Thursday, July 27, 07:58:53 PM

Excellent movie, based on historical facts, action packed, as was the evacuation of these troops....well worth seeing, intense drama, but then again it was a World War battle.

Thursday, July 27, 05:28:35 PM

Superb. Intense. Totally outstanding. Probably the finest film of all time in depicting the horrors of war. Bravery, fear, cowardice, futility, selfishness, selflessness, confusion, panic, helplessness.

Thursday, July 27, 04:52:53 PM

i didn't get it

Thursday, July 27, 11:22:51 AM

Good movie BUT no story to begin with so u do not get to know the characters. Therefore u have no feeling one way or another for the main characters. You are just thrown into the middle of the war at Dunkirk and view the action but nothing about why they are in Dunkirk or what Dunkirk was really about. I and my friends were left liking the movie but not as much as we would have had we been invested a bit in the characters.

Thursday, July 27, 09:56:41 AM

This is one of the absolute best World War II movies. The real story, so intense and real. No need for romance or any other silly Hollywood made up stories. Loved the beginning to the very end. On the edge of our seat during intense. We cannot thank our war veterans enough!

Thursday, July 27, 07:48:32 AM

People expecting to see big Hollywood style melodrama should stay home. This is how it happened, all the longs endless hours of waiting for the troops on the ground, the night time surprise U-Boats attacks on defenseless ships as well as the slow paced daytime pounding of the Stukas which seem to come in just in time when you think you're finally going to escape from hell. The real thing, no bells and whistles, no magic heroic moment with the big fanfare. Come and feel their fears and anguish hour after hour, minute after minute, until they were finally... home.

Wednesday, July 26, 09:04:53 PM

To those who fell asleep Go watch a J-lo movie

Wednesday, July 26, 09:02:56 PM

This movie was great! Tom Hardy always gives 110%. Yes, it can be a bit slow in spots, but this is a true story. People who don't know the history, back story leading up to Dunkirk will most likely not understand what's going on, and probably won't appreciate how good this film really is.

Wednesday, July 26, 08:25:40 PM

Put yourself in any one of those situations and imagine the anxiety and terror. This movie is the closest you will ever want to get to being desperate, afraid and alone. I saw this movie in IMAX and it was so moving and so real and so horrible. At the same time Dunkirk was such an amazing victory from total defeat. See this movie and imagine you are there!

Wednesday, July 26, 07:01:57 PM

The only complaint I have about the movie is that if you're not familiar with the start of WWII, or know how the Germans were able to cut off the Allied forces, then you will have no idea what's going on in the movie. The forces retreated to Dunkirk, were surrounded by advancing German forces, and cut off by the sea. This is a great movie if you take 10 minutes to review youtube videos on the subject before going. Harry Styles role could have been performed by a turnip.

Wednesday, July 26, 06:17:00 PM

The story was great but the movie was phony. At least a half dozen last second life saving moments. The background music was terrible. Just listen to it and you will surely agree. This is the worst musical score that I have evr heard. I expected so much more from this movie. Save your money stay home. I even hung around to see if there were any redeaming bloopers to see. There were none.

Wednesday, July 26, 05:28:58 PM

To all the people that didn't understand and to the one guy that fell asleep. If your old enough to know a veteran from WWII ask him or her if they didn't understand war or were bored ,fell asleep on a beach or field in France under fire. If you don't understand, stay at home and hide under your bed when the next war starts.. Or call in a Super Hero.

Wednesday, July 26, 01:14:33 PM

Did not depict hundreds of boats to rescue..should have had more personal real stories of rescuers to stranded British and French troops!

Tuesday, July 25, 11:03:12 PM


Tuesday, July 25, 09:15:00 PM

One of the best films of the year-definitely Oscar material. The amazing part is that there was little CGI in play. The sinking of the vessels was well done plus Hans Zimmer's score was riveting.

Tuesday, July 25, 08:53:37 PM

This seems to be half documentary/half movie. Not much acting. The first 45 minutes there is little talking at all. Just enough so you know what's going on. Some moments of bravery but you really need to be a history or military buff to enjoy this movie.

Tuesday, July 25, 07:23:52 PM

Love watching historical movies, especially war movies. This movie was a real let down for me. It had some cool bomb scenes, spitfire scenes, ship sinking scenes, and the movies sound was good. BUT it was all layed out in boring mis aligned plot with poor character development. Probably 80% of the movies footage is nothing but looking at British peoples faces looking at other British people and not saying more than one sentence.

Tuesday, July 25, 03:59:34 PM

Meh !! 4 plots that start from different timelines and progress at different pace from each other, in order to get to the same point in time when the plots converge. Dialogue was scarce, acting - ok - The movie failed to capture the magnitude and scope of the issue. Even numerous beautiful panoramic shots still failed to convey the size of the near tragedy. I found myself bored and underwhelmed by the effort. I found myself better entertained by the 2 war veterans sitting in front of me getting pissed off by the far too many pre-movie commercials and the 3 teenage girls who wouldn't stop giggling.

Tuesday, July 25, 03:42:52 PM

This is a review and a rant. I would give this movie 4 and 1/2 stars The story was told from several perspectives and does not get romantic with one story --pearl harbour with Ben Affleck this tells the story of Dunkurk the pain and heroics. I read reviews where they said there was not enough action and I say go back to the FAST AND THE FURIOUS or THE AVENGERS... this was real.. it happened, people died this is no romance and if you need romance in a war movie there is something wrong. If you did not understand what it was about then google history. The movie has enough that you understand the human character good and brave and some cowardly. I ,for one, did not miss the romance from a movie about historic event in a war...The movie is not for those who feel romance is critical in a movie or those too immature to understand that movies about life are not Fast and furious special effects(unrealistic).. and I truly believe you must understand what kind of movie you are walking into before you buy a ticket....and be knowledgeable-- do not see TITANIC if you did not know lots of people died...

