Friday, February 28, 02:43:23 PM

This is a must see movie! Justice Thomas' life story is truly amazing and his courage and fortitude really stand out! He tells the story himself, with some thoughts from his wife, Virginia. You will NOT be disappointed and you may learn something! I saw it with my husband, then again with my mother, and will be taking my 18 year old grandson next week.

Saturday, February 22, 01:19:23 AM

Incredible story of a man that truly overcame all odds by the grace of God to become one of the most important people in our country. Justice Thomas and his family have really been through so much, and he has stood firm in his faith in what is right. His Grandfather would be proud. Everyone should see this documentary.I loved it.

Friday, February 7, 01:59:30 PM

This best movie I’ve seen in years. This is an incredible story. Told from a first person perspective it is powerful in it’s visual, historical and emotional aspects but most of all it’s inspirational.

Thursday, January 30, 11:29:34 PM

Saw a prescreening. This movie thunders through your soul. Clarence Thomas is a Titan.