Tuesday, September 22, 02:11:21 PM

You got the genre wrong. It´s porn. BTW the movie is just the tip of the iceberg, I bet the footage of 600+ little girls twerking and doing other disgusting things during the casting are already on the darkweb. The degeneracy of the western civilization is unbelievable.

Wednesday, September 16, 10:44:23 AM

They take little girls and have them act out what strippers/porn stars do. One of the little girls even watches a porn movie to get ideas on what to incorporate into their dance. They don't have a dance instructor, they don't take lessons, they just grind and suck their fingers. It should be removed from Netflix, and any adults who had anything to do with getting these young actors to wear skimpy clothing and move around like this should be ashamed. Most of all, their parents.