Saturday, May 18, 10:20:58 AM

Had me laughing throughout, was vulnerable, uncomfortable, so many emotions. Acting was great for the flim. Very unique.

Wednesday, May 15, 10:09:04 AM

This is an absolute masterpiece of a film. It is that wonderful. I laughed, I cried...multiple times. So heartfelt. The acting is phenomenal. Constance Wu is off the charts charismatic. The entire cast did such an amazing job. I cannot emphasize that enough. His parents were so cute! I was blown away. This film just works. I'm not sure how critics will describe or categorize this. But, see for yourself. When people see this of all ages and races, I'm so convinced others will agree. It is transcendent and touches on universal themes. Thought provoking, funny, hard to categorize really. It was wonderfully written and paced. So brilliant! The director, main actor, writer Daniel Yoon has created a masterpiece. So much heart! The last movie I enjoyed so much was Ladybird. Previous to that was You Can Count on Me when I saw that 22 years ago in theaters. Similarly, a small movie people had not really heard of. Bottom line: make sure people have access to the film. And watch it!

Tuesday, May 14, 01:43:48 AM

A unique independent film that studies spirituality, meaning of success, and dealing with adversity in a warm and funny way. Filled with layers and meaning, reality and fantasy, this film succeeds weaves its details together in a challenging but satisfying way.

Thursday, April 18, 12:32:41 AM

A very relevant film for today, where the pressure to show you are happy and successful is magnified by social media. Despite serious themes like the search for success and meaning, the struggle of the characters is shown in a quirky, and often hilarious way. An original and interesting soundtrack is an added bonus for an independent film like this.