Thursday, June 6, 01:10:54 AM

I ENJOYED the WHOLE movie/DOCUMENTARY. I feel Dinesh did a very good job in putting this documentary together. His wife Debbie did a beautiful job on the song she sang (I can’t think of the title). I enjoyed it so much that I saw it twice. I am looking for a couple copies to purchase so I can share one with a friend in California. I hope there’s a Part 2... Is there a Part 2 Dinesh?!

Wednesday, March 20, 12:17:09 PM

I'm an older school Republican and I advise that you find another film or documentary and ignore "Death of A Nation". It was a distorted, sloppily slapped together view of American history.

Monday, December 17, 06:18:42 PM

Im an Independent. Have voted for both major parties the better part of my life. 8 have to say its obvious the people rating this documentary a 1 are extreme leftist and Democrats. Its really difficult to learn the truth and admit how you have been brainwashed all your life. So stay the course. Stay ignorant and claim there are no facts while not citing any real opposing specific arguments and facts to the contrary. Its actually amusing to read the 1 raters.

Thursday, October 18, 02:00:00 PM

This movie EXPOSES a hundred year of lies from the REAL RACIAST!!!! A must see movie!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 04:44:13 PM

Boring pukefest, devoid of historical facts and thoroughly, shamefully invented piffle. AVOID !

Friday, October 5, 09:51:43 PM

Ridiculous attempt to convince the nation that the office of the presidency is being occupied by a True Leader and a legitimate president. The current occupant is unfit, unqualified, and mentally unstable. God Help America.

Wednesday, October 3, 11:57:46 AM

Best of all his movies.

Tuesday, October 2, 07:25:10 PM

This is a 'must-view' for those that don't follow history or politics; this documentary is based on historical fact and written record. Those who give it 1 Star are simply ignorant of history, steeped in stubborn denial of reality, or both...

Friday, September 28, 12:39:31 AM

Its a must for every one to watch this movie. Time to wake up. TRUTH. HISTORY. PERIOD.

Wednesday, September 26, 10:47:26 AM

Pure garbage. What a crock-u-mentary. History made-to-order by those who cannot accept the side they are CURRENTLY on... the wrong side.

Monday, September 24, 09:37:15 PM

Absurd twisting of the truth. Propaganda

Tuesday, September 18, 10:00:19 AM

A great movie and even better depiction of true history.

Friday, September 14, 01:16:02 PM

Twisting of truth and perversion of the facts. What will D'Sleazy do next ? Whatever it is, rest assured it will be more of the same.

Thursday, September 13, 08:09:58 PM

Tell history as it happened, those who dont believe it can always do their research.

Tuesday, September 11, 01:17:39 PM


Sunday, September 9, 02:29:46 PM

A movie for Trump sycophants only. The write/director Dinesh D'Souza is a convicted felon and pardoned by Trump for making illegal campaign donations do naturally he's going to sing praise to Trump. Hence this non-factual, non-historic garbage. However if you're in need of a great laugh this movie will provide it!

Saturday, September 8, 03:49:00 PM

A GREAT movie and good history if people want to learn the true history. I find it interesting that all the bad reviews are listed first on here, hmmm I'm sure that is planned to tear down the movie!

Friday, September 7, 06:51:54 PM

Total garbage.

Friday, September 7, 01:58:25 PM

Trump is ruining our once great nation, and it will lead to war and our countrys' downfall. He and his supporters either cannot see this or they are insane. Dinesh needs to learn how to actually make a logical and entertaining documentary, instead of these namby-pamby docudramas.

Friday, September 7, 01:54:50 PM

Slowly moving and totally different than the real history books. We didn't care for it.

Friday, September 7, 09:41:45 AM

Trump is saving our great nation, and it drives many leftist insane. Another WIN by Dinesh.

Friday, September 7, 09:06:04 AM

Like the primitive culture from within the far right of the Republican party, who, if they could, would toss virgins down the maws of active volcanos, this movie is insane. The only thing that should be pushed into the volcano is this moronic and ignominious movie. #deathofaMovie.

Friday, September 7, 08:58:12 AM

It's interesting there are so many 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews. The true test of a documentary is how it acknowledges the historical base of facts as we know it. This documentary goes way oot on a limb (all by itself) to say that trump is the second coming of Abe Lincoln. "Death of Nation" seems like propaganda strategy of divide and then conquer. I'm an OLD school Republican so advise that you find another film or documentary and ignore "Death of A Nation". It was a distorted view of American history.

Friday, September 7, 08:17:58 AM

One word sums up this docudrama : TWADDLE .

Friday, September 7, 08:15:44 AM

The five star reviews here are laughable. Low IQ people who don't know anything else but drinking their flavor-aid & following fox snooze on tv. True sheeple they be. Watch their Flump flip flop in the Weiß haus. #JumpInaLakeofScheisseUNazis

Thursday, September 6, 02:21:48 PM

Amazing truth - most people just opt to jump on the bandwagon - they don't do ANY research of their own - just fall into place like sheep and bad mouth an amazing piece of research and work. These are the same people/sheep that are plugged into the matrix with all their electronic gear and cell phones and only believe what they are told to believe by the MSM, Facebook, Google, etc. It takes self-confidence to ask critical questions of ANY organization political and religious. The worst kind of citizen to the liberal progressive left in one who ASKS QUESTIONS without passively falling into place. Please please wake up people and #Walkaway.

