Sunday, November 11, 08:55:37 AM

Great Christmas movie that me and my wife every year.

Saturday, November 10, 01:04:11 PM

Best movie ever seen it numerous times

Saturday, November 10, 09:56:14 AM

Die Hard (1988) is in the same class as the classic, Predator (1987). It has it all for action fans. It has a brilliant cast, a powerful over-the-top crescendo, a Shakespearean lead villain (with a voice like no other), endless unpredictable 'Rock me, Baby' action sequences that set the standart for high voltage ACTION and petal-to-metal RESCUE movies from that date to now; and, as if that is not enough, it has Bruce Willis in top form as the unbeatable, tough-as-nails hero (who will not give up, despite the odds). Exceptional stunt. Directed by the superb action director, John McTiernan. Truly a magnificent action comedic movie that works for the whole family on the big or small screen. Honor the late Alan Rickman for his outstanding film acting career.

Sunday, November 4, 05:32:10 PM

This wouldn't be topped 'til they made #5.

Sunday, November 4, 01:32:12 PM

This is a great thriller movie. It may be 30 years old, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat