Monday, June 17, 09:52:45 AM

Fantastic ! I left wanting to see more. What a great time in history.

Sunday, June 16, 03:35:56 PM

The material Dylan and Slater were working with was sooo impressive, and safe to say, important, that anyone couldn't love this film. I don't know if this next comment enhances my view of the film or detracts: as soon as it was over I turned around and said out loud, "now, let's see the second half of the film." There must've been a ton edited out. But after watching this film, I've come to realize just how brilliant the Byrds were to our music history. I guess the film gets a lock 5-stars with my shedding tears at least 3 times: Bells of Rhmney; Go Where You Wanna Go; It Won't Be Wrong.

Saturday, June 15, 03:08:33 PM

Awesome flick- such rich history about the genesis of so many great rock bands- bring your kids!! It’s an education!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 10:24:18 PM

time machine

Tuesday, May 28, 02:25:10 PM

Fabulous movie documenting the music and musicians of the 60's, best music ever!