Sunday, June 20, 11:46:49 AM

Boycott Anything Disney.

Saturday, June 19, 01:33:21 AM

It needed more gravy

Friday, June 18, 02:21:07 PM

nice photography fast paced cut through the crap entertaining and good acting one small section sort of reminded me of the devil wears prada. but otherwise was pretty original.

Sunday, June 6, 11:15:06 AM

The movie flowed well and for it being a fairly long movie did not notice the time. The initial trailers do not give this movie was great to watch and no F bombs used or needed for that matter.

Tuesday, June 1, 09:08:19 PM

I didnt eat popcorn my mom didnt let me

Tuesday, June 1, 01:00:53 PM

I was mesmerized to see both of them interact with each other and was wanting more and more. Without giving the ending away how bad is evil ? Wicked fun to watch, loved the soundtrack but didnt need it so much as the movie flowed and was well produced. Way to go ! Loved Wink !

Tuesday, June 1, 03:09:53 AM

it was a very intriguing and interesting movie, my friends and I went together to go watch it and we all enjoyed it. (13-16). i liked that it gave a lot of storyline and drama.

Sunday, May 30, 02:36:02 PM

Terrible, theatrical overacting, unlikable bi*ch as a main character, nonsensical motivation for "poor victim" getting evil... Stop these villains-redeeming movies already. Noone wants to feel sympathy for a narcissistic sociopath who wants to skin dogs. Also, this movie is not for kids!

Friday, May 28, 09:20:33 AM

EMMA STONE WAS AT HER BEST IN ACTING. However the movie itself was not Disney's best work. I liked Glen Close as Cruella Deville and the Dalmatians much more. EMMA THOMPSON ALSO GAVE A GOOD PERFORMANCE.