Wednesday, August 10, 06:20:24 PM

Loved everything about it, especially Austin Butler!!

Wednesday, August 10, 01:55:33 AM

Have seen movie 4 times, plan to buy dvd. I have read the other reviews and if you don't like Elvis, don't go. The music is great, the combination of live footage and Austin was very well done. Tom Hanks as Col Parker was right on. He was everything I had heard about him. Elvis was a very complicated individual who only wanted to sing and unfortunately, the Col sold him a bill of goods. Yes he got to sing but he never got the overseas attention he deserved. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

Tuesday, August 9, 06:27:57 PM

Loved this! Great acting; moved along great!

Tuesday, August 9, 04:19:56 AM

What a dud! You're better off staying home and watching FUN IN ACAPULCO or HARUM SCARUM on dvd.

Monday, August 8, 02:27:31 PM

This was like one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and I’m a kid that loves Elvis

Monday, August 8, 07:21:53 AM

Austin did an excellent job playing Elvis. Tom Hanks was amazing. A must see movie.

Sunday, August 7, 03:51:54 PM

It was more true to his life

Sunday, August 7, 10:56:05 AM

The acting and director should receive the Oscars!

Sunday, August 7, 07:01:25 AM

The real life story of Elvis

Saturday, August 6, 11:18:30 PM

Tom Hanks performance was disconcerting. Austin's performance gave the flick some redeeming value, but he was unable to rescue this biopic. Certain significant aspects of Elvis's life (drug addiction, marriage to a young teenager and his extensive movie career) were almost ignored. Who wrote this screenplay? Elvis's mother?

Saturday, August 6, 09:30:18 PM

Excellent movie! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Austin played Elvis awesomely!! Was easy on the eyes too!! Tom Hanks was also convincing as his manager. Loved the music! Took me back!

Saturday, August 6, 08:40:24 PM

ELVIS!!! Austin did a Spectacular performance, tom hanks was Fantastic

Saturday, August 6, 04:34:31 PM

Good movie. Enjoyed it tremendously.

Saturday, August 6, 03:00:33 PM

This was a terrible movie. My partner and I walked out after about 40 minutes. We couldn’t tolerate the chaos, music mash-ups ( since when did rap have anything remotely to do with Elvis?) carnival madness, and blindingly quick camera edits. I get it, I get it, Tom Parker is a carny huckster, and Elvis is a country boy thrown into a hopelessly confusing welter of grifters. Too bad the whole hot mess was completely unwatchable.

Saturday, August 6, 02:56:38 PM

This was a terrible movie. My partner and I walked out after about 40 minutes. We couldn’t tolerate the chaos, music mash-ups ( since when did rap have anything remotely to do with Elvis), carnival madness, and blindingly quick camera edits. I get it, I get it, Tom Parker is a carny huckster, and Elvis is a country boy thrown into a hopelessly confusing welter of grifters. Too bad the whole hot mess was completely watchable.

Saturday, August 6, 08:30:09 AM

The movie was VERY well done. The acting was great! The title is the biggest problem, because Col. Tom Parker is what the movie is really all about. Tom Hanks deserves another award for his portrayal of the colonal. My personal opinion of what is accurate and what is missleading in the movie is immaterial to a rating and review because it is called entertainment, and is great at what it does. People who didn't like the movie and gave it a bad rating admitted they didn't like Elvis. My opinion is, don't pay to go see a movie about someone you hate, and then criticize the story.

Friday, August 5, 11:14:44 PM

ok maybe a bit slow at times but Hanks is great and the ending - well, you havta see it.

Friday, August 5, 07:13:48 PM

I loved Austin Butler as Elvis! He is a very talented actor.

Friday, August 5, 03:40:23 AM

Man, was this BAAAAD! The lead actor looks NOTHING like Elvis (in fact he looks like Engelbert Humperdinck, particularly in the latter half of the film), and Tom Hanks is downright embarrassing; perhaps the seedy Col. Parker could only be played in caricature, but if he was as transparent as the clown portrayed by Hanks people would have seen right through him and his heartless agenda. If the cheesy script and performances weren't bad enough, the film itself looks and plays like a bad and tacky Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. Elvis and his fans deserve better.

Thursday, August 4, 05:03:36 PM

Awesome movie! Austin Butler was amazing and did an incredible job of portraying Elvis! Tom Hanks was great as usual! It did not seem like the movie was 2 hours & 39 minutes.

