Thursday, December 15, 10:44:58 PM

Many people fell asleep. It's not worth your money. No story line and it's all over the place

Sunday, December 11, 07:39:17 AM

There isn't just enough content for such a long movie. Story line is really boring.and at times irritating.

Thursday, December 1, 06:31:54 PM

Amazing movie...a must watch for sure!!

Saturday, November 26, 09:05:01 PM

It's teaches you good listen

Thursday, November 24, 11:38:18 AM

Nice movie for all ages!

Wednesday, November 23, 06:23:22 PM

Such a breezy fun entertaining movie! Love Shah Rukh Khan!

Wednesday, November 23, 04:07:45 PM

What a nice movie!

Monday, November 21, 11:15:00 AM

A beautiful movie! SRK AND Alia both rocked it!!