Friday, November 8, 09:19:23 PM

Amazing good for all ages !!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 02:13:43 PM

love it

Saturday, September 21, 06:05:44 PM

It was a wonderful movie for the whole family.

Wednesday, September 18, 01:47:32 AM

it was a fun movie

Tuesday, September 3, 12:29:53 PM

What a sad waste of opportunity for a adventurous children's movie or a super funny children's movie to poke fun at the Dora of old. As an adult of older kids who had watched Dora with them we were excited to see the live action but only disappointed by the end product.

Monday, September 2, 04:46:59 PM

I was so surprised how much I loved this movie!

Sunday, September 1, 12:59:55 PM


Saturday, August 31, 03:33:28 PM

I give this movie a 1,000/1,000 STARS

Friday, August 30, 02:16:59 PM

Two stars for adults and 4 stars for the under 16 audience. Nothing really exciting here. The problem is the film never really gets scary or serious like in the opening of The Raiders of the Lost Ark. I suppose what I would dream of would be something more like a live version of The Mysterious Cities of Gold from the 1980's anime hit. The other problem with this film is Isabel Moner is just too old to play the part of Dora- she looks like an adult in the film where you feel like Dora should be close to 13 or 14 and having Moner trying to play down to the age of Dora in the film is never convincing. My advice, if you have kids under 13 looking for a fun Summer film take them-if you are an adult, skip this film.

Monday, August 26, 02:26:23 PM

This was really good. I liked it a lot.

Saturday, August 24, 06:13:02 PM

absolute garbage. Mom wanted to see it and even she hated it..

Friday, August 23, 03:33:31 PM

TOTALLY AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thursday, August 22, 10:22:21 AM


Wednesday, August 21, 09:21:20 AM

I have seen it 5 times and will be seeing it again and AWESOME ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday, August 20, 09:57:23 PM

I wish I left the movie and got a refund another boring movie don't waste you time and money

Tuesday, August 20, 02:07:05 PM

I loved the movie

Monday, August 19, 06:25:16 PM

try to mix movie with cartoon show. Was it supposed to be a musical also ?

Monday, August 19, 09:19:19 AM


Sunday, August 18, 11:18:20 AM

The movie took me back to my childhood, I enjoyed it, My kids enjoyed it. A must watch!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 05:55:06 PM

SO AWESOME!!!!! Isabela Moner did an amazing job!!!!!

Friday, August 16, 08:37:41 PM

I grew up with Dora, and I loved her, but the older I got the more I grew out of liking it. Then Dora and Friends came and I was into it for a while, but I grew out of it again. So this is just the kind of thing that I needed to revive my love for Dora.

Thursday, August 15, 11:36:21 PM

Just be prepared - this is a KIDS movie. Great for young kids and their parents. I went with just adults, thinking it would be like Jumanji. Definitely not - very cheesy. Not for adults - but great for young kids.

Thursday, August 15, 05:15:15 PM


Tuesday, August 13, 07:24:56 PM

Great movie. For all the family

Tuesday, August 13, 03:29:58 PM

Dora & the lost City of Gold gets to compete with Indiana Jones - Lara Croft & Benjamin Gates of National treasure by her Archaeologist parents in raiding an old temple & seeking lost treasure in a new & fun way meant more for the younger generation & those young at heart & having a youthful outlook on these kind of things! Much like the The Goonies meeting Allan Quatermain & the Lost City of Gold, just a fun movie all away around & Isabela Moner was perfect as Dora & the kids will most likely love this fun romp in the jungle!

Monday, August 12, 08:51:24 PM

Brought 2 teenagers and 4 kids to this movie and we all absolutely loved it. It was so funny and uplifting.

Monday, August 12, 06:16:10 PM


Sunday, August 11, 06:16:00 PM

ONE WORD...............AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 12:49:52 AM

Hello! Dora is supposed to be a kid she's short and chubby! NOT a teenager! ??

Friday, August 9, 09:09:11 AM


Friday, August 9, 12:31:37 AM


Thursday, August 8, 08:08:07 PM

Loved this movie.....Isabela Moner did a great job as Dora and I AM A BIG FAN OF DORA THE EXPLORER