Wednesday, March 16, 06:07:41 PM

It was cute and most of the characters were likable. The story on the other hand was sub-par: the moral dilemma was forced, the villain was non-threatening, the climax was unexciting, and the ending was predictable. Unlike most animated pictures nowadays, it's more for little kids and less for everyone.

Thursday, February 24, 02:33:32 PM

Really cute...lots of laughs

Saturday, January 29, 07:53:10 PM

My daughter and I love this movie. It's great for kids and can keep adults entertained too...

Tuesday, December 21, 10:36:05 AM

this should be a oscar nommenie wait no no oscar winner

Sunday, December 19, 08:56:29 AM

I watched this movie with my boyfriend and it was absolutely adorable ! Luckily, we watched it in 3D and there were many features that I agreed would be best saw in 3D

Monday, December 13, 10:22:03 AM

I thought the beginning was hilarious but got a little boring near the end without the craziness and just sappy.

Sunday, December 12, 10:46:06 AM

I loved this movie. So cute.

Saturday, December 11, 08:14:02 PM

quite funny

Saturday, December 11, 10:56:00 AM

my favourite animated movie Ive seen it 3 times now and still laugh at most of the jokes must watch movie

Friday, December 10, 02:29:39 PM


Friday, December 10, 11:28:42 AM

very cute

Thursday, December 9, 09:16:38 PM

Fantastically cute. Love the minions. Great family movie, and for those kid at heart adults.

Thursday, December 9, 04:27:24 PM

So cute and very funny, nice ending too, Loved It!

Thursday, December 9, 03:43:27 PM

This movie made me laugh so hard I loved it more than Toy Story 3!

Wednesday, December 8, 09:09:27 PM

cute storyline, not too bad of an ending

Wednesday, December 8, 11:09:06 AM

An excellent children's movie. I watched it with my younger brother and we laughed t he whole way through. Steve Carell does a great job, as usual. The storyline is entertaining, fresh, and hilarious. Will definitely be watching this movie again.

Wednesday, December 8, 06:53:26 AM

As noted ... good fun for young and old. Fun movie ... solid cast!

Wednesday, December 8, 01:26:26 AM

Really cute movie. Had some pretty funny stuff.

Tuesday, December 7, 02:38:15 PM

I thought this movie was well done. It's a great pick for the entire family!

Tuesday, December 7, 02:20:02 PM

Great Family movie - very funny!!

Monday, December 6, 07:14:06 PM

My all time favorite animated film. My 11 year old daughter and I loved this film.

Monday, December 6, 07:06:00 PM

Great movie for young and old.

Monday, December 6, 06:52:25 PM

Absolutely adorable!

Monday, December 6, 06:20:49 PM

Awesome movie!

Monday, December 6, 05:30:46 PM

SUPER FUNNY!!! great kids movie in a lon!g time that everyone can enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 05:15:33 PM

its a great movie for every one.

Monday, December 6, 12:40:16 PM

Despicable me was funny ans charming, a great family film to enjoy this Christmas

Monday, December 6, 06:21:40 AM

Pretty good movie...very cute.

Sunday, December 5, 03:13:28 PM

Pretty enjoyable for an adult to see also. Funny and for the whole family to see.

Sunday, December 5, 02:10:28 PM

Enjoyed it, funny.

Sunday, December 5, 12:26:03 PM

My kind of movie

Sunday, December 5, 12:25:35 PM

Quite interesting

Saturday, December 4, 08:24:38 AM

enjoyed it

Saturday, December 4, 08:24:26 AM


Friday, December 3, 03:13:23 PM

This was the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Friday, December 3, 01:08:40 PM

We first saw this movie with my 3 grandkids, and we decided it was so funny and well done, that we wanted to see it alone, so we could get the full movie without the kids.

Friday, December 3, 09:56:35 AM

Cool story!

Thursday, December 2, 07:44:52 PM

fun but predictable. Great for kids, not so great for adults. Too sugar coated

Wednesday, December 1, 08:56:15 PM

An interesdting story fun for adults and kids... Enough for everyone...

Wednesday, December 1, 03:30:00 PM

Love those minions!!