Monday, December 25, 08:22:01 PM

Christmas day disappointment! This plot had so much potential, but it was just boring. Random, wandering story about nothing much, really. I saw a lit of families at the theatre and I really felt sorry for the kids!

Monday, December 25, 06:04:18 PM

Not funny. Wierd, random nudity, so not a family movie. The Vietnamese woman was the best part of the movie, for sure. Overall, VERY disappointing.

Monday, December 25, 04:35:19 PM

Very slow, boring, and unrealistic. Also, does not clearly represent what an occupational therapist would do.

Monday, December 25, 03:38:06 PM

This movie was not funny.

Monday, December 25, 12:50:59 PM

Better than Star Wars that's all I can say! I liked it

Sunday, December 24, 12:24:50 PM

god awful. is this movie like 3 hours long?? the first 40 minutes are promising but as soon as they introduce they introduce the Viet housekeeper, the movie takes a ridiculous turn. not a funny movie at all, and the nudity was so random lol I tried sleeping through the second half. please for the love of god, save your money.

Saturday, December 23, 09:26:17 PM

Once again the trailer misleads us . Not a comedy at all . What was the point of this film ? Beats me ,the plot was vague and doesn't really go anywhere . I was expecting a comedic look at tiny people living in a normal sized world . All the funny bits in the trailer were not even in the movie . I feel kind of duped . Save your time and money.

Saturday, December 23, 04:28:04 PM

Its too long and the story got rather boring. The only thing that kept me interested was Hong Chau as a Vietnamese activist. She was really funny. Save the money and see it in the cheap theatre.

Friday, December 22, 10:05:58 AM

I'm rarely left mystified as to whether or not I like a film. Here, I am. In the first place, it's listed as a comedy, but it's far more science fiction. It's definitely not funny. There's some satire in play, poking fun at American consumerism and greed, and maybe love, marriage, and divorce, but it's still not funny. Christoph Waltz adds some spark. If you really like the movie, I'd get that. If you hated it, I'd get that even more. First half was dreadfully slow-paced. Second half gets pretty weird. Let's go with.....................................68/ bob

Friday, December 22, 02:41:58 AM

NOT a comedy. Dealt with very serious environmental and world issues. Very somber movie.

Friday, December 22, 01:16:05 AM

Lol the alcohol bottle scene was very funny.

Thursday, December 21, 02:28:57 PM

Disney already used this idea in "Honey I shrunk the kids". Nothing original anymore...