Wednesday, September 5, 01:20:03 PM

4.5 stars its ok.

Wednesday, September 5, 01:17:03 PM

Wow. My eyes are open. I've been reading on Wikipedia about some of the things pointed out in this movie. Why was I never taught this in school? My dad took us to see this last night. It's a little boring but I like history. Btw I had to use my money to buy my popcorn !!!! Why is a little bag of popcorn so craaazzy inexpensive???

Wednesday, September 5, 01:07:45 PM

Interesting. Thoughtful. I highly recommend. To the left and progressive:.... If America is so slanted, so vile, so corrupted, so bad, so full of whiteness, why do so many millions of people want to escape their great and perfectly run countries to come live here in my country? ** History is about facts and how those facts effected and intertwined with the feelings people had. 2 hours can't explain all us history, however the historical facts given in this documentary are just that, facts. The left demonize Americans for their history, they hate me, for what they perceive my ancestors did (even though my grandparents came here in the 1970s) well. This is your history. The left Hated blacks, they hated Jews, they Owned Slaves. They nearly destroyed my county (in a real way, not just in the abstract) The Democrats were Evil. That is the truth. Now as a human that understands history, and humans. I know they were far more then that. They were human. And sometimes humans are wrong. I forgive you. Please left, democrats, please stop all the hate.

Wednesday, September 5, 12:03:33 PM

I've watched this with 3 different groups of friends. I have also read at least 50 of the reviews. No 1 star review mentions even 1 fact they dispute. Many even claim to be historians, history students, etc. Another main point 1 star reviewers harp on is they say "this movie is slow, and boring". Of course it's a little slow and "boring" by today's standards. It's not an action packed fantasy land "movie", it's a documentary. To 1 second attention span people, history, learning, life, jobs, etc are BORING !! I highly recommend every older adult take as many younger people to see this that they can. Because trust me. Those teenagers are being forced to consume media all the time that appose what was shown in this documentary. I have a 17yo that goes to Mariner highschool in Everett wa. His very far left leaning Math teacher took a day of class and made every student in her Math class watch Black Panthers and then had a discussion the next day about race inequality, how "if it weren't for whites looting Africa, Africa would resemble the society in the Black Panther movie". As a side note. The 3 times I've seen this movie the audience has been mostly older people. I beg of you, don't shut yourself in. Please reach out to your grandchildren, please have deep intellectual conversations. They aren't all lost to the propaganda. Many fall for it at first, but by 10th or 11th grade they see the hate, they see how "gee you have a lot of anger towards America, and whites. Yet I'm American and white" they see how they are being attacked if they are straight. Etc. Etc. There are pressures that your kids and grandkids have that you can't even imagine. Please support them, please show them love. Please TEACH THEM.

Wednesday, September 5, 11:59:42 AM


Wednesday, September 5, 11:21:52 AM

While trying to anchor himself to the political world, dinesh D’Souza has for decades thrived as a fiery mouthpiece for a hardline fringe faction of the often disregardable far right. He was convicted in 2014 of making illegal campaign donations and sentenced to five years probation, eight months in a halfway house, and a fine of $30,000. Dinesh is a powerful voice for believers of (and believing in) fairytales. This film is every bit of that.

Wednesday, September 5, 08:38:43 AM

Pure piffle for the uninformed, far-to-the-right, stuck in the 1930's, nutbar cultists who follow the conspirator-in-cheeto - Criminal don.

Wednesday, September 5, 07:35:38 AM

The lunatic known as Ray Comfort, the man whose most noted contribution to the world involved a banana, makes more interesting and entertaining documentaries than dinesh d'souza. Death of A Nation was not only dullsville, it was downright devoid of facts. The 2008 documentary called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" was even better and that garbage was B - A - D.

Tuesday, September 4, 07:40:33 PM

The real Literary, Theater, Arts and American History scholars are highly intelligent people who've made a lifetimes work of study to their careers in their chosen fields. Moreover, they always maintain an open mind. On the other hand, obviously there are a lot of uneducated people who will believe anything they're told without doing any research into it. Even if they are able to learn facts from books many of them are unable to retain the information once they do. Worse still, too many of them are easily brainwashed back into the fold after spending time with fox and freunds. ( Seig heil) Mob mentality starts this way. So does fascism and the road to communism. This movie was not historically accurate.