Thursday, August 4, 12:53:44 PM

Elvis made music fun. A plus with stars. All he needed was to take a vacation every summer with his beautiful little family. Like Jackie Gleason did, when he substituted for them. He probably still would be singing ballots. ELVIS could sing. The colonel was greedy. Elvis didn't need drugs, he just needed a break. That guy played the best Elvis yet. Hope he and the movie receives an award. Classic, historic, ELVIS IS EPIC. HE WAS TALENTED, PART OF AMERICAN HISTORY. He has had a great influence on American history. He has made rock and roll international language of pop music culture. IF ELVIS DOESN'T RECEIVE AN AWARD, YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAME. HE IS A PART OF AMERICAN CULTURE......

Thursday, August 4, 09:25:56 AM

How he captured the real Elvis

Wednesday, August 3, 08:07:41 PM

Loved everything about this movie, heve been an Elvis fan all my life and still am, this movie brought back all Elvis memories. Austin and Tom did a great job, they should win an Oscar. Have seen the movie twice and am going for the third time . ELVIS will always be the king.

Wednesday, August 3, 05:13:46 PM

Loved the whole movie

Wednesday, August 3, 01:23:40 AM

I absolutely loved this movie, i saw it twice and i think I'll go again. I think everyone used Elvis for their gain and i hated to see him turn to drugs, so sad for such a great person. It took me back, gave me chills, still, when he sings. Austin did a great job! Elvis will always be my king. I cried at how he looked in the end, but look what a great job he did on that song.

Tuesday, August 2, 03:46:25 PM

Awesome movie. It took me back to then. The movie deserves an Oscar, and so does Austin Butler!

Monday, August 1, 11:53:46 PM

I've seen this 10 times and cried multiple times throughout. Austin was wonderful, as Elvis the person. It is now August so I am watching all 31 movies, 68 comeback, aloha from Hawaii, This is Elvis, That's the way it is, Elvis on tour... and I've ordered this so when I get it, it will be one that I watch every August and January in tribute to Elvis. I hate impersonators, they are obnoxious, exaggerated... but Austin was so good! He did Elvis as a person. He did such a great job!

Monday, August 1, 09:30:43 PM

Wonderful portrayal of Elvis! I've watched 3 times and am planning a 4th.

Monday, August 1, 03:53:06 PM

ELVIS was MAGNIFICENT I saw it so far 6 times. AUSTIN brought ELVIS ALIVE AGAIN. This movie better win the Oscar for best picture, and AUSTIN better win the Oscar for best actor. I could not take my eyes off of him ELVIS would be PROUD??????

Monday, August 1, 09:38:22 AM

It was very entertaining I truly believed Austin Bulter was Elvis loved how they showed from childhood to before he died taking my mom to see this movie

Sunday, July 31, 07:02:21 PM

Especially liked the beginning and music. Great acting by Tom Hanks and Austin. Plan on seeing the movie again.

Sunday, July 31, 12:42:15 PM

Saw this movie twice.....will see it again and again! Austin is Elvis in this movie!

Sunday, July 31, 08:14:37 AM

Never recognized Tom Hanks make up fabulous job. Thought i was watching Elvis. Got so into his singing got lost. Pulled the emotions out at his death and funeral procession.

Saturday, July 30, 05:00:27 PM

Loved it, although it was about 30 too long. It was still a wonderful movie and life portrayal by Austin was fantastic I had no opinion of Parker before but I certainly do now - what a jerk!

Saturday, July 30, 03:44:36 PM

I liked the musical part but feel it overplayed the early days and inaccurate re: Priscilla story. I had seen Elvis snd Me, and went back on YouTube and refreshed my memories of his early days. Disappointing movie. It was really a story of Col Tom Parker management of Elvis

Saturday, July 30, 02:10:54 AM

The music in this movie is tops, as is Austin Butler. I could see it 100 times and never tire of it.

Saturday, July 30, 12:42:31 AM

You HAVE to see this movie The colours, the sounds the visuals. It is made to be seen in the movie theater. Perfection. Love live The King.

Friday, July 29, 10:36:16 AM

I not only liked this movie for I saw it a second time. I will say that Auston Butler not only took a part but made it his own. Watching "Elvis" brought me back some great memories growing up. I don't care what others say, Auston nailed it.

Thursday, July 28, 12:34:19 PM

The makers of this movie could not possibly have been alive during this time period! I hated the movie. It was dark and not enough Elvis music!

Thursday, July 28, 12:22:43 PM

Wish to see it again. I like how it addresses segregation, etc.