Wednesday, April 1, 07:13:22 PM

Two great actors, one terrible movie. Started as a comedy and then turned into a depressing drama movie. Only watched half of it as my family were about to kill themselves as they were so bored.

Thursday, March 12, 11:34:05 AM

A one star rating is one star too many. Not the worst movie ever but it is wasted time out of my life I'll never get back.

Monday, March 2, 02:58:48 PM

All of it! ! Really, really BAD !!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 29, 01:17:08 AM

Dark comedy is probably the most accurate type casting this drama. After all the negative reviews I thought I had to see it again. I must have missed something. I enjoyed it more the second time, & was moved by the more serious moments. Will had a more serious role & Julia had the comedic role with her nuanced facial expressions & responses to various conversations with people. When your husband runs away in a moment of crisis; when your sons tell the father they (the sons) feel like their father didn't want to be around them - leads to some serious movie moments that need explaining. It was the sometimes subtle humor, & slapstick ( when Julia, in trying to undo all the ski clothing in the bathroom stall, falls out of the stall; not a big slap your knee moment of humor, but worked in its simpleness. The lack of empathy for the seriousness & expecting the grandiose in everything else is why some movies are so negatively reviewed Visual stimulation , now now, now & more more & more is the battle cry today, instead of emotional stimulation of the heart.. Every movie evolves at its own pace & for the "bored" & "too slow moving" - rh

Friday, February 28, 09:00:20 AM

worst movie I seen in many years. The only good thing about the movie is it's only a hour and twenty five minutes long. Terrible

Wednesday, February 26, 07:52:17 PM

Apparently the person below got it right. A couple of significant moments: 1.when a couple start bickering, how uncomfortable it makes friends feel (excellently acted) & 2. when Julia pretended to be stranded on slope, & had Will carry her down in order for him to save face in their children's eyes. I think shallower minds may have missed these two important moments. I wouldn't say it was a great movie, but it had it's good points.rh

Monday, February 24, 01:46:02 PM

I loved the acting, loved the reality of the story when Spouse feel betrayed and trying to figure it out how to make this relationship works after distrusting the other one.No, no car blow out or anyone stabbed to death in this movie and that is a relief. Unfortunately most people likes make believe movies.

Monday, February 24, 01:44:42 PM

Terrible movie. Almost as bad as uncut gems.

Sunday, February 23, 09:18:08 PM

Kept hoping something would happen. It didn't. So disappointing. Should have stayed home and watched Netflix.

Saturday, February 22, 10:46:27 PM

So bad we walked out after 15 minutes 1st time ever

Friday, February 21, 12:24:25 PM

Will Ferrel movies are usually money and time wasters. This one is no different.

Friday, February 21, 12:04:04 AM

Should have been billed a "Drama" with some humor thrown in ; As the two leads are mostly known for their comedic roles; casting them in dramatic roles I think mislead most people on what they were expecting . Basically , an 'Action' Pete(Will F) takes during what was perceived as a life threatening situation leaves a somewhat loss of respect for him from the family . How is it going to be regained.? Expect a drama, not belly laughs (but with some funny parts) & it might not be so disappointing. Hope this helps.rh

Thursday, February 20, 04:41:35 PM

Terrible movie, the audience spends a horrible week with a family going their through their personal relationship crisis. Its long, its boring, and I don't know why they would cast two is really not a comedy but a tragic drama. I do not recommend at all. It is a money waster, not to mention the 1 1/2 you'll never get back!

Wednesday, February 19, 09:21:05 PM

Worst movie I ever watched . Seemed like a kid put the movie together.

Wednesday, February 19, 12:42:33 PM

It started out okay, but then it went....

Tuesday, February 18, 07:23:29 PM

boy this show went nowhere quick, good cast, bad idea

Tuesday, February 18, 03:59:57 PM

Bad! Just so so bad! If you do go see this movie, don’t say I didn’t warn you lol

Tuesday, February 18, 11:48:14 AM

didn't care for it at all. Boring!

Sunday, February 16, 11:36:51 AM

I wanted them to turn the volume up 'cause everyone was laughing so hard! The funniest movie this year so far by far.

Sunday, February 16, 02:13:25 AM

Stupid premise. bad, plain baaad. I'd give it zero stars if the system would let me.

Saturday, February 15, 07:50:15 PM

It was extremely boring....kept waiting for it to get better.... didn't!! It did have a message regarding commitment, what you want in life, relationships.... HOWEVER..., it could have conveyed this in 5-10 minutes!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 12:55:56 PM

terrible so disappointed. The best thing about was the scenery

Saturday, February 15, 12:30:55 PM

Skip it and just watch the ORIGINAL 2014 film, Force Majeure, from Sweden. In fact, again Hollyweird committing the crime of remaking (laziness) and wasting money and time. Plus, look at the actors - Ferrell and Dryfus - that says it all. You can't take it seriously. You won't get a real quality movie. Skip it. Watch the original, Sweden's FORCE MAJEURE.

Saturday, February 15, 10:35:22 AM

A good look into married life, some parts are funny and some true to life. great scenery if you like SNOW or skiing. Not Will Farrell's best movie, just O.K.

Friday, February 14, 10:16:32 PM

Very disappointed! Not funny at all!

Friday, February 14, 10:00:46 PM

It's not a comedy, despite the main actors. It's a story about life. So if you want to look inside family dynamics, give it a go. As a Male, I could feel for Will as his wife, Julia, has many common characteristics of an over concerned human being, the ones that don't listen to what others are saying and goes right to the worst conclusion. Yes, somewhat too deep for a laugh.

Friday, February 14, 09:15:41 PM

I thought this movie would be hilarious. Very sad and even made me cry.

Friday, February 14, 04:34:57 PM

This movie sucked! On Valentine's day! Seriously! Who puts out a depressing movie about a family fighting.. and you end up leaving angry at it! The writing was terrible! We go to movies to feel better and happy! Nit to feel angry and depressed on Valentine's day! Did not even deserve 1 out of 5.. terrible ! Would never recommend it!

Friday, February 14, 04:02:24 PM


Thursday, February 13, 08:00:52 PM

Disappointed. Not funny at all