Sunday, March 3, 09:52:04 PM

Masterpiece , directing and acting.

Tuesday, February 26, 07:57:29 PM

Such a sad period in history, the photography is phenomenal, the most lacking element is the aging make up of the characters.

Saturday, February 23, 11:30:18 AM

Great and fascinating movie. Masterfully directed and acted. A love story in complicated reality of a country re-emerging after WWII damages to all aspects of life and politics. The meaning of freedom, commitment, values and the motivation/choices of the main characters cause this film to be remembered for a long time.

Saturday, February 23, 06:45:50 AM

Fascinated movie , loved every minute of it .

Thursday, February 21, 06:05:55 PM

Great movie with a significant flaw at the very end. That our protagonists find spiritual benediction in Polish Catholic fundamentalism is a tragic sell-out to the message of the rest of the movie, which demonstrates that belief in those myths and superstitions lead to the constant repetition of Polish self-destructiveness and personal despair.

Saturday, February 9, 10:03:47 PM

Powerful music, complicated love and historical context...visual treat. Masterfully directed! Masterpiece!