Thursday, February 20, 07:43:07 PM

Our 6 year old granddaughter was too young for this movie. Got bored very early.

Monday, February 17, 11:17:55 AM

This must be deja vu, I recall seeing portions of this movie years ago. This is a new RDJ and his personality is still the same, so give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sunday, February 16, 11:15:22 AM

This was a great movie for the family. I am not sure why it was considered a box office flop because it was entertaining. I loved the story line. The animals were believable. I liked it.

Saturday, February 15, 10:59:22 AM

A fun adventure and uplifting, if you love animals you will love this movie. Great story and great ending. Fabulous for all ages. Family Movie for sure, love the talking animals.

Friday, February 14, 05:28:40 PM

A beautiful message and a wonderful movie, especially if you have young children or are a Robert Downey fan. It's kind of a simple story with wonderful imagery and humor.

Wednesday, February 12, 09:54:42 PM

Charming remake of the beloved children's classic.

Wednesday, February 12, 06:20:54 PM

Dull boring unengaging. Even the Eddie Murphy versions were more entertaining. None of which can match the charm of the original with Rex Harrison. By the way this is not a remake of tgat, it is a new story.

Monday, February 10, 08:53:29 PM

Not much of a storyline. Best to wait for it to come out on Netflix...

Monday, February 10, 07:42:09 PM

Doesn’t compare to the original with Rex Harrison. That one won 2 Oscars, was nominated for Best Picture and won several Golden Globes too.

Monday, February 10, 06:28:50 PM

Great for kids. Never a dull moment. Interesting animal characters & scenes.

Sunday, February 9, 10:42:56 PM

Rex Harrison did it right, downey did not. Stupid plot.

Saturday, February 8, 08:46:28 PM

Suspense throughout. Light hearted, Fun. I thought the acting was good. Liked all the visuals. I would see it again. I think it's a good film for all ages.

Saturday, February 8, 06:18:08 PM

This is a good family movie and quite entertaining. Anyone who was bored watching this film probably doesn't have much of an imagination to begin with. Loved Robert Downey Jr. And some of the humor with the talking animals made me and my adult son chuckle more than once. Give it a try!

Friday, February 7, 09:15:35 PM

Boring - not for adults.

Friday, February 7, 03:19:06 PM

Even better my third time around. A fun adventure and uplifting, if you love animals you will love this movie. Great story and great ending. Much variety and wonderful characters. Fabulous for all ages, as there are kids in the movie not just animals. Robert Downey Jr. plays this role very well.

Friday, February 7, 02:30:25 PM

The movie was boring.

Thursday, February 6, 03:21:49 PM

very dearranged!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 03:24:12 PM

The movie was just okay. The animal characters were very good.

Tuesday, February 4, 09:07:50 PM

This movie should not even make the theater. They should have paid me to see it. Worst movie I ever saw.

Tuesday, February 4, 11:50:56 AM

Dumb, terrible script

Saturday, February 1, 04:12:33 PM

It was enjoyable movie. It may not be the best but it was good!!

Friday, January 31, 01:30:47 PM

very boring. Not even children would be entertained. quite surprised since Robert Downey Jr. was a main character.

Friday, January 31, 08:13:03 AM

Every bit as fun as Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka movie, maybe more! A great night out at the movies!

Friday, January 31, 03:59:15 AM

I will see this movie as long as they keep playing it.

Thursday, January 30, 03:52:32 PM

Loved it. Very charming and good for all ages!

Wednesday, January 29, 07:15:44 PM

One of the best remakes ever! An instant classic!

Wednesday, January 29, 09:38:37 AM

I really enjoyed this movie. Perfect for the family

Wednesday, January 29, 12:29:29 AM

Lame, lame, lame. Period.

Tuesday, January 28, 11:12:49 AM

I loved the movie! Would definitely watch over and over. Great comedy!

Tuesday, January 28, 09:29:54 AM

Good movie, but could have had a better ending.

Monday, January 27, 10:02:37 AM

I loved this movie the animals will have you laughing out loud and it's a really good movie for the whole family.

Sunday, January 26, 07:46:08 PM


Sunday, January 26, 04:23:01 PM

Crap! Couldn't understand Dolittle half the time. Weak. C'mon people, where's the quality? Could have been so much more!

Saturday, January 25, 01:21:19 PM

The best movie of the year. 5/5

Friday, January 24, 08:31:05 PM

And yet another flop with John Cena.

Friday, January 24, 03:58:40 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The animals will have you laughing! Highly recommend it for adults too!

Thursday, January 23, 01:41:08 PM

Animation was good. Portrayal of Dolittle was poor, esp. appearance. Had a few funny moments. I expected it to have more comedy in it.

Thursday, January 23, 12:45:16 PM

The character we’re engaging and there were lots of one-off laughs and gags. The plot, however, seemed to pivot a little too much on themes of personal loss, coping with fear and not being ‘enough’, robbing the triumphant moments of joy. And a dragon...really? This story did not need that inclusion!

Thursday, January 23, 08:59:23 AM

One of the year's ten best.

Wednesday, January 22, 03:58:40 PM

This was a cute family movie, good for the little ones. I found the sound and/or accents were jumbled, I couldn't understand a lot of what Robert Downey was mumbling. There are cute laughs from the animals and their interactions, no Oscars here, just fun.