Wednesday, January 24, 12:29:46 AM

Visually disappointed ??

Wednesday, January 24, 12:29:12 AM

People were leaving so the theatre was empty by the time I woke up.

Wednesday, January 24, 12:28:14 AM

Not even DVD quality

Tuesday, January 23, 12:58:19 PM

Excellent movie! My husband and I really enjoyed this movie......

Tuesday, January 23, 06:32:34 AM

Imaginary facts being passed as history it’s insulting to the audience

Tuesday, January 23, 06:31:09 AM

Just bad acting with a hint of unintended comedy

Sunday, January 21, 03:42:13 PM

As a retort about the history teachers' review that Churchill never considered peace talks is incorrect since that pre war fact is still a secret in the countries historical files. What are our children being taught in school these day ?

Sunday, January 21, 03:24:00 PM

The acting in the movie was surpurb. Given the fact there there may have been extension of reality, it provides a premise as to what could have changed history. We need the boldness in our leaders today. Those who rated it with one star should have been there.

Sunday, January 21, 02:28:07 PM

Best movie I have seen in years!

Friday, January 19, 11:39:42 PM

Fantastic! I really enjoyed this movie. History fan.

Thursday, January 18, 07:43:06 AM

Stay away

Thursday, January 18, 07:42:57 AM

A not so good movie

Thursday, January 18, 07:42:32 AM

Not worth the time let alone the money

Thursday, January 18, 07:42:00 AM

As a former history teacher, I have to give it an F. As a historical fiction movie, it's at least 75% fiction. The idea that Churchill wavered and seemed to have considered a treaty with Hitler and that he jotted down the ideas for his greatest speech on a subway trip to Parliament (one which he never took) are ridiculous. Gary Oldman did a great job portraying a bumbling professor! I had to give the movie one star, because I wasn't given to option of going lower.

Thursday, January 18, 07:39:15 AM

Pretty predictable crappy stuff. I am pretty tired of national hero typical kind of character. Getting to feel pretty much the same about Gary Oldman. Go to a matinee or wait for the rental, but don't pay full price unless you have nothing better to do.

Thursday, January 18, 07:36:22 AM

Could have been so much more with the talented cast. Underdeveloped dialogue and characters. Waste of time and money

Monday, January 15, 09:42:39 AM

Is there an echo in here? No, it's one idiot repeating the same complaints over and over in multiple bad reviews. No need to repeat yourself ad nauseam. You don't like Churchill, we get it.

Monday, January 15, 01:30:28 AM

It should be illegal to lie to people like they do it in this movie

Monday, January 15, 01:28:02 AM

This guy was a mass murderer but they didn’t mention it in this movie

Sunday, January 14, 09:18:15 PM

Excellent movie. If you saw the movie “Dunkirk” and was disappointed, like I was, you’ll love this movie. Oldman should win an Oscar. Fantastic! Excellent acting.

Sunday, January 14, 01:29:47 PM

Good lesson in history and how close the world came to becoming Hitler's dream.

Sunday, January 14, 12:14:39 AM

Idiots below with one star are all jdoperdenocrats. Churchill, Eisenhower, Roosevelt were high powered do it Men. And they had very bad language about Shithole Concentration camps in side Germany and Poland. These idiots below definitely would not be here if not our great grandfathers gave their life and the still survivors. See the idiots today from their parents all doped on Weedand Needto be Drafted. Truth movie

Sunday, January 14, 12:09:34 AM

The way it was and had to be.

Friday, January 12, 05:10:00 PM


Friday, January 12, 05:09:29 PM

I have a had time deciding which movie was the worst of the year: this one or Blade Runner

Friday, January 12, 09:36:15 AM

Terrific multifaceted characterization. Strong suspense in complex siruation. Striking visual patterns to underscore dramatic moments. Beautifully executed.

Friday, January 12, 06:50:57 AM

This is a good movie. Educational, intriguing, and you know the good guys win. I loved it.

Thursday, January 11, 10:42:42 AM

Excellent movie, gripping performances. Read the book as well, I believe this movie to be a very accurate account of what took place during those horrendous days.

Wednesday, January 10, 10:19:10 AM

Gary Oldman's performance was over the top. The Acacemy Award for male lead actor can be awarded right now. A great depiction of the complexities of governing and decision-making in the face of war/destruction. A dramatic presentation of bravery in the face of utter destrction. I give it five stars for its honesty and its dramaic suspense. Even though we know the outcome, it keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Wednesday, January 10, 09:01:51 AM

Loved it. Will watch it again.

Tuesday, January 9, 11:05:00 PM

Both accurate and entertaining, Gary Oldman did a fantastic job playing the role of Churchill.

Monday, January 8, 08:09:12 PM

Crap, stay away

Monday, January 8, 06:56:25 AM

I found the movie very boring. If you're a big Churchill buff, then go see it.

Saturday, January 6, 04:14:58 AM

Well done old chap. I shudder to think how Britain would face the same war with today's inhabitants.

Saturday, January 6, 12:49:47 AM


Friday, January 5, 08:18:05 PM

A stupid and historically inaccurate movie about Churchill, one of the biggest scumbags ever born in Britain that sold Eastern Europe to the biggest scumbag ever born in Europe: Stalin.

Friday, January 5, 08:15:31 PM

Bsd scting no plot

Friday, January 5, 05:40:34 PM

Do we really need another movie about this mass murdering sociopath? A story of a man who stood up to hitler yes, but also engineered the mass murder through starvation of 3 million Bengali citizens. Its on record that Churchill referred to the Bengalis as 'dirty beasts' and didn't give a care for them. He diverted much needed food grains away from the Bengali people and instead used it for his troops even though his troops already had enough to eat.

Thursday, January 4, 05:09:34 PM

As King George said, "Beat the buggers". I loved it. The story of a man who stood up to Hitler! I loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, January 3, 10:01:15 PM

Great subject, well acted, gripping. Gary Oldman was terrific.