Thursday, September 28, 01:11:24 PM

best visuals i ve ever seen

Tuesday, September 26, 09:43:58 AM

great flick

Tuesday, September 26, 09:43:37 AM


Monday, September 25, 10:34:00 AM

interesting hero

Monday, September 25, 10:33:23 AM

movie is great

Monday, September 25, 10:33:07 AM

great visuals

Monday, September 25, 08:23:19 AM

such an amazing movie

Friday, September 15, 12:37:31 AM

I found this movie to be quite entertaining with great computer generated special effects. The acting was decent. Worth the time to watch.

Saturday, May 27, 09:01:56 PM

Very exciting movie, LOVED all the CGI effects and the amazing acting, one of the best Marvel movies made to date!

Saturday, May 13, 06:02:51 PM

Didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised. Have watched a few times now. Hope there is a sequel.

Friday, March 24, 02:34:15 PM

I'm very surprised at the overall rating of this film. I felt it had all the ingredients of a very good movie. Adventure, action, fun and of course, phenomenal special effects. Cumberbatch is such a talented actor; it was fun watching him play the brilliant Dr. Strange. I think sometimes, people tend to rate these types of films too harshly forgetting that in the end, they are just comic books come to life. If you love comics, action, magic and mysticism, you will enjoy this movie. Another fun movie from Marvel and team. Keep them coming please!

Monday, March 20, 07:54:08 PM

thank the wise man on the hill that I didn't see this disaster in the theatres, because watching Doctor Strange on dvd with a friend I turn it off and if I did go to watch it on the big screen I would have walk out, the only thing that was good was the effects and the very start fight scene, after that it was a mess from over kill cheese fest flipping effects, dumb acting and parts that made no sense, Doctor Strange will make u feel empty inside and wondering a life time how to get your money back because u been robbed and rape at the same time, as it a mystery how anybody with a right mind would give it a good rating, the 56.82% one star people have it right and the 29.17% five star people well ummm as the saying goes horse crap attract flies

Friday, March 17, 01:24:23 PM

Sweet special effects!

Monday, March 13, 03:54:12 PM

Cumberbatch was miscast and the dialog was at times goofy making the movie seem farcical. They should have taken some lessons from "the shadow",almost cost Baldwin his career. Just a bad flick all around.

Sunday, March 12, 07:54:46 PM

Great show! Growing up I avoided Dr. Strange in the comics. Too bizarre. Marvel seems to put in a wonderful mix of action, effects, story line and humour I can't seem to get enough of.

Friday, March 10, 04:55:21 PM

Loved it!

Friday, March 10, 04:54:26 PM

Loved it!

Monday, March 6, 05:21:06 PM

Great visuals and presented without any campy undertones. Light humour and kid-friendly, Hollywood is starting to forget that about superhero movies...

Saturday, March 4, 09:56:50 PM

This movie was amazing. Benedict nailed his role as Strange. The visuals were exactly what you'd expect from a DS comic.

Friday, March 3, 07:17:28 PM

Benedict Cumberbatch is ridiculously overrated. Wish they picked another lead.

Thursday, March 2, 07:01:24 PM

Awesome visuals, Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job of doctor strange although the storyline was not as good as any of the Captain America movies

Thursday, March 2, 07:01:13 PM

Awesome visuals, Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job of doctor strange although the storyline was not as good as any of the Captain America movies

Wednesday, March 1, 06:51:50 PM

Awful movie. Awful acting.

Friday, February 24, 08:23:39 PM

Awesome Marvel movie ties in well, and great as stand alone movie

Monday, February 20, 09:31:34 AM

Best movie I've seen all year!

Monday, February 20, 09:30:05 AM

Cinematography was amazing! Storyline intriguing! Can't wait to buy this movie in 3D! Counting the days!

Tuesday, February 14, 05:46:59 PM

5 star movie!

Tuesday, February 14, 05:46:36 PM

Great movie!

Saturday, February 11, 07:14:01 PM

Make sure and stay for the 2 little previews at the end. they add to the movie.

Saturday, February 11, 05:02:31 PM

Great addition to the Marvel Universe!

Saturday, February 4, 08:00:13 AM

well done !

Friday, February 3, 11:23:30 PM

I have a feeling someone is trolling the ratings here. the movie was very good. not the best of the marvel movies, but still very entertaining with excellent acting and great visuals. Not deserving of so many 1 stars.

Thursday, February 2, 07:15:13 PM


Thursday, February 2, 07:14:45 PM


Tuesday, January 31, 06:55:24 PM

It was amazing

Sunday, January 29, 04:44:51 PM

This movie was actually so horrible! :( I didn't like the plot/story and the characters (bad acting).

Wednesday, January 25, 07:55:02 PM

Very good! Falls in well with the infinity stone set up!

Sunday, January 8, 10:24:33 PM

Awesome adventure flick!

Monday, January 2, 02:58:28 PM

As is the norm with Marvel movies, the story strays from the comics. But this film is amazing. It's incredibly visually stimulating and the story is easy to get into. I saw it in theaters twice. Now I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Monday, December 26, 02:46:14 AM

Magic, marvel, and some inception. Best movie I've watched in 2016