Friday, December 8, 06:15:48 AM

Another loser from Del Toro, whose films are visually lush but narratively too spare and unsatisfying. No real suspense or surprise here. No scares, and no edge. As always, Del Toro is in love with the reflection of what he envisions, and attacks everything from the wrong angle. A completely unsatisfying movie. Watch a Val Lewton picture instead.

Sunday, February 14, 10:48:51 PM

Always love something with a historical time period and this is very much a ghostly horror with a different twist and not something you will see much of again.

Sunday, February 14, 05:08:16 PM

i gave it a 1 simply because there isnt a 0 to choose

Wednesday, November 11, 02:37:23 PM

Very cheesy over sold not scary to say the least

Saturday, November 7, 09:36:24 PM

Wrong classification. More fantasy than horror. Acting good, storey line not great. Go if you have nothing better to do.

Thursday, November 5, 06:56:51 PM

Complete waste of time

Wednesday, November 4, 10:26:09 PM

Creepy. Not scary, but the content is disturbing, I don't recommend.

Monday, November 2, 01:05:18 PM

I went in with zero knowledge or expectations. It was nice to see Kingston ON (my home town) had a scene or two in the movie. It was too ambitious of a film. Obviously Del Toro is trying to branch out and try something new, but add more scary in your horror film, please! I was so bored. It should have just been a murder mystery.

Monday, October 26, 05:31:04 PM


Monday, October 26, 04:54:29 PM

A little long and drawn out but the old mansion and 1800's clothing and acting was kinda cool.

Monday, October 26, 11:40:22 AM

Lovely thriller with some horror elements, for horror movie lovers I am afraid it won't be scary enough, but others will enjoy it. I give it 5.

Sunday, October 25, 09:24:33 PM

Great actors that were stars in other shows, but as far as being scary definitely not, long and boring, then they stick a few scenes with a phantom ghost in it here and there, just rent it or down load it if your curious not worth price of admission !

Sunday, October 25, 10:27:12 AM

Great horror flick, well done! Will keep you on edge of seat. Also look for the parts shot at Casa Loma in Toronto.

Saturday, October 24, 10:02:57 PM

Liked the actors. It was to bad they had a horrible script. It reminded me of the cheesy Gothic Romance novels I used to read when I was 10. However they never turned into Jason vs. Freddy trying to get the cheap thrill in at the end. That was the real horror of it all.

Friday, October 23, 01:36:09 PM

This movie was terrible. I think the people that gave this movie 5 starts must have meant to click on another movie like the martian and accidentally left their reviews for this one.

Friday, October 23, 11:11:58 AM

Possibly the WORST film ever made - it was RIDICULOUSLY BAD!!! Bob K.

Friday, October 23, 10:46:02 AM

hated it. Opening my credit card bill this month was scarier than this movie. Acting was good. Dialogue terrible. They had great actors and made them say the most ridiculous things. While watching the movie I imagined Jessica Chastain sitting in her trailer shaking her head at some of the lines they were making her say. I feel some of those good reviews are from the distributor trying to trick people into going. or relatives of people involved with the movie. Seriously people laughed at how ridiculous some parts were.

Wednesday, October 21, 03:28:40 PM

Amazing ! Tom Hiddleston is a great Actor. Great movie.

Wednesday, October 21, 03:03:19 PM

I liked it, it wasn't as scary as I thought. The acting was very good, it was a bit slow some parts, at the end it was quite exciting. The house itself was quite amazing to look at.

Monday, October 19, 08:24:49 PM

I love it best movie ever

Monday, October 19, 12:28:53 PM

Del Toro did not disappoint. Rich graphic details such as lighting shining directly through the broken roof, past the falling leaves to pile of snow below help immerse audience in the beautiful 19th century Gothic, dark romance thriller. It's not a horror movie, but more like a movie with ghosts. I recommend it if you can stand the jump scare and ugly looking apparition

Saturday, October 17, 03:12:53 PM

Thriller/Romance/Tragedy is what I would sum up this movie. A love story with sorrow and there just happens to be ghosts. Actors where good for there parts and believable. Setting in old England in a Gothic style castle was hauntingly beautiful. Effects were not over the top. It was a very good movie to get lost in.

Saturday, October 17, 10:26:37 AM

Great direction. Great acting. Loved it.

Friday, October 16, 11:02:14 PM

Made me jump a few times :) pretty good movie

Friday, October 16, 06:37:40 PM

Crimson Peak is good movie.

Thursday, October 15, 10:11:05 AM

This movie was bone chilling and gripping. The direction was spectacular. Jessica Chastain's performance was particularly moving. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good scare.

Thursday, October 15, 12:12:08 AM

Loved it!! Super creepy and good story line. Charlie Hunnam was sexy as usual!!