Thursday, September 6, 02:11:43 PM

This. Is history anyone over fifty knows this, liberals have done everything to change history. Democrats are notorious liars since Billy Clinton but we're the same party prior to the civil war.

Thursday, September 6, 01:52:37 PM

Dinesh D'Souza needed more money... your money, to be exact. Well, at least those gullible enough to fork it over. So how best to get it from you? Why another chintzy pseudo-documentary. Remember, this is the very same D'Souza who penned that since slavery was widespread throughout the world it was not a western world practice nor racist. Let that sink in. Owning slaves according to D'Souza is NOT racist. It's a true shame that the Conservative movement has fallen this far with only a few Republican souls standing up to the mess created since the Electoral College victory by DJT. Did I pay money to see this film? Nope, was able to get in free, although it did burn some of a gift certificate I received as a birthday present. For that I am sad because, as a documentary/docudrama, “Death of a Nation” is odious fecal tommyrot.

Thursday, September 6, 12:53:35 PM

Terrible documentary with very little accurate history.

Thursday, September 6, 09:50:34 AM

The short book on the film maker, Dinesh D'souza: In 2012 he resigned his position at tiny King's College (a christian school), after he was seen by witnesses in a hotel with a female who was not his wife. In 2017 he continued his decade long string of conspiratorial remarks by stating that a white nationalist rally in the city of Charlottesville had been “staged”. He also had to be booted off the speakers list at the CONSERVATIVE Political Action Conference for making incendiary comments when on multiple occasions he mocked the shooting survivors of the Parkland Florida school. These are only a miniscule portion of the wrongs, illogical statements, absurd generalizations and other things regarding Mr. D'Souza. His latest “documentary”, though I can hardly dignify it with that descriptor, is a shambled mess of fabricated and or slanted history. His faithful will love it but they are willing to set aside things like actual factual details. So if you are a Dinesh fan, have at it. As for me, a lifelong REAL Republican, I prefer not to be duped.

Thursday, September 6, 09:33:56 AM

PROPAGANDA. I’m ashamed the movie house in my neighborhood showed this pathetic documentary. It's probably why there were over a HUNDRED EMPTY SEATS and only 4 people were in the theater to see it... and I was one of those.

Thursday, September 6, 09:17:59 AM

Absurdly deformed view of American history.

Thursday, September 6, 08:41:23 AM

I love, love, LOVE going to the circus ! And this was the best one EVER ! Okay, well, so WHAT if the event was designed to horrify the crowd with grotesquely painted clowns, orange presidents, grunting animals, and cheesy popcorn that stains teeth the color of umm, presidents. The white house tour was extra special even though it's known worldwide to be an advanced technique of torture for those who are afraid of clowns.... and did i mention presidents. Yes folks, the circus (in the form of a film called "Death of the Viewers, err, Nation" ) has come to town to terrify you with their clowns, to entrap you inside their huge striped tent and to maul you with their mindless midgets. Though it was probably unintentional....what a hilarious movie! Totally enjoyed

Thursday, September 6, 06:49:39 AM


Thursday, September 6, 06:25:50 AM

The sheer constant praising of the prez within this documentary must have been like a porn star wet dream to donald hump when he saw it. Avoid this movie you can. Far too much nonsense and questionable "facts".

Thursday, September 6, 06:20:37 AM

Could not finish watching this so walked out with 15 minutes left. Most documentaries move at a people walking pace but this one moved like a turtle... on mary jane.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:13:31 PM

A truly lame chucklefest.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:12:18 PM

This documentary is a far right propaganda tool designed to create division and anger among citizens of our country as we approach the 2018 election. While president trump uses lies and hateful vitriol to divide America, Lincoln, during his time, wanted to keep the nation united. The republican party of 2018 uses the wealth of the oligarchy and monocracy to control our country. Were he alive today,President Lincoln would be thoroughly ashamed of what the republican party has become, totally ashamed of this movie and ready to join the Democratic Party.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:05:42 PM

Dinesh D'Souza attempted to illegally contribute over $10,000 to a Senate campaign, willfully sabotaging the integrity of the campaign finance process. D'Souza pleaded guilty in 2014 to reimbursing two of his associates after telling them to contribute $10,000 each to the a failed 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. He also CONFESSED in the courtroom that he knew PRECISELY what he was doing violated the law. Besides being loaded with lies and constant twisting of the truth, this is a very poorly made film. Just like the manimal calling itself Dinesh.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:01:18 PM

The 5 star reviewers love to talk about how great this film even though they offer little or zero supportive facts on which to base their opinions. Many one star reviewers even claim to be historians and yet they clearly believe they know better than actual teachers, all of whom will tell you that Death of a nation is littered with stretching of the truth or downright falsehoods. One reviewer wrote that "of course it's a little slow and "boring" by today's standards." Dude, it's not a 'little' slow. It's woefully, shamefully slow. Even for a documentary. Death is like watching water reach boiling... on EVERY point. And yes, it's PURE fantasy land. I don't recommend this documentary for either older adults or children.