Thursday, November 7, 11:55:34 AM

i thought it was laugh out loud funny. yea some of it was predictable but that why i watch movies it to entertain not to pick apart . I would highly recommend it to any one that likes action with humor .

Thursday, October 31, 11:26:02 PM

loved it

Wednesday, October 9, 08:04:52 PM

If you want to see a buddy cop movie, go see Tango and Cash. This movie was all action but the plot was predictable and insanely outlandish. It's eye candy for those who only like CGI and like to see the entire movie fall together and wrapped up in a nice bow. For me, i'd see Rambo all day long over this.

Saturday, September 28, 01:51:06 PM

PLEASE stop makin this crap

Friday, September 27, 01:10:28 AM

Hobbs and Shaw Awesome! The banter back and forth plus both actors are just enjoyable to watch. Idris Alba is an added plus to this movie. They just all worked well together to make it an enjoyable movie. Great entertainment!

Tuesday, September 24, 12:43:08 PM

It's Tango & Cash without the heart.

Tuesday, September 24, 01:31:17 AM

love the new twist and the Samoan culture they added on this film. Perfect! 💕

Monday, September 23, 09:38:09 PM

Very old, and I mean both actors, I love idris alba, his talents was wasted here, I'm glad I didn't pay for this crap, don't waste your hard earn cash.

Thursday, September 19, 12:56:21 PM

A good action packed movie. Enjoyed the story line. Worth seeing again. The Rock and Jason did will together.

Thursday, September 19, 12:23:48 PM

Ok if you are male between 8 and 14 but if you are not, one has to wonder about your mental level of achievement to find this entertaining.

Tuesday, September 17, 10:56:41 AM

good solid action adventure.

Sunday, September 15, 12:39:55 AM

Good movie

Friday, September 13, 08:56:33 PM

Very low grade movie, anti everything movie. If I hadn't paid to see it I would have walked out! Try just entertaining people for a change!

Friday, September 13, 12:54:39 PM

A bomb. Even my twelve year old nephew laughed at the film and suggested the review should read 'A bomb'.

Thursday, September 12, 02:46:38 PM

Same o same o both need to retire

Thursday, September 12, 09:45:45 AM

Very entertaining...ur typical Fast & Furious movie...lots of action!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 04:36:31 PM

These days Hollywood on average makes 95% trash. This movie lowers the intellect with nothing but stupid one liners, violence, unbelievable cgm car and motorcycle stunts, guns, fowl language, etc etc. worse one needs to sit through 20 min of equally stupid previews. Dang right when they get the most comfortable seats ever they’re only to pay too much to see a bad movie. No mas.

Friday, September 6, 08:20:57 PM

More action than we deserved, entertaining and exciting

Wednesday, September 4, 08:18:56 PM

I like the rock and jason in the movie but it got way to out of control at times making it impossible for it to be even remotely believable . I love entertainment but at some point it has to be believable

Tuesday, September 3, 02:24:18 PM

These movies are worn out and the same old same o boring scenes.

Monday, September 2, 05:40:59 PM

Boring, ridiculous. Even three sexy men couldn’t save this movie for me. B+

Monday, September 2, 05:16:21 PM

enjoyed it

Sunday, September 1, 08:32:22 PM

Funny and entertaining.

Saturday, August 31, 02:48:03 PM

Funny and Entertaining; Nice graphics and good story line can't wait for it to come out for purchase. Anyone that has something negative to state, clearly has a motive to just be NEGATIVE with ties to having no life.

Tuesday, August 27, 02:55:37 PM

Predictable and a little boring.

Sunday, August 25, 11:39:22 PM

Great in every way

Sunday, August 25, 11:29:06 AM

Great movie. Ending fight scene way too long but otherwise enjoyed it thoroughly. Both male main characters were a delight.

Thursday, August 22, 06:08:56 PM

I loved the action and both of the principal actors. I got what I payed for. Not a movie for an intellectual here! I also loved the cars and chase scenes.

Thursday, August 22, 05:24:24 PM

Great action

Thursday, August 22, 10:31:42 AM

This must be one of the most boring vacuous movies ever. Could not wait for it to be over.

Tuesday, August 20, 04:59:38 PM

Fun, action and engaging actors

Sunday, August 18, 07:00:17 PM

Great movie! So loved and have missed my Fast and Furious series! We never tire of them! This one had the action and the comedy! Loved it and of course, love The Rock! He is a Rock Star!

Sunday, August 18, 11:56:56 AM

Unrealistic fantasy movie with a plot lacking in any possibility of really happening. If you like special effects see this movie

Saturday, August 17, 05:46:05 PM

Lots of action and humor

Saturday, August 17, 04:42:20 PM


Friday, August 16, 07:02:02 PM

Who does not love this movie?!!! I love Dwayne & Jason playing off each other and they gave us a lot of laughs!!!! Great story line and love, loved, that they threw in Ryan Reynolds to make it a super, bad ass, action packed movie!!! There is nothing bad to say except too bad Idis did not have a shirtless scene! I love his acting too!! I can't wait for the second movie when it comes out. My whole family loved it! Best movie this year and I hope it wins awards!!!!!!

Friday, August 16, 06:16:16 PM

Loved this movie. Really didnt expect to. Laughed a lot and was non stop action with fantastic special effects.

Thursday, August 15, 08:33:25 PM

hilarious; my husband and i laughed all the way through the movie. a couple of swear words at the beginning but after that no more. its good to see the bad guys get beat up and the humour from Dwayne John and the seriousness of jason statham makes a great contrast. very entertaining

Thursday, August 15, 04:10:28 PM

The song Time In A Bottle would sounded more nice if had played Jim Croce voice.

Thursday, August 15, 11:59:50 AM

Predictable with great special effects only saving grace