Wednesday, August 17, 11:41:04 AM

A beautifully animated film, with an interesting story, a relatable heroine and all in all, a great experience.

Thursday, July 14, 03:11:51 AM

This movie was perfect! The stop motion was beautiful, the story was flawless, and overall a magnificent film! I could go on and on, but no one has that time!

Sunday, November 1, 12:11:33 PM

Great film. Very creepy. My 5 year old daughter begged to see it and loved it. I'm sure she is an exception. I think we expect the bright and shiny to often from kids entertainment and program our kids to find anything as thought provoking as "bad film".

Friday, July 17, 07:04:40 PM

Great movie... I love it when it's creepy.

Thursday, June 25, 04:49:11 PM

I thought that the movie was brilliant. Also, I am reading all of his books because of this exposure to his style and ideas.

Tuesday, June 9, 07:56:35 AM


Sunday, April 12, 11:31:35 PM

I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would...

Monday, March 23, 05:20:58 PM


Tuesday, March 17, 04:41:05 PM

the movie is good but it isn't for young children under the age of 8 years old my brother was having night mares but he is only 6 years old! if you want your kid to watch the movie fine but i suggest their should be a parent or someone 16 and up!!!!! hope you enjoy this fantastic movie :D

Friday, March 13, 11:14:43 PM

I'm very surprised at the number of people who seem to be giving this movie a bad review because it is not suitable for their kids. It is no secret that this movie has mature themes and is not intended for young children. Animated does not equal kids movie. Parents are responsible for knowing what they are exposing their kids to. It's a brilliant movie, but it was not written for your young child.

Thursday, March 12, 11:50:45 PM

Good story but not very good movie. I hope the 3D version of movie is better.

Thursday, March 12, 02:11:43 PM


Monday, March 9, 12:27:36 AM

Worst kids movie I have ever seen.

Saturday, March 7, 04:55:18 PM

The button people are on the creepy side but awesome!!!

Friday, March 6, 09:22:32 PM

Boring movie

Thursday, March 5, 04:21:05 PM

The movie is ok but can't compare with Nightmare Before Christmas. This one is just creepy.

Monday, March 2, 07:16:31 PM

a great movie. the 3D was awsome! very well done, an instant classic. By the way it wasn't that creepy, unlike some of things kids get to see in other media and movie. Overall: loved it. If you liked the Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride this is right up your alley.

Sunday, March 1, 09:53:54 PM

Lots of action and Educational.

Sunday, March 1, 12:27:05 PM

its a good movie with actoins sceance horray for the direstore

Sunday, March 1, 01:16:11 AM

an adult's animated film. LOVED IT!

Saturday, February 28, 07:12:51 PM

Creepy movie,but good storyline.

Friday, February 27, 11:38:55 PM

The feeling was a little more lighter and fun than the book... The trailers made it look absolutely horrendously butchered, but, thankfully, you can still feel that creepy, surreal tone in some parts. I would still much rather read the book, but the stop-motion animation has a really cool look to it. Modern day Alice in Wonderland, fer the win~.

Friday, February 27, 09:45:01 AM

it's cool

Friday, February 20, 08:31:46 PM

very good but may contain mature scene(s)

Thursday, February 19, 12:12:50 PM

horrible movie, not a "fun" movie at all. very depressing and disturbing for children.

Sunday, February 15, 08:20:57 PM

We went as a family of 5 , for the most part, it was dark, different . We did not like it at all. For sure not a movie for children or a family outing.

Saturday, February 14, 09:08:41 PM

Brilliant! Perhaps not for a 5 year old, but it is rated PG, not G. Less creepy than the book, but brilliant just the same.

Saturday, February 14, 05:59:07 PM

i kind of liked it but my sister is 14 and she cryed lol it was so funny!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 05:57:04 PM

i loved this movie it was awesome and it is in 3D i want no see it again and again!!

Saturday, February 14, 12:10:39 PM

this is an amazingly animated movie but is not for younger childeren

Saturday, February 14, 09:27:59 AM

Great movie, I can understand people not wanting to bring their kids though

Friday, February 13, 10:17:00 PM


Thursday, February 12, 04:56:58 PM

very scary ,my 5 yrs old son cried and couldn't finish watching

Thursday, February 12, 10:16:18 AM

Very scary, ****not for kids****, My 6 years old son was scared to death

Wednesday, February 11, 08:55:47 PM

the best. just like the book

Tuesday, February 10, 08:45:28 AM

Parents please make sure your kids have read the book so they know what they are getting into...much more creepy than the book. Visually stunning, excellent animation!!!

Saturday, February 7, 03:50:53 PM

I LOve this show!

Friday, February 6, 06:57:01 PM

this movie is confusing

Friday, February 6, 04:53:52 PM

it was GREAT!

Friday, February 6, 11:34:19 AM

Keith David was the only good part of the film