Tuesday, September 4, 06:10:27 PM

PURE PROPAGANDA. But then, what should an ordinary human expect from a barely human, convicted felon and demonstrable liar? I’m ashamed that my local theater offered this lowly villian's movie.

Tuesday, September 4, 05:57:47 PM

It's funny how a few fans of the current political party & president supported by supremacists, nazis and the KKK gets busy in this film trying to argue that *other party* is the one currently bedded down with nazis and the klan.

Tuesday, September 4, 05:45:50 PM

Just a boring time at the theater. Don't recommend. 1 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, September 4, 03:22:42 PM

Dreadful presentation of facts but as fake news goes, Death of a Nation was spot on perfect. If you go see this movie be prepared for the FAKE NEWS historical timeline of our nation as dreamt up by the movie makers This poorly researched documentary must be viewed by all ages. And when we saw it, there were conservatives, of course, but also a surprising number of "obvious" liberals. Many of the Democrats in the audience were amused and a few, while booing and howling in derision threw orange slices at the screen when the lights came up and the credits rolled. Even though the conservatives outnumbered the liberals by about 12 to 1, the applause they gave at the end was easily drowned out by the loud sounds of laughter, hooting and other noises.

Tuesday, September 4, 03:05:51 PM

Not written well. Almost fell asleep cuz it was painfully boring. In fact, could hardly call this a "movie" since it was so slow "moving".

Tuesday, September 4, 03:02:23 PM

Dinesh D'Souza in fact pled GUILTY in 2014 to reimbursing two of his associates after getting them to contribute $10,000 each to a U.S. Senate campaign in 2012. He ADMITTED in the courtroom that he knew he had violated the law. Recently, he was pardoned by trump. Back in February of 2018, you'll recall, d'Souza was widely criticized for a series of tweets which mocked the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. In response to a photo of survivors reacting to Florida lawmakers voting down a proposed ban on assault weapons in the aftermath of the shooting, d'Souza tweeted "worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs". dinesh's comments were strongly condemned by both liberal and conservative commentators. This movie is more of the same stuff you've previously parted with your money to go and see. If you're a fan of the guy currently occupying the white house, you will like it, I'm sure. I don't feel one way or the other about the president but did not like this film. Most of it is historically inaccurate, so my advice is to go check out some OTHER movie.

Monday, September 3, 08:43:35 AM

Creepy Conservative hogswoggle. You'll a nice long shower after this one.

Sunday, September 2, 09:52:26 PM

Great movie!! Lesson's in History and the truth!

Sunday, September 2, 08:28:51 AM

I’ve read other reviews, people posting are bringing in political views, some may have never seen the movie. This man from India, became an American citizen legally. He has been jailed and targeted by our government (by campaign contributions 10,000 to a friends campaign) which if investigated Clinton’s history its way worse, and many donation hidden. Yet he knows our history better than most Citizens do, and when he brings it to light it’s meaningful and very interesting, the truth hurts those who are blinded to it.

Saturday, September 1, 01:39:28 PM

I've been following the writer for some time and this is a fantastic film. The truth is there. You may not know it but check it out!! False news is all around you.... YOU have to check it out!!! Let the facts be clear... This is another GREAT MOVIE!!

Saturday, September 1, 07:14:48 AM

Sorry I went cuz it was dreadful.

Saturday, September 1, 07:13:35 AM

Dinesh D'Souza attempted to illegally contribute over $10,000 to a Senate campaign, willfully sabotaging the integrity of the campaign finance process. D'Souza pleaded guilty in 2014 to reimbursing two of his associates after telling them to contribute $10,000 each to the failed 2012 U.S. Senate campaign of Wendy Long. He also *admitted* in the courtroom that he knew *exactly* what he was doing violated the law. Death of a Nation is homologous in many ways to the criminality of d'souza: He knew that what he was filming was 90% nonfactual but he did it anyway. Besides being loaded with falsehoods and constant stretching of the truth, this is a very poorly made film.

Friday, August 31, 11:50:25 PM

Careful and truthful research and analysis--should be available to every thinking person.

Friday, August 31, 11:24:29 PM

The truth is in this movie. We desperately needed President Trump and he was elected. This movie is a must see!

Friday, August 31, 06:13:22 PM

xtian conservative slanted and relatively uninteresting movie with zero realism because the director/producers only wanted to pay their master back after he handed out a pardon for crimes, so instead of taking the time to try and get more than 20% of it right, they rushed it through. This film clearly lays out the Republican Romper Room approach to government, what with it's isolationist and fascist propaganda. Falsehoods galore which are portrayed in a way that reek of desperation. True and faithful historians must be cringing at the revisionist history implied. It's this very type of movie which is the central force leading to modern erosion of critical thinking. AVOID !

