass druggies. Not this time! Loved the premise. Drug users and dealers are losers, idiots and pyscos that gets what's coming!

Friday, February 15, 02:30:37 PM

I feel sorry for the progressive saps that can't enjoy this movie! Very funny and entertaining. Liam is one of the few men left in Hollywood that can actually pull off the masculine a role convincingly.

Friday, February 15, 02:27:40 PM


Thursday, February 14, 10:05:37 PM

If I could give it less than 1 star I would. Rubbish

Wednesday, February 13, 07:43:11 PM

Waste of money-

Wednesday, February 13, 07:38:45 PM

Loved this movie, the world needs more Liam neeson to fight the drug dealers killing our youth. I love the premise, a little quirky but very enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 13, 04:29:05 PM

How many times are we going to see recycled revenge plots?Liam Neeson's worse movie.

Wednesday, February 13, 02:58:35 PM

WORST Liam movie ever. Are the writers that hard up for story lines.

Wednesday, February 13, 10:09:28 AM

This was a very good entertaining movie! I so enjoyed the way they made a revenge movie funny (in places). Liam continues to 'nail it', Laura Dern was barely there, but that's okay, and I always love to see Tom Jackson.

Wednesday, February 13, 08:05:26 AM

I enjoy any movie that Liam Neeson is in Cold Pursuit is Amazing!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 09:37:16 PM

Very entertaining. Liam Neeson doing his thing. Very scenic.

Tuesday, February 12, 09:24:43 PM

This is definitely Liam's worse movie made.

Tuesday, February 12, 09:18:04 PM

Very funny & real.

Tuesday, February 12, 06:43:25 PM

What a waste of Liam Neesom. Movie made absolutely no sense, so many stupid things happen that I can’t list them all. Just one example, 10 year old kid gets in a snowblower truck, huge, and just drives off with a cop 5 feet away who calls it in on her radio instead of just pulling him out. Many ,many more. Laura Dern “ stars “ in the movie, says about 10 words, disappears with no explanation. I guess they were try for a Tarintino but failed miserably.

Tuesday, February 12, 01:07:18 PM

The writing was terrible. Think of a tv hour show, make it the worst written , sigh, yeah really not worth the money. Wait til it comes to TV then change the channel after five minutes.

Monday, February 11, 07:46:28 PM

I always enjoy Liam Neesom's movies and this was is true to form, lots of action, thrilling ride. Also liked the scenery and winter setting of Denver. The cast of characters were all good.

Monday, February 11, 07:45:12 PM

Liam Neeson never disappoints, it is action packed and quite the thriller. Quite violent but that is expected. He is one of my favourite action stars that isn't 25 years old!

Monday, February 11, 07:38:22 PM

I'm Liam Neeson fan, but this movie was slow. Most of the action scenes you actually saw in the previews, and the plot really bounces around. It's decent that's about it

Monday, February 11, 01:44:32 PM

Awesome action scenes. Excellent script and magnificent acting/actors/actresses!

Monday, February 11, 01:19:36 PM

I saw the original Swedish made movie and I thought one was better. It had more subtle humour throughout. I was laughing out loud in spots. What surprised me was that I recognized many mountain locations near and around Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper in Canada. The acting was also very good.

Monday, February 11, 01:11:24 PM

Hahaha. A very fun and funny movie. A wonderfully done flick, and cool ending. The putting down of things, lol through out and (final). Good use of different ethnicities without offending. My wife and I laughed all the way home.

Monday, February 11, 05:51:46 AM

Neeson is great

Sunday, February 10, 09:48:03 PM

Very disappointing. Like Liam Neeson, but missed the mark on this one. Not even worth watching when it hits TV.

Sunday, February 10, 09:41:51 PM

Quite typical Liam Neeson movie. Enjoyed the black humour!

Sunday, February 10, 08:58:20 PM

Difficult to follow, strange ending, minimal story line. When viewers rate this a 5 out of 5 would they rate a movie like Green Book a 10 out of 5?

Sunday, February 10, 08:16:01 PM

Liam Neeson always puts out a terrific movie. This one was wee bit different had wee bit of humour and well as serious acting, great job!

Sunday, February 10, 07:00:46 PM

Good movie funny in parts

Saturday, February 9, 09:24:07 PM

Not bad, was a typical Liam Neeson action type movie, and he is good at this type of movie...a good guy being bad, but whoever mentioned Sofia Vergara and a part 1 of this being better was obviously out to lunch; that was a totally different movie and had nothing to do with this one, it was called “Hot Pursuit”.

Saturday, February 9, 10:58:04 AM

Great movie with great actor. Has QT feel to it.

Saturday, February 9, 08:19:30 AM

love this movie Best Neeson film excellet actor

Saturday, February 9, 01:36:10 AM

Great fun quirky movie in the vein of Fargo....Loved it!

Friday, February 8, 07:43:04 PM

It took awhile to realize that the movie was black humour - a few laughs - Neesan’s usual movies that are neither here nor there. Not a must see but I have seen worse.

Friday, February 8, 07:22:08 PM

I had to leave after two-thirds of this movie, so that's why I give it four out of five. Liam Neeson doing what he does best at this stage of his career, great action movie actor. His estranged brother, played by William Forsythe, excellent scenes. Good storytelling, this is American remake of Norwegian movie, directed by same director. Kind of quirky, dark humour. Good deliberate pacing, takes its time. I liked the title cards every time after someone met their fate. Unique setting in Rocky Mountain area. There was a good sense of build-up, alas, I wasn't able to see the resolution