Tuesday, September 25, 07:40:31 PM

riveting and entertaining. shows the true courage that hides within all of us in our "darkest hours" bravo!!!

Saturday, March 24, 03:42:40 PM

Mostly speeches in this BORING film. Save yourself the $$ and go to a series of grad ceremonies or watch parliament in session. SNOOZE zzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday, March 2, 08:15:54 AM

Expected a little boring BUT found exceptionally well done. It showed a man in history that was steadfast as well as sensitive. From other movies I've seen this year the Oscar should definitely go to Darkest Hour & Gary Oldham. England was very fortunate to have him. It's a fact I wish today our country had someone like Churchill to fully trust, support and respect.

Thursday, March 1, 08:16:44 PM

Great movie

Friday, February 23, 08:40:38 AM

Realism, excellent acting, excellent production design and costuming. Very, very honest. Best movie of this year so far.

Thursday, February 22, 05:24:11 PM

Fabulous movie. Shows Churchill's struggle with decisions that needed to be made in Britain's involvement in World War 2. Shows his human side and his greatness, NOT an easy thing to portray. The movie is beautifully shot, makes you feel as if you could be a part of that time.

Tuesday, February 20, 12:32:06 AM

Excellent movie! Loved it.

Saturday, February 17, 02:04:12 PM

I have always considered citizens of the UK as a back-boned race of people. Winston Churchill absolutely embodied this trait. I do not agree with another reviewer who said, "...sad that the movie reduced a lion to a blathering, indecisive, sad old man." He had to appear as a lion for the sake of his people; in private, he had self-doubts as we all do. Good film!

Friday, February 16, 03:34:10 PM

Historically accurate except for the subway scene.

Thursday, February 15, 06:15:26 AM

Great movie.

Wednesday, February 14, 09:18:58 PM

Oldham's performance was varied. Unfortunately his accent was inconsistent and in a number of places sounded like a cockney trying but failing to sound posh. It often felt as though the whole movie was an excuse to reproduce some of Churchill's famous quotes. Nevertheless, the setting and some of the drama make it worth watching.

Tuesday, February 13, 07:20:31 PM

Sorry. I said very well indeed and then gave only one star. I mistook the one star for being the highest rank.

Tuesday, February 13, 10:58:44 AM

Excellent movie. Gary Oldham was absolutely outstanding and should get an AA for best actor. I am not sure the subway scene actually happened but it did illustrate the British people's resolve to destroy Hitler and Naziism.

Monday, February 12, 07:12:42 PM

Very well done, indeed.

Sunday, February 11, 04:42:25 PM

The former history teacher who posted below is either a tad ill informed or possessed. The portrayal of Churchill was spot on and the times, and the rapid time line did occur as revealed. Thank the stars we did no have a Lord Halifax as the PM, it would of ended very badly indeed.

Sunday, February 11, 04:39:44 PM

I remember Churchill, sorry for revealing my age. and for a moment or two, I thought perhaps, this was actual footage of the man. Those were difficult times, and the world is beholding to the man who knew to call a spade a spade. very good movie, as the six oscar nods will tell you.

Saturday, February 10, 10:44:55 PM

Refreshing viewpoint, outstanding acting.

Saturday, February 10, 04:01:04 PM

Very disappointing

Thursday, February 8, 11:10:51 AM

We were disappointed in this movie because the entire family is from the UK and we are are Churchill fans. We would not recommend this movie.

Monday, February 5, 07:27:34 PM

Well Done.

Monday, February 5, 07:26:41 PM

This is what movies are supposed to be like. Up for many academy awards. Good story, and educational. Not an Oldman fan, but he nailed the portrayal.

Sunday, February 4, 06:21:24 PM

We went to the theater and we didn't like it. After one day we saw it on Pay Per View on Bell Fibe so please don't waste your money on this movie.

Thursday, February 1, 04:29:49 PM

Just another bad movie, perfectly inaccurate from a history perspective. I am sorry I gave it a try.

Thursday, February 1, 03:14:59 PM

Well done, and well told. Gary Oldman nominated for Best Actor , and darkest Hour up for Best Picture. Winston was a rascal, and this movie captured that beautifully.

Monday, January 29, 04:25:18 PM

Churchill didn’t need to take the subway for inspiration. Sad how they reduced a lion to a blathering indecisive sad old man. Gary Oldman is treffic, the costumes and setting were outstanding. The writing was awful.

Sunday, January 28, 09:30:32 PM

Terrific acting by Gary Oldman. Sets looked straight out of wartime London. Riveting movie except one slow area about 2/3 through. RAN

Saturday, January 27, 11:05:11 AM

Excellent in all areas. This is an Academy Award Winner. Reality of human spirit. Oh, that Hollywood produced more serious films rated just as this not punctuated w profanity, but strong storyline that pulls the viewer into the screen to feel they are there with actors!!!! More movies w this rating and this depth.

Friday, January 26, 12:47:22 AM

Excellent...a profile in courage!

Thursday, January 25, 10:03:36 PM

As a former history teacher, I have to give it an F. As a historical fiction movie, it's at least 75% fiction. The idea that Churchill wavered and seemed to have considered a treaty with Hitler and that he jotted down the ideas for his greatest speech on a subway trip to Parliament (one which he never took) are ridiculous. Gary Oldman did a great job portraying a bumbling professor! I had to give the movie one star, because I wasn't given to option of going lower.

Thursday, January 25, 05:26:02 PM

Except for one scene, absolutely historically correct! (So much for the fools who say otherwise. Study your history!) Superb acting and cinematography.

Thursday, January 25, 12:42:13 AM

25% of the reviews are 1 star and most of those "reviews" seem to emanate from one small-minded, obtuse individual who has a hate one for WC. Disregard his childish bias and this movie would average 4.5 stars. I consider this movie to a dramatic enactment, not a historical movie. As a drama, it is top notch and suspenseful. with Gary Oldman giving the performance of his life. I enjoyed this movie as I did Dunkirk but for different reasons. The plot is the characters, the characters are the plot.

Wednesday, January 24, 05:41:31 PM

The worst film I have seen in a year. We do not need more films like this. Gary Oldman was horrible and I was not impressed with the entire cast. I had to drive for over an hour to see this film since our local galaxy theatre does not seem to be showing it. What a waste of time. Few more movies like this and I will start reading more books.

Tuesday, January 23, 12:58:19 PM

Excellent movie! My husband and I really enjoyed this movie......

Tuesday, January 23, 06:32:34 AM

Imaginary facts being passed as history it’s insulting to the audience

Tuesday, January 23, 06:31:09 AM

Just bad acting with a hint of unintended comedy

Sunday, January 21, 03:42:13 PM

As a retort about the history teachers' review that Churchill never considered peace talks is incorrect since that pre war fact is still a secret in the countries historical files. What are our children being taught in school these day ?

Sunday, January 21, 03:24:00 PM

The acting in the movie was surpurb. Given the fact there there may have been extension of reality, it provides a premise as to what could have changed history. We need the boldness in our leaders today. Those who rated it with one star should have been there.

Sunday, January 21, 02:28:07 PM

Best movie I have seen in years!

Friday, January 19, 11:39:42 PM

Fantastic! I really enjoyed this movie. History fan.

Thursday, January 18, 07:43:06 AM

Stay away