Monday, October 1, 12:27:35 PM

NO stars from me on this one!! It's SO not cheap to see a movie these days and why the heck would anybody pay at big theater to see a 1988 movie that's been circulating on video for years?????? It's nothing more than an old rerun!!!! What a cash grab & an insult to public intelligence!! Nothing like flogging a dead dog!! Tip = rent the movie & enjoy this at home.

Thursday, December 5, 10:18:34 AM

BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVERRRRR!!! Jumping off the roof with the fire hose BEST SCENE!! And the block of C4 down the elevator shaft! And Hans Grueber SO GOOD!!!!! If you've never seen this, SEE IT.

Friday, July 9, 02:14:25 PM

yippy kay yay