Saturday, September 3, 04:20:59 AM

Comedy. Family drama. Action. Suspense. Everything in it. And you’ll just laugh and laugh!!! Enjoy!!’

Saturday, August 27, 06:59:05 PM

Wonderfully hysterical stand up comedian, but a horrible actor with a terrible screenplay. Tiffany Haddish was the only highlight; there should have been more of her performance. Wouldn’t have fixed such a bad film to add more of her, but it would have made it bearable to sit through.

Wednesday, August 24, 11:55:16 AM

easy-going and funny.

Saturday, August 13, 08:21:52 PM

I love Jo Koy ! I love his stand up but this movie just didn't do it for me .

Wednesday, August 10, 05:28:25 PM

It's funny and hilariously good.

Tuesday, August 9, 07:26:44 PM

You will not regret seeing this movie. Most hilarious scene was with Tiffany Haddish and Jokoy! Highly recommended

Tuesday, August 9, 01:03:40 PM

This could have been SO MUCH better. The storyline with the gangster was completely unnecessary and unrealistic. It should've just centered around his family dynamics, as the end of the movie was the best part. The sister and the girlfriend should have gotten more screen time and Tiffany Haddish was a highlight of the film. I would love to see more of Joy Koy, but hopefully in projects with better writing.

Saturday, August 6, 05:36:26 PM

A funny comedy showing real family relationships with a focus on Asian Pacific Islander culture in the big city/urban California LA and San Francisco area with a interesting plot! It was good and entertaining movie with a great ending !

Thursday, August 4, 03:53:00 PM

Very funny! The movie is hilarious! Love it! Love it! Love it!