Saturday, April 21, 10:34:23 PM

The soundtrack was so annoying that I couldn't finish the movie.

Thursday, March 8, 07:59:17 PM

This movie was great. All of the people who say it was boring, lack an imagination...

Friday, January 26, 02:43:23 AM

He is amazing!

Friday, January 26, 02:37:08 AM

The most reasonable and lyrical film.

Tuesday, January 2, 11:06:32 AM

I thought the the original Dunkirk released in 1958 with John Mills and Richard Attenborough was much, much superior and portrayed both the breadth and depth of what was both a disaster and a triumph infinitely better than this.

Saturday, December 23, 10:26:59 PM

not what i expected.

Monday, October 30, 08:06:01 PM

... boring, slow, ... goes no where ... the French heroine is in full makeup, with blonde streaks .... duh !! ... she goes from 1 word of French ... "merci ... to an English accent ... bad bad bad

Thursday, October 12, 10:14:45 PM

Great movie. Very intense. Christopher Nolan at his best!

Saturday, October 7, 03:15:30 PM

I found it to be severely lacking, Sad to say the original footage from the day outstrips this movie. Not worth watching for the price they want.

Monday, September 25, 05:23:51 PM

Missed the mark on many levels disappointing after all the hype.

Monday, September 25, 01:36:45 PM


Sunday, September 24, 09:49:23 PM

Not as good as you would think very slow not a typical Chris Nolan show at all the history was good but still not a saving private Ryan or fury

Friday, September 22, 12:52:05 AM


Tuesday, September 19, 12:32:29 AM

Rezy says.... not the greatest could have watched it at home . Giving it a what evs

Monday, September 18, 12:24:04 PM

Historically correct,of you don't understand then you don't know history or were asleep in class when taught

Sunday, September 17, 10:31:00 AM

This was a sad attempt to be like saving private ryan. This was not a good movie.

Tuesday, September 12, 08:50:20 PM

When the Brit plane with no working prop spent 10 minutes gliding through the air and was able to shoot down a fully functional German aircraft...well, nuff said.

Monday, September 11, 09:04:10 AM

The suspense, hopelessness and fear were palpable. One of the finest movies I have ever seen. Minimal dialog,

Sunday, September 10, 05:18:20 PM

Don't be expecting your standard war epic. There are three main story lines that precede at different paces, depending upon the location (on the beach, on the water, in the air) of the characters involved. Superb story-telling, incredibly intense.

Saturday, September 9, 09:34:05 PM

This was a complete waste of time and money.Disjointed with no story line at least none that I could find.

Saturday, September 9, 06:33:30 PM

Well made. Not your "Hollywood" usual crap. Very close to the real thing.

Saturday, September 9, 10:10:53 AM

This movie was just bad! No real plot and it just skipped around allot. Doesn't real explain what was going on much. It was a real story but not well delivered.

Friday, September 8, 10:47:38 AM

This movie was okay, even though a little hard to follow in the beginning.

Friday, September 8, 09:06:53 AM

Not factual, not the complete story!

Tuesday, September 5, 11:37:50 AM

No history. Little dialogue. Simply jumps from scene to scene of noise and chaos. Possibly Hollywood's idea of modern art.

Friday, September 1, 06:07:36 PM

Well written movie, but lacked a strong central theme. The acting was fair to good. Several of the scenes were worthwhile. Worth seeing on TV/Netflix, but probably not worth the price of going out and buying food drinks at the concession stand. There could have been so much more focus on truly heroic characters that t6he warm and fuzzy feeling felt unearned at the conclusion of this film...

Friday, September 1, 11:32:03 AM

Absolutely amazing ... for a movie with little dialogue the time went so fast and I was mesmerized by how the movie was chronicled from day 1 to the end. Loved it!!!

Sunday, August 27, 05:03:16 PM

Total gratitude for those willing to risk the danger of rescue and what it took to save those men. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as a female and lover of history.

Sunday, August 27, 11:57:27 AM

This film missed the most significant aspect of the Dunkirk evacuation: the mobilization by ordinary Englishman of everything that could float in order to get the troops off the beach. Some attempt was made at this in the film, but it was by no means the most important. In fact, I'm not sure what was important in this film.

Sunday, August 27, 10:36:47 AM

Great depiction of history

Saturday, August 26, 05:53:44 PM

All I could think of, after the movie had ended, was what happened to all the small craft? If you watch the movie there were no more than 20 of them. Young people leaving the theatre were repeating the same statement "what's the big deal?". To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, I suggest viewing the Academy award winning film Mrs. Miniver . This story is about the rescue 330,000 men. Do the math, can you imagine how many leisure crafts that takes. well then it seems someone is unable to.

Saturday, August 26, 10:17:19 AM

Strange - looks like our educational system has failed us miserably; anyone who gave this movie a one star must have failed history; this was one of the most important moments of WWII - even in failure, the Allies went on to destroy Hitler & his band of thugs .......

Saturday, August 26, 09:56:28 AM

People do not understand that what the Allied forces learned from this mistake went on to D - Day victory & the annihilation of the Nazis! Great movie ......

Saturday, August 26, 09:54:16 AM

Very correct historically ....

Friday, August 25, 05:50:40 PM

My family and I couldn't understand the words and worse, the movie switched wildly around with no cohesive context. In addition, the soundtrack was far too loud and not adjusted for speech level of the actors. Every time something was said by the actors the soundtrack remained at unedited loud levels and played over the speech audio. My wife and I asked each other constantly,"what did he say? " This is the worst job of editing a movie I have ever seen. We finally walked out on it because it was an unpleasant "battle" to interpret the story line.

Thursday, August 24, 05:05:40 PM

You EITHER..loved it or hated it..based on reviews ..hmmm I was in between absolutely have to read up on the History ..before you go or you will be lost as I was..An Amazing Miracle!! But very little explanation of how the really rescued these main characters i thought were not developed..hard to went back and forth between plots..imax was nice but loud FOR me it lacked Cohesiveness ..there was no flow..historically I guess good..but it lacked .Content...

Thursday, August 24, 09:59:19 AM

From what I have read, it is very realistic. I definitely thought it was an interesting cinematic experience.

Wednesday, August 23, 10:22:50 PM

Showed the history of the Battle of Dunkirk as best could be done.

Wednesday, August 23, 09:34:46 PM

Great movie depicting the history of those who fought for our freedom!

Wednesday, August 23, 09:32:53 PM

Very good movie - read the history on Dunkirk & see this movie ...