Saturday, August 3, 07:41:10 PM

Delightful flashbacks into my world of musical heroes and historical rifts and melodies ~

Wednesday, July 31, 10:48:47 AM

Echo in the Canyon is a great trip back down memory lane and a sad realization how far California and the current music scene in America has fallen. It is probably fair to say that looking back some 40 to 50 years that was America's finest hour. It may very well be that America's best days are indeed behind us and is even more so certain this is the case for California.

Monday, July 29, 01:01:10 PM

Loved this film. Almost stood up in the aisle and danced a couple times then thought, wait!'re at the movies... It was too short. Wasn't ready for it end.

Saturday, June 29, 08:51:49 PM

Jakob Dylan did an amazing job interviewing and his singing was superb. Never heard him before but fell in love with his singing. He almost sounds like his father....but better...even tho I really am a big Bob Dylan fan.

Friday, June 28, 10:48:47 AM

Very interesting. Too bad so little was performed of the bigger hits.

Monday, June 17, 09:52:45 AM

Fantastic ! I left wanting to see more. What a great time in history.

Sunday, June 16, 03:35:56 PM

The material Dylan and Slater were working with was sooo impressive, and safe to say, important, that anyone couldn't love this film. I don't know if this next comment enhances my view of the film or detracts: as soon as it was over I turned around and said out loud, "now, let's see the second half of the film." There must've been a ton edited out. But after watching this film, I've come to realize just how brilliant the Byrds were to our music history. I guess the film gets a lock 5-stars with my shedding tears at least 3 times: Bells of Rhmney; Go Where You Wanna Go; It Won't Be Wrong.

Saturday, June 15, 03:08:33 PM

Awesome flick- such rich history about the genesis of so many great rock bands- bring your kids!! It’s an education!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 10:24:18 PM

time machine

Tuesday, May 28, 02:25:10 PM

Fabulous movie documenting the music and musicians of the 60's, best music ever!