Wednesday, February 7, 01:48:47 PM

A very good bio pic it was hard to tell Adam Driver was Enzo Ferrari the aged him well and I learned a lot about Ferrari very well done

Sunday, February 4, 06:31:49 PM

Okay movie.. i don't know what was more terrifying the fast cars or his wife and mother in law.... i couldn't believe why they didn't believe in safety back then. That's the last thing i do is go out on the side of the road and watch a road race where the cars are coming pass you at 150 mph. they still do it today eh lol. Didn't they believe in seat belts back then.. one scene the driver is flying through the air after an accident like a bird... "i can fly oh no i am going to hit that tree". Another the owner tells the refueler not to get any gas on the drivers. we don't want any barbecue driver today, The cars.. if they tipped over the driver would likely die because his head and body is exposed sitting high up in the car..the helmets they wore looked like polo helmet wouldn't protect a fall from a horse never mind a speeding car. and The checkered flag waver is out on the track swinging the flag as the cars whizz of those guy probably got hit along the way in the history of car racing, Why do you want to put your life at risk driving in the first place or working at the track if the safety sucked What a sport but i guess we love our fast cars and need our pissing contests.

Thursday, January 18, 07:06:45 PM

Focused on Enzo Ferrari and his management of Ferrari and Ferrari racing in a single year (1957), the golden age of Ferrari. A much more interesting subject than just the racing segment of that time. Even though the racing was some of the best in the history of auto racing. Enzo Ferrari was a very complex personality, and being Italian added to that immensely. Cruz does a great job portraying Laura Ferrari, a volcanic personality in real life. Everyone does a fantastic job portraying their characters. And the scenes are remarkably factually based. Bravo for that. Just a really great movie if you like the subject.

Thursday, January 11, 02:35:45 PM

car scenes were way too short. plot jumped around too much and had gore.

Thursday, January 11, 02:25:15 PM

the storyline jumped too much to be able to follow. car scenes were way too short. too much gore

Wednesday, January 10, 08:03:24 PM

Good story, well acted, but none of us can afford one...

Monday, January 1, 04:20:45 PM

New days of thunder

Monday, January 1, 01:53:12 PM

I found it quite depressing , almost dark. But, by the movies end I decided I really liked it. Adam Driver is Oscar worthy. Penelope is as well.

Saturday, December 30, 09:35:55 PM

The new hangover, incredible. Steven Todd loves twilight

Saturday, December 30, 08:45:07 PM

Beautiful women, handsome men, gorgeous fast cars, 1957 fashion, Italian scenery, and a stellar performance from Penelope Cruz...whats not to love?!!

Saturday, December 30, 06:30:08 PM

It's very realistic and true to the history for a movie. Lots of great acting, and good race sequences.

Friday, December 29, 06:55:37 PM

O.K. some English some Italian. Strong acting.

Wednesday, December 27, 10:16:56 PM

Ford vs Ferrari was better

Monday, December 25, 08:57:09 PM

Its OK