Friday, July 19, 07:27:15 PM

It was really good pertaining to the dialogue and having its jump scares and maybe it’s only because I’m afraid of alligators, but I really liked it, It’s just like Lake placid mixed with Sharknado but without the flying sharks/gators.

Friday, July 19, 06:22:38 PM

What a waste of my time. I walked out because I could not take the stupidity of it all. I guess the other viewers must of seen a different version then I did!

Friday, July 19, 03:49:13 PM

Fun summertime movie. Scary, but more like Jurassic Park or Jaws type scary, not trippy horror film scary. Some gore as you'd expect, but the film makers didn't dwell on doing extended drawn-out sequences of people getting attacked. Bloody for sure (you get the point of what's happening), but not gratuitous. I was actually a bit surprised at this given how the movie's director put so much violence and gore in his previous movies. As with other movies of this genre, there are a few points where you say to yourself "wait a minute...", but as long as you overlook the minor flaws you should have a good time.

Thursday, July 18, 07:09:25 PM

Really scary, good, jaw the jaws of alligators! If you like horror sci fi, it's good. Not for kids or weak hearted.

Wednesday, July 17, 11:38:17 PM

Great horror film without gratuitous violence. Just a daughter and a father trying to survive a hurricane and an onslaught of voracious alligators. Sam Raiimi made it work! Original, well acted and directed! Thrilling and captivating. Ignore the negative review below. Think "Jaws" on steroids! 5 f**king stars all the way

Sunday, July 14, 08:08:52 PM

Loved it, going for a 2nd viewing with my wife tomorrow. Very entertaining and I really liked the characters. And of course it won't win any academy awards. But the really good movies never do.

Sunday, July 14, 06:18:54 PM

It was one of the best if it’s kind. Kept you on the edge of your seat. Action from start to finish.

Sunday, July 14, 05:55:14 PM

Couldn't wait. For it to get OVER!,

Sunday, July 14, 05:20:05 PM

Not a bad flick for some creepy crawly thrills . It uses every fear to make you jump except maybe heights ,midgets and antique furniture . It wont be winning an Academy award anytime soon but it's a good popcorn flick .

Saturday, July 13, 08:45:09 PM

Really good movie.

Friday, July 12, 01:28:28 AM

Very entertaining, especially the last hour!