Saturday, August 24, 06:13:02 PM

absolute garbage. Mom wanted to see it and even she hated it..

Friday, August 23, 03:33:31 PM

TOTALLY AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thursday, August 22, 10:22:21 AM


Wednesday, August 21, 09:21:20 AM

I have seen it 5 times and will be seeing it again and AWESOME ! ! ! ! !

Tuesday, August 20, 09:57:23 PM

I wish I left the movie and got a refund another boring movie don't waste you time and money

Tuesday, August 20, 02:07:05 PM

I loved the movie

Monday, August 19, 06:25:16 PM

try to mix movie with cartoon show. Was it supposed to be a musical also ?

Monday, August 19, 09:19:19 AM


Sunday, August 18, 11:18:20 AM

The movie took me back to my childhood, I enjoyed it, My kids enjoyed it. A must watch!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 05:55:06 PM

SO AWESOME!!!!! Isabela Moner did an amazing job!!!!!

Friday, August 16, 08:37:41 PM

I grew up with Dora, and I loved her, but the older I got the more I grew out of liking it. Then Dora and Friends came and I was into it for a while, but I grew out of it again. So this is just the kind of thing that I needed to revive my love for Dora.

Thursday, August 15, 11:36:21 PM

Just be prepared - this is a KIDS movie. Great for young kids and their parents. I went with just adults, thinking it would be like Jumanji. Definitely not - very cheesy. Not for adults - but great for young kids.

Thursday, August 15, 05:15:15 PM


Tuesday, August 13, 07:24:56 PM

Great movie. For all the family

Tuesday, August 13, 03:29:58 PM

Dora & the lost City of Gold gets to compete with Indiana Jones - Lara Croft & Benjamin Gates of National treasure by her Archaeologist parents in raiding an old temple & seeking lost treasure in a new & fun way meant more for the younger generation & those young at heart & having a youthful outlook on these kind of things! Much like the The Goonies meeting Allan Quatermain & the Lost City of Gold, just a fun movie all away around & Isabela Moner was perfect as Dora & the kids will most likely love this fun romp in the jungle!

Monday, August 12, 08:51:24 PM

Brought 2 teenagers and 4 kids to this movie and we all absolutely loved it. It was so funny and uplifting.

Monday, August 12, 06:16:10 PM


Sunday, August 11, 06:16:00 PM

ONE WORD...............AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 12:49:52 AM

Hello! Dora is supposed to be a kid she's short and chubby! NOT a teenager! ??

Friday, August 9, 09:09:11 AM


Friday, August 9, 12:31:37 AM


Thursday, August 8, 08:08:07 PM

Loved this movie.....Isabela Moner did a great job as Dora and I AM A BIG FAN OF DORA THE EXPLORER