Sunday, February 21, 07:33:26 PM

An excellent movie based on historical facts and the Holocaust that Serbs and Jews went through during World War II. Unfortunately, it is not possible to describe the horrors of Jasenovac that were committed by Croats in just one movie. One devastating fact is that Croats were the only ones to have a concentration camp for kids during World War II.

Sunday, February 21, 07:29:29 PM

1940s Croatia, 10-year-old Serbian girl Dara is sent with her mother and siblings to the concentration camp complex known as Jasenovac, the operational death camp during World War II created by the Croatian ustasha tasked with murdering Serbs, Jews and Roma people. As unspeakable atrocities unfold all around her, young Dara must summon tremendous courage to protect her infant brother from a terrible fate, to safeguard her own survival and to plot a precarious path toward freedom. Based on historical, documented events. Great movie!

Sunday, February 21, 07:10:18 PM

Finally after 80 years, a film was made showing only a small part of the suffering of Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia during the Second World War. From the brutality of true events unknown to the normal human mind, the director had to make a film that could be watched. This film actually alleviated the horrors that were happening in Jasenovac. A film that leaves a deep mark on the viewer.

Sunday, February 21, 05:00:01 PM

propaganda. Bad and logically cheap.

Saturday, February 20, 02:55:19 AM

True and hidden history for so many decades. Due to strong roots with ortodox faith and consequently with feelings of freedom, Serbs are often victims and subject to terror of countries that want to dominate thw Balkan region. Attrocities during Turkish occupation since 1452, WW1 against Austro-Hungaian Kingdom and Bulgaria, WW2 against Nazi Germans and their puppets Ustashe Croats. Not to mention unlawfull agression of NATO during 1999. Film shows small but strong and truthful scene from masacre camps led by Ustashe (99% Croats) as part of their WW2 genocide agenda: 1/3 to be rebaptized from Ortodox to Romecatholic faith (over 100 priests actively took part in this sad and antichristian activity), 1/3 to be deported from Ustashe Croatia (etnic cleansic really finished in summer 1995 when 250k Serbs were forcibly expeled from Croatia !!) and 1/3 to be exterminated. Very good movie production, also acting and scenes that will be remembered for long time. Waiting to see next poduction with similiar subject to fully unmask Ustache movement and put light on real Croats history, still not verdicted by history and court.

Monday, February 15, 01:28:15 AM

So grateful to see this story told. Previous efforts to hide or diminish the horrors of Jasenovac have prevented broader dissemination of this story. I hope, despite the "Jasenovac deniers," that more people will be moved to research the topic and see the film.

Saturday, February 13, 11:19:26 PM

First movie about horror of Nazi Croatian concentration camp Jasenovac where Serbs, Jews, and Roma were tortured and killed. POV 10 year old girl #Daraofjasenovac. Excellent movie, please bring lots of tissues!

Thursday, February 11, 02:25:19 PM

Very realistic

Wednesday, February 10, 02:51:11 PM

How can people be so cruel? How can they desend so low? Those who deny this genocide should be ashamed.

Tuesday, February 9, 01:41:59 AM

Excellent movie, comparable to Pasolini Salo, but more brutal. Tells a true story about hidden part of Holocaust, which appalled even the SS.

Monday, February 8, 02:29:45 PM

Felt urge to leave at some scenes but the concern for the fate of children kept me through whole thing. Never heard of Jasenovac before. Later did a research on Croatia of World war 2. Removed Croatia from places I want to visit.

Sunday, February 7, 02:39:07 AM

Magnificent cinematography, great acting and heavy subject. Holocaust like never seen before. Every detail of the movie is based on hard historical evidence - the levels of depravity humanity has never seen. More groundbreaking than Pasolinis Salo, powerful condemnation of Croatian Church complicity.

Saturday, February 6, 06:28:36 PM

Very sad movie 😭🥺, movie is based on true story, about children and families !!! All victims is someone’s brother or sister or mom and pap ... I don’t care who’s is Croatian or Serbian or you are form Madagascar ! A lot of lives are lost !!! No one deserves to die ! This is untold story about all victims !

Friday, February 5, 01:44:31 PM

Propaganda. Blatant one.

Friday, February 5, 12:57:24 PM


Tuesday, February 2, 10:53:24 PM

A very sad and shocking ... Painful... If you are looking for a repeat cry then this is the one... Really heartbreaking!