Wednesday, January 5, 04:41:47 PM

I can't really say what would have made this video better, it wasn't bad but it wasn't especially good either. Perhaps it was the musical scenes that didn't always connect well. Some were good, others felt like the writers and/or producers were trying too hard. I think it's worth the watch, once, at home when you don't have to pay theater prices.

Friday, December 24, 10:08:23 PM

I hope they don't make us wait too long for the sequel.

Friday, December 24, 11:10:48 AM

Took our granddaughters to see it. Great movie for all of us kids.

Sunday, December 19, 06:29:47 AM

The first time I saw Disney's Encanto I thought there was good good story to it it was a bit like Tangled and Aladdin my favourite song was surface pressure we don't talk about Bruno and family Marigal

Saturday, December 18, 11:00:19 PM

this move was terribke

Monday, December 13, 10:34:02 PM

Disney did a great job of an entertaining movie, and demonstrating how family working together as equals will help resolve difficult situations.

Wednesday, December 8, 07:28:01 PM

it seems perfectly alright

Wednesday, December 8, 09:08:58 AM

Disney just stop

Monday, December 6, 05:00:54 AM

Good message, slow at times, predictable.

Wednesday, December 1, 12:05:12 PM

Great musical, colorful and very entertaining also uplifting if you believe in MIRACLES.

Friday, November 26, 07:16:27 PM

They've really checked off all the boxes for this one.

Wednesday, November 24, 06:49:25 PM

"Encanto" is a delight! Disney has taken "The Incredibles" and "Mama Mia!" and thrown them in a blender to create a highly original piece of popular cinematic art. A movie the whole family will want to see again and again!

Thursday, November 18, 11:05:07 AM

This is a very lively show of family seeing the value in each other; although it's a little much for kids under 6. The bright colors and action keeps everyone's attention. The songs are too fast.