Tuesday, April 12, 12:08:17 AM

Excellent movie. Bravo to Dr. Bennet Amalu for his amazing work. All parents should read up on his findings before considering in sending their children in a sport such as football. Will Smith did an amazing job as did the rest of the cast. I was certainly enlightened but upset to know that nobody is taking this seriously!!!

Monday, March 7, 07:53:10 PM

Very good well acted and well cast very good movie all around

Monday, February 8, 09:00:21 PM

Very good movie! Interesting, well written, well acted.

Saturday, January 23, 05:43:21 PM

Really well done

Friday, January 15, 07:08:23 PM

Not my favorite

Sunday, January 10, 12:08:07 AM

Excellent movie. The entire cast was exceptional. Will Smith will get an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Saturday, January 9, 04:42:07 PM

Excellent movie! Best I've seen in a while.

Saturday, January 9, 01:32:51 PM

Excellent movie ! Kudos to Will Smith-great acting chops!

Saturday, January 9, 08:17:12 AM

Excellent movie. Inspiring, enlightening, Oscar nods for sure! Recommend highly!

Friday, January 8, 06:55:12 PM

Great movie! Loved Will Smith in this one! No wonder the NFL didn't want this movie to be made!

Saturday, January 2, 07:59:13 AM

Excellent performance of will smith.

Friday, January 1, 12:15:58 PM


Thursday, December 31, 10:44:32 PM

Excellent movie. Go see it to find out how big cooperations like the NFL hide the truth and undermine the brilliant minds that need recognition and praise for finding out the truth in order to save lives.

Wednesday, December 30, 09:12:38 PM

Excellent, excellent!! Never a lull, beautifully directed and acted. Will Smith is SURE to get a Best Actor Nomination and should get the Oscar in my opinion. Better than we expected, loved it!

Wednesday, December 30, 05:40:41 PM

Powerful performance by Will Smith. The behind the scenes look at covering the interests of the NFL is convincing. The league will not want to be associated with this movie. Good film but will have a very limited audience base that would enjoy this topic.

Tuesday, December 29, 07:27:25 PM

Will Smith was phenomenal!! Enjoyed the storyline and the acting! Highly recommended

Tuesday, December 29, 06:07:02 PM

Brilliant. 5 stars. Will Smith was awesome. Wonderful script. Definitely makes one see the game of football differently.

Tuesday, December 29, 06:01:01 PM

Will Smith is exceptional.

Tuesday, December 29, 01:24:42 PM

I thought the movie was excellent. Will Smith was brilliant.

Tuesday, December 29, 11:30:16 AM

WOW... what a great movie and the casts were wonderful... Will Smith should get an Oscar nom for this one.

Sunday, December 27, 06:00:41 PM

Excellent movie. Very informative. Dr. Bennet Omalu is a hero, values lives instead of worshiping the almighty dollar. Shame on the NFL higher ups for sweeping this under the rug. Wonderful cast, Will, Alec, Gugu, David and Albert all put out great performances. Go see it, I want to see it again.

Sunday, December 27, 02:17:00 PM

Very good acting by Will Smith

Sunday, December 27, 02:09:12 PM

Love football but this movie brings to reality the ugly way corporations like the NFL care more about profits then the players. Will Smith really acted brilliantly, great job by all cast members.

Sunday, December 27, 01:14:51 AM

Great acting by Will. He deserves an Oscar at last. I loved when he declined Washington Job. Great movie

Saturday, December 26, 07:06:02 PM

wow must be a real shortage of scripts for a movie of the week to make it to the big screen

Saturday, December 26, 04:09:20 PM

Excellent movie. Wow, Will Smith sure has developed as an actor - he is great in this movie.

Saturday, December 26, 12:56:46 PM


Saturday, December 26, 11:56:14 AM

I like this kind of movie. Will Smith is excellent as Dr. Omalu. Great support cast also.

Saturday, December 26, 11:50:32 AM

Will Smith does it again with this amazing movie.

Saturday, December 26, 11:26:54 AM

Concussion was a good movie Will Smith did an outstanding job and I believe this is a film that most people will enjoy. Especially football fans and fans of the NFL. This movie was also very informative and brought light to key issues within the league.

Saturday, December 26, 11:21:50 AM

This is a very good movie. Will Smith did an excellent job.

Saturday, December 26, 11:19:10 AM

I liked this film a lot. It spoke the truth about traumatic brain injury in football players. Will Smith is wonderful in this part. It's a complex story and needs to be told.

Saturday, December 26, 11:06:43 AM

Concussion I would've never thought have made the nomination list will Smith is amazing and I'll say it again amazing this is a movie for the masses or anyone who likes football

Saturday, December 26, 10:58:36 AM

Outstanding! Smith's performance is Oscar worthy for best actor.

Thursday, December 24, 06:39:45 AM

Great movie! Great acting!

Tuesday, December 22, 06:02:24 PM

I have been to the Screening of Concussion and found the acting exceptional. The Story holds your attention all the way through. Might be Oscar material??