Tuesday, July 25, 08:25:11 AM

Great from start to finish. Beautifully directed, acting was amazing considering not a lot of dialogue. Great to see an adult movie without all the CG! Loved it.

Tuesday, July 25, 07:19:46 AM

The actual fact that this was a feat that really won WWII

Tuesday, July 25, 01:20:21 AM

Harry Styles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 10:26:19 PM

The movie is well worth the admission. It show you how close things came to a real disaster.

Monday, July 24, 10:18:06 PM

I like fast paced war movies with lots of talking, said no one ever

Monday, July 24, 10:17:14 PM

Not hard to understand English if you put your selfie stick down for 3 mins. It's a war movie, not sisterhood of the travelling pants.

Monday, July 24, 09:02:32 PM

I do not know how any one can say this was a good movie it was nothing but killing no story line , when they did talk which was very limited, you could not understand what they were saying clearly , I feel My husband and I wasted 2 hours of our day ,

Monday, July 24, 08:18:07 PM

Visceral and riveting! The music, often staccato and pulsating in rhythm, but perfect for displaying the urgency and intensity of what was happening on the screen. Not your typical war movie and I suspect there will be some who will not appreciate this film. But to me, a masterpiece. RAN

Monday, July 24, 06:35:43 PM

This movie is magnificent , it is exactly the way it was , with no embellishment . It brought me to tears. My father was there.

Monday, July 24, 04:53:59 PM

Had high expectations of this movie ak: Saving Private Ryan. I felt this movie was poorly directed as the story was not told properly from the lack of dialogue. The background music was also very over powering. Lots of Spitfire dog fights in the air where you couldn't tell the British from the Germans. The movie was put together as if all of us should have known the history of Dunkirk which most of us did not. Maybe, save your money and watch Saving Private Ryan again!

Monday, July 24, 04:30:35 PM

People who don't like this movie are the same ones who like spider man

Monday, July 24, 02:25:41 PM

Very slow. Plot was confusing. Didn't explain about how British were trapped at Dunkirk and didn't focus on all the British that came to help in their small boats. The story of the Dunkirk evacuation was poorly told by this movie. Terrible screen play.

Monday, July 24, 10:34:33 AM

total action, important thing is hopefully Canadians will wake up and realize what our troops and allies went through past and present to save our FREEDOM so don't let anyone take it away,

Sunday, July 23, 11:47:43 PM

good movie as Christopher Nolan films are but with this one u don't get the feel of the charters and who they are, so u don't get emotionally involved and that for me it miss the mark, but anything else was good but it not Nolan best film that for sure, but don't mine me go see it for yourself

Sunday, July 23, 11:35:50 PM

Outstanding, certainly will get some Oscar nominations. The cinematography is probably the best I've ever seen in a war movie, the shots of spitfires and battleships are simply awesome. That being said, it's probably not for everyone. There are no female characters at all, there is no love story or sub plot, and not much in terms of character back story or development. There isn't much dialogue at all, in fact. The plot might be difficult for some to follow as its not linear, and things are happening during different days. But it will be a classic. As others pointed out, the feelings of hopelessness and impending doom reminded me a lot of a Kubrick film.

Sunday, July 23, 10:35:06 PM

A Great War film! A movie you need to watch in theatres to experience the sound and action for the film

Sunday, July 23, 09:35:10 PM

A dramatic portrayal of one of the most sobering yet inspirational moments in WW2. At what other time in history have civilians rescued the military in order to defend a nation?

Sunday, July 23, 09:03:55 PM

Dunkirk was amazing. It was an immersive epic, It reminded me of a Stanley Kubrick film. It's definitely gonna get some oscar nominations. It's not your traditional war movie, it doesnt follow a bunch of soldiers fighting a winning battle, its a defeat, an evacuation. First off: there's not a lot of dialogue, and yet it's super effective, the amazing visuals tell the story. When there's shooting, it's really loud and menacing, which enhances the experience. The sound of the planes are awesome, gives your heart a jolt. When the german planes attack the troops on the beach, the sound of the approaching plane is just electrifying; It's like you're actually there. And when the bombs hit, plus the music really made you feel the despair. You could even hear the sand and water flying when a bomb went off. The music really made you feel hopeless when things were grim, but near the end, plus the music, it feels hopeful and even gives you goosebumps. The movie is told through 3 different perspectives: The land, which is in a week, the sea, which is in a day, and the air, which is in an hour. All 3 perspectives connect here and there, kinda reminded me of pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, or cloud atlas for the perspectives intertwining. The visuals are stunning, especially one scene involving one of the british pilots  landing his plane; the sunset makes it just beautiful. There was one scene on a sinking ship that had a really cool camera angle. To sum it all up, Dunkirk is an ambitious epic that puts you in the boots of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen in a dark but hopeful stage of WW2. If you're going to see this movie, I'd recommend watching it at a theatre, it only enhances the experience.

Sunday, July 23, 05:25:26 PM

Excellent movie. Not an American spectacle with flags waving and cheering. Real people. Loved it.

Sunday, July 23, 01:00:54 PM

Very disappointing could not connect with any of the characters. Story line bounced around all over the place. Epic failure.

Sunday, July 23, 11:08:49 AM

Didn't affect me at all. Not sure what the big fuss is about. I think you'll either really love this movie or meh it.