Friday, August 31, 02:59:33 PM

Conservatives now want a autocracy, where many if not most religious zealots, white people and stupid people, and ESPECIALLY stoopid white zealots who are IGNORANT to boot, have all the power in America. No one should be surprised at this because when a conservative doesn't care about one's country or one's freedom, why should the same conservative care about corruption and collusion and foreign interference in one's elections ? Save your money for another film because this one isn't worth an Abe Lincoln penny.

Friday, August 31, 02:56:03 PM

There are still too many on the political right side who won't recognize the actual truth of how much the current administration is jeopardizing our American freedoms and our capitalism. Won't recognize that Donald J Trump is only for himself. Won't recognize that he's a liar and unstable and lacks the level of intelligence we should expect from an American President.

Thursday, August 30, 06:35:42 PM

Let the Eagle Soar!!!

Thursday, August 30, 06:20:42 PM

First educational then Awful and then he let’s his wife sing for 5 minutes???? Really???!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 06:14:19 PM

Just plain awful... and TOTALLY a yawner.

Thursday, August 30, 06:12:27 PM

Don't allow the five star reviews lead you into never never land. This was the single stupidest documentary that I have ever seen in my life.

Thursday, August 30, 06:10:03 PM

Nope. Didn't like this movie/documentary and it made little sense. It was a fabrication of an alternate American history that is almost pure fiction.

Thursday, August 30, 06:07:50 PM

Everyone should see this, including teenagers.

Thursday, August 30, 01:36:21 PM

The republican party's seemingly shatterproof fondness for Don Trump will eventually lead to paying an exorbitant price. Within the bulk of their conservative procession, both integrity and excellence in service to the country are passé. Republicans in the House and Senate defend the Don or simply stay silent. The xtian conservative 'base', which for a long time has paraded around as the mythological monitors and a shining example of ethical behavior, is now a mere pathetic shell of itself. It can apparently do no better than prevaricate about the actions of the president. Pathetic doesn't begin to describe this situation. Indeed, pathetic doesn't accurately begin to chronicle how bad this movie, “death of a nation” is either. Overly produced, poor interviews, lazy camera work, stiff directing and a flimsy, cardboard story with very few facts lead to a film you shouldn't bother with. In any case, good luck should you decide to ignore the warning of one who went and is sorry.

Thursday, August 30, 05:17:59 AM

Agree with the last reviewer. This movie is for supporters of the current supreme leader, trying to save their "savior" from his own childish mortification and looming self destruction. This movie was boring and with enough twisted history to make a roomful of actual academic scholars cry. In other words, it was, SAD.

Thursday, August 30, 05:06:41 AM

What's REALLY interesting is that there are so many 5 star reviews which suspiciously raises the question that maybe ALL of those positive reviews are from trump sychophants (who still support him through his criminal activities) who NEVER actually saw the film, but instead only wanted to try and further their fuhrer's propaganda strategy of divide and conquer. Why? Most conservative reviews for this film are lacking in historical facts and thoroughly vacant of any measurable amount of intelligence. If you still support the current administration, you'll probably like this movie. As for me ( I'm an OLD school Republican) forget it. "Death of A Nation" was a pitifully skewed vision of American history.

Wednesday, August 29, 10:03:36 PM

These fake reviews are hilarious! Please, see the movie and decide for yourself. This forum is a perfect example of the movie reflects. But, unlike these reviews, there are plenty of CITED facts that will really open your eyes.

Wednesday, August 29, 02:19:06 PM

Facts are Facts. Deal with it. So interesting that there are so many negative reviews which leads me to question that maybe most of them never really saw the movie and only wanted to express their 'group resist think' as part of the lefts propaganda strategy. Why?.. especially the one liners were totally lacking any facts and empty of any intelligence but filled with the usual anti Republican and anti-Trump propaganda. Thank you 4-5 star reviews for the facts and intelligence!

Wednesday, August 29, 09:08:05 AM

Death of a Nation was dreadful and the ultimate in fake news.

Tuesday, August 28, 07:12:39 PM

Oh PLEASE, how many lies can be packed into one movie anyway?

Tuesday, August 28, 07:10:44 PM

In no way comes close to actual factual history. I would label it fantasy.