Thursday, January 24, 02:24:25 AM

I love Joaquin Phoenix in most things, and he's good in this but the story is all just kind of right there, and he can't make up for Jonah Hill being in this. Everything he does is so damned annoying, why is that guy in movies? If I knew he was in this we wouldn't have even gone.

Sunday, August 19, 04:03:21 PM

Probably would've liked it a but more if Joaquin wasn't in it. Watching him makes my teeth itch.

Tuesday, August 7, 05:24:29 PM

The Screen Actors Guild gives out awards for "ensemble cast," and this film should be a strong contender. Joaquim Phoenix, as the alcoholic quadraplegic who becomes a cartoonist proves once again that, while he may be quirky, he is among America's finest actors. Jonah Hill is exceptional as the wealthy AA sponsor who is able to distract himself from his own issues by mentoring his "piglets." Hill's character helps Callahan (Phoenix) to come to terms with his inner demons through AA's 12 Steps. All of that is quite fascinating and moving. Outstanding acting, a captivating real-life story, dark humor, and the triumph of the human spirit place this film solidly on my favorites list for 2018. Rooney Mara and Jack Black head up the rest of the cast. Don't miss...………gurubob…………………………..96/100

Tuesday, July 31, 11:19:14 PM

I love Joaquin and would watch him read a dictionary. He selects thought provoking movies and always leaves a lasting impression with his performances. Great cast in general.

Monday, July 23, 03:28:04 PM


Friday, July 20, 10:35:54 PM

Fabulous movie, really enjoyed the acting of all the characters, it was well directed showing how John Callahan grow through his tragedy.