Friday, November 16, 03:06:04 PM

Yet another appalling betrayal of the source material. Stick with Boris Karloff.

Thursday, November 15, 03:19:31 PM

Not quite as terrible as the Jim Carrey Grinch movie, but pretty damn close.

Wednesday, November 14, 05:35:29 PM

I didn't like the modern spin on the movie. Cindy Lou had a single mother who was trying to raise 3 kids, for starters. I only laughed 1 time during the entire movie. In short, this movie is not worth watching. Save yourself some money and watch The Grinch with Jim Carey, the best version of The Grinch EVER.

Wednesday, November 14, 03:16:46 PM

Terrible! Theodor Geisel must be spinning in his grave.

Tuesday, November 13, 12:31:57 AM

I had a great time watching this film with the kids on Saturday evening. We laughed. We cheered. Fred, the overweight reindeer, was my favorite. A familiar story but different enough to be noticed. Nice work illumination studio.

Monday, November 12, 08:51:12 PM

Very rarely if ever is a remake better than an original movie and this one was no different

Monday, November 12, 03:54:51 PM

Definitely NOT an improvement on the Chuck Jones classic animated special. This doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. This was really lame!

Sunday, November 11, 07:38:29 PM

Seriously people, it’s a remake of a 60’s 30 minute cartoon, anything will be an improvement on that, that said it was OK, a variation and new twist on an old Classic, enjoy it for what it is, just that. Wife and I liked it, fun spin on an old story.

Sunday, November 11, 04:08:19 PM


Sunday, November 11, 03:15:01 PM

Really bad, and they gave the Grinch the wimpiest voice.

Sunday, November 11, 02:25:39 AM

Even worse than the last remake. Cold and calculated.

Sunday, November 11, 02:22:14 AM

Ugh, what a slog this was! Leave the classics alone already!!!

Saturday, November 10, 07:46:08 PM

Good movie. Not quiet as good as the original but well made and entertaining.

Saturday, November 10, 11:02:24 AM


Friday, November 9, 05:42:17 PM