Monday, January 28, 11:21:39 AM

It's ironic that the people this girl falls in love with can be a different race or even the same gender, but never another age. So we can be okay dating people of other races or the same gender, but god forbid the person is younger or older? Hypocritical. My guess is the writer is gay and promoting an agenda. Nothing more or less. Which we see a lot of in oh-so-liberal Hollywood. It seems like every young actor is now perfectly happy to say they would fall in love with anyone of any gender, because they're scared now to say they're straight in case they'd be discriminated against. How the tides have turned.

Wednesday, June 6, 09:06:49 AM

Promoting the gay agenda, without coming right out and saying so.

Wednesday, February 28, 06:21:09 AM

LOVED this movie. People get so focused on sexuality. What I got from the film was the fragilness of life, not taking anything for granted. Being open and loving and kind.

Tuesday, February 27, 08:17:30 PM

It was a dumb story line that went nowhere. Not worth the price of a ticket.

Sunday, February 25, 08:51:57 PM

The plot subtly suggests that her love for this person is genderless, therefore whether she comes as a she or a he it doesn't matter...a premise for selling homosexuality.

Sunday, February 25, 04:53:22 AM

Imagining what the writer and producer were thinking while creating this garbage of a film... Let’s use this pathetic and completely made up ‘gender identity’ bullshit as the main subject in our movie. Just think of all the liberal sjw morons that will hand over their money. Can’t wait Every Day 2- Tranny’s and the gender pay gap

Thursday, February 22, 08:34:19 AM