Saturday, May 19, 01:58:14 PM

very good movie period

Wednesday, May 2, 10:11:44 AM

There is only good action at the very end!!! This movie is so boring that I hardly notice when things start to pick up at the very end. This movie is sad too and dark and really boring!

Sunday, March 4, 08:38:23 PM

Lots of action! To check out a possible source of information that went into the making of this movie see the video "North Hollywood Shootout - Best Cut" on YouTube. The North Hollywood Shootout was a real event that happened in California involving bank robbers. This movie is a lot like the real event.

Tuesday, February 13, 04:31:19 PM

Most entertaining - great acting -

Thursday, February 8, 04:11:12 AM

The energy kept me going!

Monday, February 5, 11:14:55 AM

great movie, really enjoyed it! I'd see it again

Saturday, February 3, 10:04:16 AM

Like good action.... but. I like Mel Brooks better. Last gun battle a total farce, in reality everyone in traffic would have been shot to death, sorry but the bullets would have pierced the cars, all of it. And there was an element of sleaze skeeve no-one liked it nearly smelled.

Thursday, February 1, 10:51:09 PM

It has a clever heist and some tasty gun battles, but the "good guys" are just not likable. And some of the story elements seemed unnecessary. Waited for it to come out on VOD.

Sunday, January 28, 09:20:24 AM

Slow going through the beginning of the movie then starts to be interesting towards the end.

Saturday, January 27, 05:07:16 PM

I read some of the reviews posted here before seeing this movie, including the negative reviews. This movie was excellent! The characters were developed. The movie gave each major character a personality and each lived up to their's. The action was amazing, The firefight scenes were amazing as amazing as can be in a movie. And practically every major character was injured which you might expect in a gun battle where both semi and automatic weapons were used. Also, since L.A. is a big place, I liked how they used closed-caption to inform you of the location where events are taking place. The scenes transitions were flawless and made sense. Gerald Butler was outstanding in the role (cocky, bad__s, vulnerable). He is a polished actor. All of the cast did an excellent job. As for negative reviews regarding certain scenes, sometimes when an incident involves multiple agencies (even two different units from the same jurisdictions) there might be some confusion here or there. They learn from that to cooperate with one another in the future to make sure it doesn't happen again. The ending is not predictable. This is a big screen movie. I recommend that you go see for yourself.

Saturday, January 27, 12:10:49 PM


Saturday, January 27, 12:08:36 PM

We went to see this movie last night and it was really great. There were so many twists and turns and that kept you surely on the edge of your seat. Any one that seen this movie please explain the last two scenes to went so fast I did not understand it. Go see this movie it is AWESOME

Friday, January 26, 08:57:56 PM

Good story, great acting, a lot of excitement, can't miss it!

Friday, January 26, 08:56:36 PM

Good Movie, worth all the money.

Thursday, January 25, 02:18:54 PM

not another bank robber movie...

Wednesday, January 24, 08:23:54 PM

Loved everything about this movie. Gerard Butler has still got it.

Tuesday, January 23, 04:11:39 PM

Great movie lots of action on the edge - would see it again

Tuesday, January 23, 08:58:17 AM


Monday, January 22, 06:39:13 AM

90% of this movie was BORING! The exciting parts, and there were only two, where Ice Cube’s kid auditioned for the driving job and the last 10 minutes, the shootout and when the plot is revealed. The scenes were too dark and drab. 50 cent was boring as a dog park in a snow storm. I’m being a bit critical but guys this is L.A! News helicopters, police helicopters in the air 24/7 and not one helicopter during the chase and outdoor shootout scenes! Then, when all the shooting is over, cue in the police sirens. Movies are much more exciting when they’re realistic.

Saturday, January 20, 09:13:02 PM

So Good I would pay to watch it again

Saturday, January 20, 06:42:57 AM

Loved it...

Saturday, January 20, 12:01:30 AM

Great acting ! Lots of action ! The plot kind of keeps you guessing till the end and then you go ....ah now I get it .

Friday, January 19, 10:17:51 PM

Funny and awesome!

Friday, January 19, 09:17:23 AM

Ok, so I saw a sneak peak of this movie last night and let me just say, this is an awesome action packed movie and the very best part of this movie is the ending... Gerard Butler, O'Shea Jackson and 50 cent all of them did a great job! It is a must see and ladies...the guys will love this this movie and so will you! So I say....make this Friday a date's sooooo good!

Thursday, January 18, 10:15:25 PM

One of the best "bank job" movies ever. Suspense, action, originality, twists, and lots of badasses on both sides. Well done . . . guru bob . . . 89/100